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Moving Away from Wordpress!

February 16, 2024, marked 20 years Navy Cyberspace has been around! Two years after getting started, I added the blog. Hundreds of thousands of folks from across the world have visited, many of whom asked questions either via a direct question posted to a article comment in the blog or via email; many have even found me via Facebook.

To date, I have answered roughly 20K such inquirers. I look forward to continuing that service -- free, of course as this is my hobby! If you are seeking information about processing for the Navy, feel free to contact me. I look forward to assisting you in anyway I can.

The important articles, and some of the stories, I have wrote over the years are being moved to strictly HTML; a majority of the site has only ever been HTML, so the flow will be familiar. Here are the main locations you will be able to find the content: Grammar Rule

On, May 19, 1994, the Secretary of the Navy, John H. Dalton, decreed the word Sailor when used in Naval correspondence and referring to Sailors of the U.S. Navy - Sailor will be capitalized.

Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker, in October 2003 and Air Force Chief of Staff, Gen. John Jumper, in May 2004 decreed the same for the words Soldier and Airman respectively.

Marine (when referring to a person in the Marine Corps) is a proper noun and was always capitalized.

Even though The Associated Press Stylebook, the publication that lists the rules for newspapers and other publications regarding grammar, punctuation, etc., does not allow for the capitalization for Sailor, Soldier, and Airman, I do so on this Website.

To another 20 years!

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