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Professional Apprenticeship Career Track Program (PACT)

The PACT Program

Prior to the development of the PACT program, the Navy relied upon the General Detail (GENDET) program to provide flexibility in filling gaps the School Guarantee (SG) program may have not manned effectively. The GENDET program was basically a "fire and forget missile" -- the applicant would join the Navy as a GENDET as either an Airman, Fireman, or Seaman Apprentice, and after boot-camp and a four week apprenticeship school, they would be assigned to various commands around the fleet. Once on board their new command, the hope was that they would receive guidance and assistance from their new command career counselor and chain of command to "strike" into a rating they enjoyed working in that was in the apprenticeship they enlisted. Sometimes, it worked, most times it did not. The GENDET program lacked time lines and fixed expectations. The GENDET program, and rightfully so, became the program that applicants to the Navy would try and avoid like the plague.

The PACT program has addressed the deficiencies of the old GENDET program. PACT, much like the old GENDET program, provides male and female applicants a United States Navy enlistment without guaranteed Navy Class “A” School assignment.

PACT is designed to enlist Sailors into a monitored general apprenticeship program that provides apprentice level formal training and on the job training leading to a viable career field within two years on board their first permanent duty station.

Effective 31 August 2015, all PACT Sailors, regardless of pay grade, must have a minimum of 12 months time onboard their permanent duty station (PDS) to be eligible to submit a PACT designation application.

Additionally, applicants guaranteed the PACT Program are subject to having their apprenticeship career track changed if, and only if, during recruit classification, they request and are eligible for a Navy Class “A” School that is available.

PACT requires a four year enlistment. Once the Sailor finishes boot-camp, then they will attend the core apprenticeship training program for the pipeline they enlisted, either Surface (Seaman), Aviation (Airman), or Engineering (Fireman).

The Navy's computerized personnel system associates the rating name with an alphanumeric Navy Occupational Specialty (NOS) code. For Seaman, the NOS is D140; for Fireman, D120; for Airman, J090.

Navy PACT Program Matrix
AR+MK+MC+VE=205 -OR- AR+AS+MK+VE=200YesNoNo

PACT Homeport Guarantee Program

The PACT Homeport Guarantee Program has been discontinued as of May 2017.

The program provides enlistees in the PACT Program guaranteed assignment to one of six homeports upon successful completion of Recruit and Apprenticeship Training. The homeports are geographical area guarantees rather than specific locations and are subject to availability. PACT homeport choices are:

Note: Applicants with pre-service conduct waivers (drug, alcohol, or criminal) are disqualified from overseas assignment, including Hawaii, for their first duty station. No exceptions.

Date Page Updated: October 30, 2017.

Navy jobs and programs are revised at times, the information contained on this page is subject to change.

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