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Citizenship Requirements for Enlistment

Navy Citizenship Requirements

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Published: February 2, 2011
Updated: July 11, 2018

Only U.S. citizens, U.S. non-citizen nationals, Canadian-born North American Indians, and aliens lawfully admitted for permanent residence are considered “citizenship eligible” for enlistment in the U.S. Navy or Navy Reserve.

Proof of citizenship is one of the Basic Enlistment Eligibility Requirements (BEERs). Exceptions exist for citizens from the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, and Palau. This post lists the various status’ and documents required for enlistment based on a consolidation of current Navy instructions and publications.

A described, some legally documented non-U.S. citizens and immigrant aliens can join the military, they may not be enlisted into any job or program that will require a security clearance, but will afforded all the same military pay, allowances and benefits of U.S. citizen serving in the same billet (rank, location, assignment, etc.). If you claim dual citizenship (U.S. citizenship and citizenship in any other country), you are eligible for enlistment, but you will not be classified into any rating/program requiring a security clearance. You may be considered for entry into ratings/programs requiring a security clearance only upon official renouncement of your non-US citizenship.

Employers can sponsor immigrants that allow them to obtain a visa to lawfully enter and work in the United States, but the U.S. Navy cannot provide such sponsorship. To be clear, Recruiters may not offer to sponsor any alien seeking admission as a lawful permanent resident by citing the Navy as the prospective employer.

The United States Navy Recruiting Station that was once located in the Philippines was closed on December 31, 1992 — it was at the same time that the military base agreement with the Philippines ended. Since that time, Filipinos who were not United States citizens has had to meet the same citizenship requirements as any other foreign national.

Note: Effective, October 13, 2017, all Non United States Citizen (Green Card holders, etc.) MUST have their initial background investigation completed before leaving for boot-camp. Those already in the delayed entry program whose investigation is not yet completed may be rolled out to a new date to allow enough time for its completion.

Verification of Citizenship

You must demonstrate citizenship eligibility for enlistment by providing recruiters official citizenship documents. Your Recruiter must sight the original citizenship verification documents which will be photocopied, and certified as copies of the original document. The certified copies will be placed in your service record and MEPS residual file. Your original documents should be immediately returned to you.

U.S. Citizen.

Citizens of the United States include citizens of Guam, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Northern Marianas Islands. For persons born in the geographical United States, Guam, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, or the Northern Marianas Islands a valid birth certificate issued by a civil authority establishes U.S. citizenship.

Birth Certificates

A birth certificate must meet all of the following criteria to be considered valid:

  • Full Name – First, Last, and Middle Name(s). Birth records must have your complete first and last names. Birth records without a middle name or where the middle name is represented by an initial are acceptable.
  • Birth Date. All birth certificates must include the date of birth.
  • Birthplace. State, County and/or City. Some birth records do not list the birthplace city or town. These records are adequate so long as they list the county, province or State of birth.
  • Birth Record Validation. A birth record must bear appropriate validation markings for use as primary verification evidence. The government agency or hospital may accomplish authentication or certification with original or machine-produced signatures or raised, impressed, embossed, or multicolored seals or stamps, or a combination of these. Any one combination of these official validation methods is acceptable.

Note 1: Hospital birth certificates signed by a hospital administrator or physician and short form birth verification cards issued by vital statistics offices, with or without raised, impressed, embossed, or multicolored seals or stamps are acceptable for enlistment.
Note 2: A birth certificate where the middle name is omitted, represented by the abbreviation “NMN” or other notation to signify that no middle name exists, or is represented by initials, is acceptable for enlistment.
Note 3: Birth certificate issued with “Baby Boy” or “Baby Girl” instead of a given name is not valid for enlistment purposes.

Report of Birth Abroad of a US Citizen (FS 240) or Certification of Report of Birth Abroad (DS 1350).

If you were born of U.S. parent(s) outside the geographical United States, a valid FS 240 or DS 1350 issued by the Department of State establishes your U.S. citizenship.

Certification of Birth Abroad (FS 545).

If you were born of U.S. parent(s) outside the geographical United States, a valid FS 545 issued by a U.S. foreign service post establishes your U.S. citizenship.

U.S. Passport.

A current (unexpired) U.S. Passport issued by the Secretary of State would establish your U.S. citizenship; however, if you were born abroad of U.S. parents you will be required to provide additional birth verification documents to verify status as a U.S. citizen at your birth.

Naturalized Citizen

Naturalization Certificate (USCIS N-550/N-551/N-570) or Certificate of Citizenship (USCIS N-560/N-561).

