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Hull Maintenance Technician

The HT Rating

Hull Maintenance Technician rating insignia

The Hull Maintenance Technician rating's lineage stems from the Shipfitter rating that was established in 1921; branched off to the Metalsmith and Pipefitter ratings in 1948, then re-established as Shipfitter from the merger of the Metalsmith and Pipefitter ratings in 1958. In 1972, the HT rating was created when the Shipfitter and Damage Controlman ratings were merged and disestablished.

The Navy's computerized personnel system associates the rating name with an alphanumeric Navy Occupational Specialty (NOS) code. For HT, the NOS is B220.

Hull Maintenance Technicians do the metal work necessary to keep all types of shipboard structures and surfaces in good condition. They also maintain shipboard plumbing and marine sanitation systems, repair small boats, operate and maintain ballast control systems, and manage the Quality Assurance Program.

Hull Maintenance Technician class "A" school is approximately 16 weeks in duration, and the school is located in Great Lakes, Illinois. The HT rating requires a 60 month (5 year) service obligation for those leaving for boot-camp in Fiscal Year 2018 and beyond.

Hull Maintenance Technician (NOS B220)

The duties performed by Hull Maintenance Technicians include installing, maintaining and repairing valves, piping, plumbing system fittings and fixtures, and marine sanitation systems. They repair decks, structures and hulls by welding, brazing, riveting and caulking, and they examine, test welds and various shipboard structures using radiological, ultrasonic and magnetic particle testing equipment.

HTs fabricate with light and heavy gauge metal such as aluminum, stainless steel, sheet copper and brass, steel, sheet and corrugated iron, and they perform heat treating, hot and cold formation of metals, pipe cutting, threading and assembly. They repair installed ventilation ducting, and metal, wood and fiberglass boats. HTs also install and repair insulation and lagging, and operate marine sanitation systems.

Career Sea - Shore Rotation Chart

Rating's Sea (SEA) Shore (SH) Rotation (months)
HT54 48363636/36

Sea tours and shore tours for Sailors that have completed four sea tours will be 36 months at sea followed by 36 ashore until retirement.

Qualifications, Interests, and Working Environment

An important qualification for people interested in the Hull Maintenance Technician rating is the ability to use various hand tools, equipment, and metal forming and cutting machines. They also need good vision, manual dexterity, a good memory and resourcefulness. The ability to do detailed work and to work successfully in a team operation is helpful.

Normal color perception is required. Writing, speaking and arithmetic skills, physical strength and the ability to keep records and do repetitive tasks are helpful.

HT's must be U.S. citizens eligible for security clearance. Hull Technicians work in a variety of situations at sea and ashore. Sometimes their work is performed indoors in a shop environment. Other times it may be performed outdoors, frequently at sea and in all kinds of climates and weather conditions. They may work in noisy environments on some assignments. HT's are stationed primarily aboard ships. HT ASVAB Test score requirement.

The Navy has a continuing need for qualified Hull Maintenance Technicians. Approximately 2,800 men and women perform duties in the HT rating aboard ships and at shore stations. Opportunities for placement are excellent for qualified candidates.

Personnel in the Hull Maintenance Technician rating are paid allowances (BAH, BAS, etc. if eligible) and billet pay (sea pay, when eligible), and enlisted military basic pay based on years of service and paygrade.

Credit Recommendations

The American Council on Education recommends that semester hour credits be awarded in the vocational certificate or lower-division bachelor's/associates degree categories for courses taken in this rating on welding, plumbing, brazing and soldering.

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