Future Sailor Preparatory Course-Physical Fitness Track Program

During the second quarter of Fiscal Year 2023, the Chief of Naval Personnel directed the Navy's boot-camp to establish a Navy Future Sailor Preparatory Course Physical Fitness Track (FSPC-PFT) pilot program. The Navy's FSPC-PFT officially began on March 6, 2023, and is modeled after the Army's Future Soldier Preparatory Course which maintains an impressive 89% completion rate.

The Navy's pilot program proved to be a resounding success, and the FSPC-PFT program has been made permanent.

Applicants who currently do not meet the current Navy maximum standard of 26 percent body fat for males or 36 percent body fat for females, but do not exceed 32 percent for males or 42 percent for females may receive waiver consideration to be able to attend the FSPC-PFT program at Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois (watch the video at the end of the article).

For the waiver to be considered, the applicant must meet the following:

If you have recently been to the military entrance processing station (MEPS), and sent home because your body fat was beyond the current standard, contact your local Navy recruiter; you may not have to wait the period of time assigned by MEPS!

Future Sailors assigned to the FSPC-PFT are requested to bring a minimum of 4-5 civilian sets of physical training gear, and undergarments to boot-camp to wear during their initial class-up into the FSPC. Clothing must be within good taste (no cutoffs or outfits with holes, inappropriate language, expressions, or art work). Future Sailors must be prepared to dress appropriately for the weather conditions; keep in mind, it can get really, really cold up just north of Chicago just off lake Michigan. Wind chills can be burrr!

Every three weeks while in the program, Future Sailors will be measured for their body fat. Once their body fat composition reaches the accession standard, a maximum 26 percent body fat for males and 36 percent body fat for females, they will be able to start regular boot-camp training.

Future Sailors will be allowed to participate in FSPC-PFT for up to 90 days. Recruit Training Command has established separation criteria for FSPC-PFT personnel who fail to achieve the accession body fat percentage within 90 days, or Future Sailors identified as having poor potential, motivation, discipline, or refusal to train. Those discharged under these conditions will be given an entry level separation from the Navy.

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If you have any questions after reading the article and watching the video, either contact your local recruiter or you can ask me directly.

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