A valid Naturalization Certificate or Certificate of Citizenship issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) establishes your enlistment eligibility as a naturalized citizen of the United States.

U.S. Passport.

A current (unexpired) U.S. Passport issued by the Secretary of State can be used to establish your eligibility as a naturalized citizen.

U.S. Non-Citizen National.

Non-citizen nationals of the United States are the inhabitants of Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, and Swains Island, which are outlying possessions of the United States. If you are a person who, though not a citizen of the United States, owe permanent allegiance to the United States. Although lacking certain privileges of U.S. citizenship such as voting and holding office in the U. S., you are in other respects entitled to enjoy U.S. diplomatic protection abroad and free entry into the United States under the same conditions as U.S. citizens.

Valid Birth Certificate Issued by a Civil Authority.

If you were born in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, or Swains Island, a valid birth certificate (with raised seal) issued by the government of Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa or Swains Island would establish your eligibility as a United States Non-Citizen National.

U.S. Passport.

A current (unexpired) passport issued by the U.S. Department of State. The U.S. Department of State issues U.S. passports to natives of the Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa and Swains Island. The passport would establish your identity as a U.S. non-citizen national.

Canadian Born Native American Indian.

A Canadian-born North American Indian with a minimum of 50% quantum of Indian blood.

Long Form Canadian Birth Certificate with Tribal Letter Card

Tribal letter or card must be issued by a valid band, tribe or nation and must indicate a minimum of 50% quantum North American Indian blood.

Unexpired USCIS Form I-551.

A properly documented USCIS Form I-551 could be used to document your status as a Canadian Born Native American Indian.

Note: Canadian born North American Indians are not required to have a current address or home of record in the United States.

Non U.S. Citizen (Permanent Resident Alien)

Whereas a legal permanent resident alien non-citizen is eligible to join the military, you would be restricted from jobs and programs that require security clearance.

Permanent Resident Card (USCIS I-551).

Possession of an unexpired, properly documented USCIS I-551 card, issued on or after your 14th birthday would deem you citizenship eligible for enlistment. You must be accessed onto active duty (go to boot camp) or be reported as a Reserve Component gain prior to the expiration date of your USCIS I-551.

WARNING: Permanent resident aliens must be accessed onto active duty or reported as a Reserve Component gain prior to the expiration date on their USCIS I-551. Shipping or gaining a permanent resident alien without a valid unexpired USCIS I-551 card in his or her possession is prohibited.

Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlement (SAVE) Program. The SAVE program is used by NAVCRUITCOM (N35) to verify an alien’s immigration status based upon USCIS documents and information provided by applicants/recruiters. The SAVE program is used only for applicants who have lost their Permanent Resident Card (USCIS I-551) and require a replacement card. A SAVE program printout obtained from NAVCRUITCOM (N35) can be used to process the applicant for DEP enlistment only. A new USCIS I-551 must be obtained prior to shipping any Future Sailor DEPped with a SAVE printout.

Conditional Resident Aliens

Conditional resident aliens are identified by possessing USCIS I-551 cards that expire two years from the date of issuance. If you are in a “conditional” permanent resident alien status based upon your marriage to a United States citizen, you are eligible to DEP and leave for boot camp provided your marital status does not change prior to leaving for boot camp. If before leaving for boot camp, you become legally separated, divorced, or you are unable to locate your spouse, you would no longer enlistment eligible because you would be subject to the potential loss of legal residency status that could lead to deportation. In such cases, you may become enlistment eligible upon USCIS issuance of a standard USCIS I-551 card with an expiration date ten years from the date of issuance.

Nonimmigrant Alien.

The United States government established a Compact of Free Association with the government of the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, and Republic of Palau, which in part, gives their citizens the right to freely enter into the United States for work and to establish residency. Citizens of the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, or the Republic of Palau are eligible to enlist. All other aliens admitted temporarily into the United States for specific purposes or periods of time as nonimmigrant aliens are ineligible for enlistment.

Valid Birth Certificate

If you have a valid birth certificate, with a raised seal, issued by a civil authority of the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, or Republic of Palau, you would be citizenship eligible to enlist.


A current (unexpired) passport issued by the government of the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, or Republic of Palau establishes non-immigrant alien eligibility.

Information current with Change 1 of COMNAVCRUITCOMINST 1130.8K released July 1, 2016.

442 Responses to “Navy Citizenship Requirements”

  1. NCCM(Ret) says:


    If you are in possession of an unexpired United States passport (there is no 5 year old requirement — not sure where anyone got that idea), you should be fine. It must be an actual passport book — not the card.

