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Navy Height and Weight Chart

Height and Weight Standards for the United States Navy

For those required to attend Recruit Training Command (RTC), but who exceed Navy physical readiness standards (Male 22% - Female 33%), they may enter the Delayed Entry Program (DEP) and ship to RTC provided their body fat content does not exceed 25% for males and 36% for females.

Before attending boot-camp, it is recommended that you pass the Initial Fitness Assessment (IFA) while in DEP prior to your ship-date. The responsibility of ensuring you're physically ready for the challenges of boot-camp falls on you.

If you report to RTC in excess of the new accession body fat standards, or if you fail the initial RTC Physical Fitness Assessment, you could be subject to an Entry Level Separation from the Navy and sent home. You must achieve retention body fat standards in order to graduate from RTC.

Applicants not required to attend RTC who do not meet the Navy weight requirements for their height will be measured for body fat percentage. Male applicants measured at 22 percent body fat or less (23% for male applicants 40 years of age or older) may transfer to Transient Personnel Unit (TPU) Great Lakes regardless of their weight. Female applicants measured at 33 percent body fat or less (34% for female applicants 40 years of age or older) may transfer to TPU Great Lakes regardless of their weight.

Navy BMI Calculator

Waivers: For applicants with a Body Mass Index (BMI) below 19, the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) Chief Medical Officer (CMO) will determine if there are any underlying medical/psychiatric conditions through a more detailed history/medical record review. Underweight applicants down to 17.5 BMI may be qualified if there is no evidence of a medical or psychiatric disorder and they are physically active with a good appetite. Applicants below 17.5 BMI will be temporarily disqualified and a waiting period of 4 days for every 1-pound increment will be imposed.

Height waivers for applicants above 80 inches or below 57 inches are not authorized.

Measuring MALE body fat Measuring FEMALE body fat

Height Weight Chart

Navy height and weight standards chart
Male Female
Height (inches) Maximum Weight Standard (pounds) Maximum Weight Standard (pounds)
57 127 127
58 131 131
59 136 136
60 141 141
61 145 145
62 150 149
63 155 152
64 160 156
65 165 160
66 170 163
67 175 167
68 181 170
69 186 174
70 191 177
71 196 181
72 201 185
73 206 189
74 211 194
75 216 200
76 221 205
77 226 211
78 231 216
79 236 222
80 241 227

All instruction and references that guide Navy fitness standards can be found in OPNAV Instruction 6110.1J - PHYSICAL READINESS PROGRAM

The male - female height and weight charts listed above are standards for the United States Navy. The Navy height and weight requirements are subject to change without notice. Check with your local Navy Recruiter.
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