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U.S. Navy Enlisted Ratings

Enlisted Jobs in the Navy

Your specific job in the Navy is called your rating. Sailors were referred to by their jobs before 1797, but it wasn't until 1797 that the United States Navy officially recognized individuals as a member of a rating. Over the years, the Navy has seen ratings come and go. Major rating shake-ups, mergers and realignments have occurred a few times over the last couple of hundred years, most notably in 1835, 1864, 1942, 1948, 1973, and most recently, as part of the Navy's Human Capital Strategy, in 2006.

All Navy ratings have minimum requirements (ASVAB scores, vision, citizenship, etc.) - the information contained within the various pages of this site will give you a good idea of what those minimum requirements are, along with a little history of the rating.

All initial active duty military enlistments require an eight year service obligation. The eight years is broken into active, reserve and or inactive reserve service. The enlistment obligation specified on the various rating pages indicate the active duty portion of the eight year obligation.

For example, Master at Arms requires a four year active obligation, the remaining four years will be spent in an Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) status. While in the IRR status, you are under no obligation to attend Reserve drills, but you could be called back to active duty if a national need arises.

You may serve your duties at sea, on board ships, or on submarines (submarine service is voluntary) or on land at the various bases, ports, or air stations. Any qualification information referred to on the individual job pages would be in addition to the basic Navy enlistment requirements.

The Navy has a broad scope of jobs as demonstrated in the chart below. Use the links associated with the rating badge to see each job or program's responsibilities and qualifications.

Navy Ratings and Programs

Enlisted jobs of the United States Navy.
Enlisted Navy Jobs & Rating Insignia
AviationSeaBee/ Special WarfareAdmin DeckMech EngTech Intel
Aviation Boatswain Mate rating insignia
Aviation Boatswain Mate
Engineering Aid rating insignia
Engineer Aid
Religious Program Specialist rating insignia
Religious Program Specialist
Damage Controlman rating insignia
Damage Control
Gunner's Mate rating insignia
Gunner's Mate
Air Traffic Controller rating insignia
Air Traffic Controller
Construction Mechanic rating insignia
Seabee Mechanic
Hospital Corpsman rating insignia
Hospital Corpsman
Engineman rating insignia
Missile Technician rating insignia
Missile Tech
Aviation Machinist Mate rating insignia
Aviation Machinist Mate
Utilitiesman rating insignia
Musician rating insignia
Electrician's Mate rating insignia
Electrician Mate
Mineman rating insignia
Aircrew Survival Equipmentman rating insignia
Aircrew Survival Equipment
Equipment Operator rating insignia
Equipment Operator
Master At Arms rating insignia
Master At Arms
Interior Communications Electrician rating insignia
Interior Comm Electrician
Information Systems Technician rating insignia
Info Systems Tech
Aerographer's Mate rating insignia
Construction Electrician rating insignia
Seabee Electrician
Ship's Serviceman rating insignia
Ship's Serviceman
Gas Turbine Systems Technician rating insignia
Gas Turbine Systems Tech
Operation Specialist rating insignia
Operation Specialist
Aviation Structural Mechanic rating insignia
Aviation Structural Mechanic
Navy Builder rating insignia
Mass Communication Specialist rating insignia
Mass Comm Specialist
Hull Technician rating insignia
Hull Tech
Intelligence Specialist rating insignia
Intel Specialist
Aviation Electrician rating insignia
Aviation Electrician
Steelworker rating insignia
Steel worker
Logistics Specialist rating insignia
Logistics Specialist
Machinist's Mate rating insignia
Machinist Mate
Sonar Technician rating insignia
Sonar Tech
Aviation Maintenance Administrationman rating insignia
Aviation Admin
Navy Diver rating insignia
Navy Diver
Culinary Specialist rating insignia
Culinary Specialist
Machinery Repairman rating insignia
Machinery Repair
Cryptologic Technician rating insignia
Crypto Tech
 rating insignia
Aviation Electronics Technician
Special Warfare Operator - SEAL rating insignia
Special Warfare Operator - SEAL
Yeoman rating insignia
Aviation Ordnanceman rating insignia
Aviation Ordnance
Special Warfare Boat Operator rating insignia
Special Warfare Boat Operator
Boatswain's Mate rating insignia
Boatswain Mate
Aviation Support Equipment Technician rating insignia
Aviation Support Equipment Technician
Explosive Ordnance Disposal rating insignia
Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Navy Quartermaster rating insignia
Personnel Specialist rating insignia
Personnel Specialist
Enlisted Programs of the United States Navy
Navy Occupational Programs
Underwater Construction Team rating insignias
Underwater Construction Team
Navy Aircrewman rating insignia
Navy Aircrewman
Advanced Electronics Computer Field rating insignias
Advanced Electronics Computer Field
Nuclear Power Program rating insignias
Nuclear Power Program
Submarine Electronics and Computer Field rating insignia
Submarine Electronics & Computer Field
Professional Apprenticeship Career Track Program (PACT)

This listing of Navy jobs is for informational purposes only, and does not imply the job is currently available.
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