  2. brayham says:

    I was discharge because I didn’t provide my certificate of citizenship. Which I do not have. All I have is my new passport book, and my first expired passport book. However, they still asking me for my certificate of citizenship.

  3. NCCM(Ret) says:


    If you live in the United States and you have an unexpired US passport, use the “Contact Me” link to send me an email. Send me your name and which Navy recruiting station you are working with/in the DEP with. It sounds like they could not figure out how to do a work around within NASIS; if that is the case, I may be able to get someone to help you.

  4. Amr [Last name redacted for privacy] says:

    My name is Amr, I am a conditional green card holder. I enlisted in the army national guard on October 12, 2017, I was scheduled to ship to bootcamp on January 9,2018. My ship date got canceled because of the new law that requires the background check to be complete before shipping. My case was closed by OPM on June 3,2018, then after few weeks I got the green light to ship to basic training. My conditional green card expired on May 4, 2018. I already filed my I-751 form on March 22, 2018 and I have a receipt notice (1 year extension letter). My recruiter tells me that MEPS needs the actual green card. The problem is given that regular timeline on USCIS website it can take from 18-20 months to approve from I-751 and if that’s the case I will be discharged from the military. Is there a way that I can ship? can that requirement be waived or something?
    I contacted USCIS they say the only way the can get my I-751 expedite for military reasons is to have a letter from Department of Defense entity stating that the delay will be detrimental to the government. Is that something MEPS can give me?

  5. NCCM(Ret) says:


    Your green card cannot be expired; there is no waiver to that requirement.

    I do not believe MEPS or any branch of service would generate such a document. I truly wish I had better news.

  6. MK says:

    Hello there,

    I had a I-551 with the 2 year conditions which expired in June. I submitted my application to remove the conditions from my I-551 but have not reach a decision (Could take up to a year). I did receive the notice of extension for one year. Would that be sufficient to enlist? or should I wait until I receive my I-551 card?

    Thank you!

  7. NCCM(Ret) says:


    You must have an unexpired and valid green card in your possession to ship to boot-camp. You cannot with the extension letter.

  8. j says:

    Speaking for my husband: He is enlisted in the Navy since October 13. 1st ship date was March 13, 2018 then moved to October 13, 2018. His green card expired March 29, 2018. He also have an extension letter on hand (valid until September 2019). He is still in DEP and no interview yet from NBIB. With that, as per the recruiter, his ship date might move to March 2019 (17mos in dep). He is eligible to apply for citizenship on December. For worst case scenario, the green card and citizenship don’t get adjudicated on October 2019 (2 years in DEP). What would happen on the Annex/contract he has signed which is valid for 2 years if I am correct)?

  9. NCCM(Ret) says:


    For any DEP extension past 12 months, the local commanding officer must approve that. For any extension in DEP past 18 months, CNRC must approve that. CNRC can only approve the extension beyond the 18 months (per SECNAV’s guidance) only if required to have the investigation completed — I really don’t think waiting for USCIS to provide a valid green card would be a reason CNRC could extend it that far. I’ll ask.

  10. Ana says:

    I am planing on joining in December/January after I hit my 6momths postpartum! I just found out about the investigation requirements needing to be completed before shipping out! My green card will expire next summer. I read on your forum that as long as we ship out before the expiration day we will be okay! But what does that mean? I will hold an expired residency with me my entire contract? Does it become frozen while in the military? Will I be able to renew or apply for citizenship while enlisted?

  11. NCCM(Ret) says:


    The investigations have been taking more than a year to complete on average; it is doubtful you will be able to join until you have a new green card or you have obtained your citizenship. You cannot ship to boot-camp with an expired green card.

  12. stanley says:

    hello , I am in the DEP program and when I submitted my documents for security clearance, I was on some payment plan on old debts on my credit report. I contacted my previous debtors and got settlement offers to pay all of them all (actually about 96% of my entire debts). do I need to do anything ? since they all paid up while am waiting for a call from OPM or should I let my recruiter know on my next meeting

  13. NCCM(Ret) says:


    Call and inform your recruiter those debts have been paid, and if there is any place in NASIS for him to update that info, he can accomplish it (there may be no action required, but best to ALWAYS keep your recruiter up to date). No need to wait until the next meeting.

  14. Tiffany says:

    Hello, I would like to join HPSP program for navy. I am naturalized citizen and only have a copy of naturalization certificate. I’m not quite sure if this copy is valid official copy or not. I definitely do not have original document. I know my recruiter told me that I might need original copy of naturalization certificate. Do you think I will need the original copy? Thank you so much.

  15. NCCM(Ret) says:


    Yes, you will need an original; fill out an N-565 and file it with the USCIS — they should send you a replacement.

