Military Service Reenlistment Codes

Reenlistment Code (RE-CODE) Chart

Blocks 24, 26, and 27 of the "Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty" (DD Form 214) provides the characterization of service (type of discharge), separation code, and reenlistment code.

Normally awarded for misconduct, an Other Than Honorable (OTH), Bad Conduct (BCD), or Dishonorable Discharge would render one ineligible for reenlistment.

An Entry Level Separation would normally be given to an individual who failed to complete an initial period of 180 days of active service; some members may receive an "N/A" where the re-code would normally reside. An "N/A" re-code would require waiver consideration by the Commander, Navy Recruiting Command for reenlistment.

Required ASVAB Scores. Navy Veterans (NAVETs) accessing directly into their previous rating are not required to retake the ASVAB. NAVETs reenlisting via PRISE III shall be classified into eligible ratings based on current (less than two years old) ASVAB test line scores.

Other Service Veterans (OSVETs) must retake the ASVAB and be classified in eligible ratings based on ASVAB line scores. There is no minimum AFQT requirement for NAVET/OSVET applicants.

Military Re-Code Navy Reenlistment Eligibility Chart

For reenlistment eligibility into the Navy only. For example, a discharge code from the Army of RE-2C would be eligible w/o a waiver; whereas an RE-2C from the Air Force would not be eligible for waiver consideration whatsoever.

Military Re-Code Reenlistment Eligibility Chart
NAVY & USCG RE-1, RE-R1, RE-1E, RE-1J, RE-5, RE-7
AIR FORCE RE-1, 1J, 1M, 1P, 1Q, 1T, 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D, 3E, 3I, 3K, 6B, RE-12, 13, 14
ARMY RE-1, RE-1C, RE-1A, RE-1B, RE-1J, RE-2, RE-2A, RE-2B, RE-2C, RE-3A
NAVY & USCG RE-2*, RE-3, RE-3B, RE-3E, RE-3F, RE-3G, RE-3H, RE-3J, RE-3K, RE-3M, RE-3P, RE-3Q, RE-3R, RE-3S, RE-3U, RE-3X, RE-3Y, RE-3Z, RE-6, RE-8
AIR FORCE RE-1A, 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E, 4F, 4G, 4H,4I, 4J, 4K, 4L, 4M, 4N
MARINE CORPS RE-3B, RE-3C, RE-3D, RE-3E, RE-3F, RE-3G, RE-3H, RE-3J, RE-3M, RE-3N, RE-3P, RE-3R, RE-3S, RE-3U, RE-3W
NAVY & USCG RE-2, RE-3A, RE-3C, RE-4 (Note 1)
AIR FORCE RE-2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F, 2G, 2H, 2I, 2J, 2K, 2L, 2M, 2N, 2P, 2Q, 2R, 2S, 2T, 2U, 2V, 2W, 2X, 3S, 3V RE-4(Note 1)
ARMY RE-3C, RE-4(Note 1), RE-4A, RE-4R
MARINE CORPS RE-2, RE-2B, RE-2C, RE-3A, RE-3S, RE-4(Note 1), RE-4B

*Only for personnel released for commissioning and subsequently fail to commission.

Note 1: Prior service applicants issued a Reenlistment code of RE-4 (or equivalent) upon separation, solely for homosexual conduct may be eligible for re-enlistment/enlistment. (Note: Member's record must be reviewed to assure the sole supported reason for processing was for Homosexual Act(s), Conduct, or Marriage). The following applies:

  1. Eligibility Requirements.
    • Applicant's prior service DD 214 (most recent) must reflect a narrative reason of Homosexual Act, Homosexual Conduct, or Homosexual Marriage in block 28.
    • One of the following Separation Codes (SPD) must be in block 26: GRA, GRB, GRC, HRA, HRB, or HRC.
    • Character of Service must be Honorable (no other misconduct was a basis for their discharge).
  2. Processing Procedures.
    • Prior service applicants that meet the eligibility criteria listed in item one of this note may be accepted for further processing. All prior service applications accepted for enlistment/reenlistment with an RE-4 (or equivalent) due to homosexual conduct will be processed as any RE-code listed in the chart above labeled "Eligible to Enlist" with just an enlistment eligibility (rate and pay grade) determination (not an RE-Code waiver).

A certified copy of DD Form 214 can be obtained from the National Personnel Records Center (NRPC), St. Louis, MO. The following website is provided for applying on the Internet: Military Records. If the NPRC indicates that the DD Form 214 has not been issued or is not on file, an acceptable alternative is a Statement of Service (NA Form 13041), Active Duty Report (DD Form 220), or Administrative Remarks page from the detaching activity delineating information pertinent to reenlistment (prior pay grade, total active duty service, date of discharge or release from active duty, character of service, etc.).

BUPERSINST 1900.8 provides the guidelines for completing the DD 214 and the reenlistment codes used by the Navy.

The enlistment re-code chart is for establishing eligibility into the active component of the US Navy and are subject to change without notice. Check with your local Navy Recruiter. ©2004-2014 Navy CyberSpace
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