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Bechtel Corporation Needs Navy Nukes!

Wanted: Navy Nukes!

Updated: August 17, 2014

Ever heard of Bechtel? I have been hearing great things about the company as I was growing up because my Father has worked in the nuclear industry for almost as long as I’ve been alive. You may not have heard of the company but there is a very good chance that this company somehow affects your life positively everyday. You see Bechtel Corporation has been building everything from roads and railways to power plants and airports both domestically and internationally for decades.

Well, with the resurgence toward nuclear power just beginning in America, companies such as Bechtel are starting to put together the teams of professionals it will take to build new nuclear power plants that will be the electric power producers of tomorrow.

Already “Nuke Navy” friendly, Bechtel has nuclear trained naval officers at very senior levels and throughout it’s organization and if you listen closely you can hear the cry, “Wanted – US Naval Nuclear Propulsion Trained Personnel!”

You’ve followed procedures; you are familiar with shipboard systems and their operation and maintenance; you have nuclear technology and system training and knowledge as well as the responsibility for the proper operation of millions of dollars worth of shipboard equipment. You have the military discipline, you know how critical schedules are, and you’ve experienced real teamwork.

Use your nuclear shipboard discipline, skills, and experience to support the design requirements of the nuclear renaissance around the world, with Bechtel. Take your leadership skills, experience and knowledge of shipboard operation to the next level and apply it today in the design of systems in commercial nuclear power facilities.

Are you a:

  • US Navy nuclear propulsion trained US Naval Petty Officers (E-6 and up) qualified in Submarines (i.e., Engineering Lab Technicians [ELT’s], Machinist Mates [MM’s, Electronic Technicians [ET’s) (AS degrees preferred)?
  • US Navy nuclear propulsion trained officers (ranks of O3 – O5 preferred)?
  • US Navy nuclear submarine qualified officers (ranks of O3 – O5 preferred)?
  • US Navy nuclear propulsion trained Warrant officers submarine or surface ship?
  • US Navy nuclear aircraft carrier nuclear propulsion trained officers?
  • US Navy nuclear propulsion trained US Naval Petty Officers (E-6 and up) surface Navy (i.e., ELT’s, MM’s, ET’s) (AS degrees preferred)?
  • US Navy nuclear propulsion prototype instructors (officers and enlisted)?
  • US Navy nuclear propulsion power school instructors (officers and enlisted)?
  • US Navy Engineering Officer of the Watch (EOOW) nuclear propulsion trained – submarine or surface service?
  • US Navy Reactor Operators (RO)?
  • US Navy Shutdown Reactor Operator (SRO) – submarine or surface?

Then Bechtel can offer tremendous growth opportunities, with corresponding increases in technical and leadership responsibilities, not only within the Power business unit, but also amongst it’s 4 other global business units (Civil, Government, Communications, OG&C, Mining and Metals).

Check them out by visiting their website at to learn more about career opportunities Bechtel Power has to offer and fill out the application. Put all that schooling, training, qualifying and experience to work for you!

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  1. Solomon Copeland says:

    very good looking future job and company prospect for me.

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