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Maximum Enlistment Bonus Upped to $50K

FY-22 Navy Enlistment Bonus Jan Update 2

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Published: January 20, 2022
Updated: January 20, 2022

Navy Recruiting Command released its forth active duty Enlistment Bonus (EB) message for Fiscal Year 2022. The effective date is tomorrow, January 21, 2022. The new EB message supersedes the guidance released just a few days ago, and introduces a major change. The Maximum amount that can now be received has been increased from $40,000 to an astounding $50,000! The message also brings back Enlistment Bonus for Shipping (EBSHP) with the highest levels of cash ever, up to $14,000.

Current Enlistment Bonus Status

Enlistment Bonus for Source Rate (EBSR): Authorized (see chart below).
Enlistment Bonus for Physical Screening Test (EBPST): Not authorized.
Enlistment Bonus for Physical Fitness Assessment (EBPFA): Not authorized.
Enlistment Bonus for High School (EBHS): Not authorized.
Enlistment Bonus for College Credit (EBCC): Not authorized.
Enlistment Bonus for Shipping (EBSHP): Authorized (see chart below).
Loan Repayment Program (LRP) Policy: Effective 1 OCT 2021, LRP is not authorized.

Enlistment Bonus for Source Rate (EBSR)

For any Future Sailors initially classified or reclassified on or after January 21, 2022 into the following ratings would be eligible for the Enlistment Bonus for Source Rate (EBSR).

Navy Enlistment Bonus Ratings*
Rating Ship Month FY EB Notes
AIRR-ATF Oct-Sep Any $24,000 3,6
CTI-ATF Oct-Sep Any $15,000 5
CTN-ATF Oct-Sep Any $5,000 2
EOD-ATF Oct-Sep Any $18,000 5,6
HM-ATF Oct-Sep Any $18,000 2
ITS-ATF Oct-Sep Any $15,000 2
MMS-5YO Oct-Sep Any $10,000 2
MT-AEF Oct-Sep Any $5,000 2
Nuke Oct-Sep Any $38,000 1
SB-ATF Oct-Sep Any $18,000 4,6
SECF-5YO Oct-Sep Any $15,000 2

If a Service Member is reclassified while attending training (boot-camp or “A” school), the Enlistment Bonus for Source Rate (EBSR) bonus amount is determined by the current effective message.

EBSR Notes:

  1. See OPNAVINST 1160.9A, THE EB PROGRAM INSTRUCTION, for payment guidance.
  2. EBSR earned and payable upon graduation from “A” or “C” school.
  3. For Navy aviation rescue swimmer (AIRR) advance technical field (ATF), payment occurs after graduation from Naval Aircrew Candidate School (NACCS), “A” school, Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS) training, and after arrival at first permanent duty station.
  4. For Special Warfare Boat Operator (SB) ATF, the payment occurs following graduation from the crewman qualification training (CQT).
  5. For Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician (EOD) ATF, payment occurs following EOD “A” school. For Cryptologic Technician Interpretive (CTI) ATF, payment occurs following Language “A” school and first duty station qualification training in the designated language.
  6. Must have earned the rating Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) and have a security clearance.

Enlistment Bonus for Shipping

Active Component recruits listed below are eligible for Enlistment Bonus for Shipping (EBSHP) in these months in FY22 in accordance with associated notes (listed below chart). $4,000 EBSHP is awarded to any newly classified applicant scheduled to ship in January–May 2022 or any Future Sailor (FS) currently in Delayed Entry Program (DEP) with a scheduled shipping date of 1 June 2022 or later that rolls in or reclassifies into January–May. Any newly classified applicant scheduled to ship in January–February 2022 or FS scheduled to ship in March–September 2022 that rolls in to ship in January–February 2022 in the below ratings is authorized a $4,000 EBSHP plus a $10,000 EBSHP, totaling an EBSHP amount of $14,000. For example, a newly contracted applicant who enters DEP and is scheduled to ship 1 May 2022 as a CS-5YO is authorized a $4,000 EBSHP. A FS currently in DEP with a scheduled shipping date of 1 May 2022 as an IT-SG who rolls in to ship in January–February 2022 will be authorized a $14,000 EBSHP. Any future Sailor in DEP scheduled to ship on or after 1 June 2022 that rolls in to ship during January–May is authorized a $4,000 EBSHP or a $14,000 EBSHP if they ship in January–February in a rating authorized an accelerated EBSHP amount.

