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Navy Seabee UCT Diver Challenge

Underwater Construction Team

U.S. Navy Second Class, First Class, and Master Diver breast pin insignias

As of May 2017, the UCT program is no longer available for those enlisting.

Underwater Construction Team (UCT) Divers are qualified to dive using Navy-approved SCUBA and Surface-Supplied air diving apparatus in both permissive and non-permissive environments. Qualified Seabees will also learn to test, repair, and adjust Navy-approved diving equipment. They will learn the laws of diving physics and be able to recognize symptoms of decompression sickness and diving accidents, as well as assist in their treatment. Seabees may also volunteer for UCT Diver training during basic training at Recruit Training Center, at "A" school, or at any time during their enlistment prior to their 28th birthday. In-service recruiters (Dive Motivators) at RTC, conduct the physical training screening tests, and assist interested people with their applications.

UCT Diver training is physically and mentally demanding, but the individual who accepts the challenge is rewarded with extra pay for diving, plus extraordinary duty assignments. Seabee Source Rates:

For new applicants joining the Navy with the UCT guarantee, you must be no older than 27 years of age at time of enlistment. Program open to both male and female applicants.

Seabee UCT Diver Challenge

The duties performed by UCTs include underwater construction and expedient repair using cutting, welding, grinding, concrete placement, component assembly, system installation, underwater material inspection, precision explosive demolition. They complete seafloor excavation, hydrographic surveys, object search and recovery, and engineering reconnaissance support to amphibious operations.

SeaBee UCTs participate in research and development of new diving techniques/procedures, and are hyperbaric chamber operators and supervisors inside tenders. Projects may include piers, piles, wharves, quay walls, causeways, bridges, boat ramps, moored systems, pipelines, cables, ranges, and magnetic silencing facilities.

Career Sea - Shore Rotation

Basic Underwater Construction Technician, NEC 5932, initial sea tour in the Underwater Construction Teams will be 60 months regardless of previous accumulated sea duty. Advanced Underwater Construction Technician, NEC 5931, subsequent sea/shore tour lengths will be 36/36 months. Master Underwater Construction Technician, NEC 5933, sea/shore tour lengths will be 36/36 months. Subsequent sea/shore tour lengths will be 36/36 months.

Qualifications, Interests, and Working Environment

Personnel who volunteer for UCT Challenge Program must be in excellent physical condition. Comfort in the water beyond good swimming ability and no aversion to confinement in close spaces is a must. The ability to perform detailed mechanical tasks under stress and/or adverse conditions is important. Helpful attributes are a good memory, resourcefulness, and administrative capabilities.

UCT Diver candidates must be U.S. citizens eligible for security clearance, and must be 27 years of age or less at time of enlistment. Adversely adjudicated drug abuse offenses will not receive waiver consideration. Uncorrected vision in the better eye can be no worse than 20/100, the worse eye no more than 20/200. Both eyes must correct to 20/20. No color deficiency waivers authorized.

The motto of the Navy Diver community is "We dive the world over." Because Seabee divers may be tasked to conduct underwater construction in any part of the world, their environment will vary as widely as water conditions: cold, muddy water where underwater tasks can be completed by feel only, or warm, tropical waters clear enough to perform underwater photography. UCT ASVAB Test requirement.

Career Path After Recruit Training

Enlistees attend the Seabee source rating A-School where they receive apprentice level skill training in their assigned rate. Following A-School the candidates will be detailed to a Navy Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) for 18-24 months to gain Seabee skills and earn their Seabee Combat Warfare qualification.

Following the NMCB tour candidates are sent to Dive School to attend the UCT-Basic course of instruction. Following completion of UCT-Basic the Seabee is awarded the NEC-5932 (UCT Basic Diver). The UCT Diver career path entails assignments to the Underwater Construction Teams located in Port Hueneme, CA and Virginia Beach, VA. Advanced schools include the UCT- Advanced and UCT Master Diver courses of instruction. Qualified divers are eligible for diving pay.

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