Navy EBSHP Amounts*
Program Ship Months FY EBSHP NOTES
AECF-AEF Jan-Feb 22 $14,000 (1,2)
AIRR-ATF Jan-Feb 22 $14,000 (1,2)
AV-5YO Jan-Feb 22 $14,000 (1,2)
CSS-5YO Jan-Feb 22 $14,000 (1,2)
CTI-ATF Jan-Feb 22 $14,000 (1,2)
CTM-AEF Jan-Feb 22 $14,000 (1,2)
CTN-ATF Jan-Feb 22 $14,000 (1,2)
CTT-AEF Jan-Feb 22 $14,000 (1,2)
CTT-SG Jan-Feb 22 $14,000 (1,2)
EOD-ATF Jan-Feb 22 $14,000 (1,2)
HM-ATF Jan-Feb 22 $14,000 (1,2)
HMDH-SG Jan-Feb 22 $14,000 (1,2)
IT-ATF Jan-Feb 22 $14,000 (1,2)
IT-SG Jan-Feb 22 $14,000 (1,2)
ITS-ATF Jan-Feb 22 $14,000 (1,2)
MMS-5YO Jan-Feb 22 $14,000 (1,2)
MN-SG Jan-Feb 22 $14,000 (1,2)
MT-AEF Jan-Feb 22 $14,000 (1,2)
ND-ATF Jan-Feb 22 $14,000 (1,2)
NUKE Jan-Feb 22 $14,000 (1,2)
RP-SG Jan-Feb 22 $14,000 (1,2)
SB-ATF Jan-Feb 22 $14,000 (1,2)
SECF-5YO Jan-Feb 22 $14,000 (1,2)
SO-ATF Jan-Feb 22 $14,000 (1,2)
STG-5YO Jan-Feb 22 $14,000 (1,2)
STG-AEF Jan-Feb 22 $14,000 (1,2)
Any Jan-May 22 $4,000 (1,2)

EBSHP Notes:

Note 1: Eligibility for EBSHP only exists while the Future Sailor is in Delayed Entry Program. EBSHP is earned and payable upon graduation of Recruit Training Command and may not be recouped due to reclassification or separation.
Note 2: Newly contracted applicants as well as Future Sailor currently scheduled to ship in June–September who reclassify or roll into the shipping months of January–May are eligible for the bonuses(s) listed above. Future Sailors scheduled to ship January–May on the effective date of this message are not eligible for EBSHP. The only exceptions are the following:

  • Reclassifications: If the Future Sailor reclassifies into one of the specified ratings listed at $14,000 in the specific shipping month(s) listed, they are eligible.
  • Roll ins: If a Future Sailor is scheduled to ship in one of the specified ratings eligible to earn $14,000 EBSHP but have a shipping date of March or later, they must roll into February or January to be eligible for the $14,000.

Prior Service members, either Navy or Other Services, re-enlisting into active duty are eligible for bonuses. They must enter active duty in pay grade E-4 or below, meet specific bonus eligibility and did not receive a bonus in their first enlistment.

With the 2022 military pay and allowances (if eligible — BAH, etc.), billet pay (Sea Pay, Sub Pay, Hazardous Duty, Flight Pay, etc.), 30 days leave, Tuition Assistance, medical and dental benefits for the entire family, etc., your first few years of service could net a greater level of compensation never before experienced for those serving. This should be at least enough incentive to call your local recruiter for more information!

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