  16. Johnny says:

    Hi i am joining the air force. I am currently 17 years old and i am going to meps for the second time to finish some paper work. The said i could wait up to a year before shipping is that true? I am a non citizen and my green card expires 2020 which is less than 2 years can i still become citizen through the air force? If so how do i go about doing that?can you be specific? Thank you

  17. NCCM(Ret) says:


    Current policy is that those entering the Navy in the Nuclear Power and Warrior Challenge programs, and those entering any military branch as a legal permanent resident, must have their NBIB T-3 investigation completed before they can ship to boot-camp. The investigation initiates once you join the branch of service’s delayed entry program. The investigation itself is the same for everyone. The process and the length of time it may take has a big part of the discussion on the NBIB Investigation requirement article.

  18. matthew says:

    I have dual citizenship ( US and UK), a recruiter said I may have to renounce my British citizenship to join and apply for certain ratings such as CT or Nuke. I’m a senior in HS and was planning on signing up next month to get the EBHS bonus, but I don’t turn 18 until April 2019 and the UK application states that I have to be 18 to renounce my UK citizenship. If it is a requirement to join and apply for those ratings, is there a way around this? Thank you.

  19. NCCM(Ret) says:


    No way around it.

    For Nuke, you would have to start the process, and maybe the Nukes will let you DEP knowing the renouncement would follow in April, but that is a long shot. Your recruiter should be able to pose the option with the local Nuke coordinator, and he can run that scenario up to the decision makers.

    Worst case is you join next month and have EBHS and whatever other bonuses you qualify for just in case in April something doesn’t work out for Nuke or CTI, you still get the EBHS. If you do reclass in April, you’d lose the EBHS, but you would still get a heck of an EBSR (although the amount may vary, CTI and Nuke normally have some sort of EB attached).

  20. Erin says:

    Hello! I’m kind of confused I read a comment like a few scrolls up about being a permanent resident that’s been in DEP with an expired green card. I know that new rules were established such as needing an unexpired one in hand and completing the background investigation.

    My question is— my brother’s background investigation had been recently done and they gave him the clear sign to go. They gave him a shipdate and is leaving soon which is less than week. He’s also been given dates when to go to MEPS and a date wherein he’ll have to stay at the hotel etc. but the thing is he doesn’t have his greencard yet but he has the extension letter and all that jazz.

    Will he still be able to ship? And if not what was the purpose of giving him a shipdate and going down to MEPS? (In a few days) Since I don’t want to have his hopes crushed again when he already resigned twice, one last year (when they thought he was going to leave) and one now ‘cus he’s about to leave again. Thank you!

  21. NCCM(Ret) says:


    The Navy will not ship a legal permanent resident to boot-camp without an unexpired, valid Green card in their possession. An extension letter will not suffice.

  22. Russel says:

    Hello, Can I join the Navy with my conditional green card thru marriage that will expire feb 2019? My divorce is currently pending right now, im planning to file my renewal of green card with my divorce papers.

  23. NCCM(Ret) says:


    If getting a divorce, you cannot join the military with a conditional green card that was issued for marriage because you would be in violation of the condition for which the green card was issued.

  24. Marie says:

    Hello Officer!!! I wanted to know if I need to provide an original copy of my Naturalization Certificate at ODS training. The original copy was lost in the mail after applying for my initial US Passport many years ago. I have an unexpired US passport and a copy of my Naturalization Certificate. Can you please advise if both documents will suffice the Navy requirements? Thank you for your prompt response.

  25. NCCM(Ret) says:


    All of the documentation required should have already been included in your original application, and that will follow you to your initial training. If your recruiter is not asking for additional documents, you should be fine.

  26. Ranjit says:

    Hi. I have a question. Can i join Navy reserve with a two year conditional green card? And will i be eligible for naturalization after a year? Thank you.

  27. NCCM(Ret) says:


    As long as you are able to ship to boot-camp before your card expires.

  28. Yun says:

    Good evening,
    I am scheduled to go to bootcamp and am being told that I cannot leave with a Conditional Green Card that has a extension. After reading the post above can you please help me understand why. I understand not being able to ship with an expired card but the USCIS issues an extension to the green card expiration date and I then still qualify for all right as a permanent resident until my new expiration date (per USCIS guidlines), how does the Navy not see that as a unexpired green card as long as I can provide the letter along with the original card, they are “extending the expiration date” ie. Not expired.

  29. NCCM(Ret) says:


    You can ship on an unexpired card, but you cannot ship with an extension because there is no guarantee a new card will be provided. Once you have a valid unexpired card in your possession, you would then be eligible to reenlist (I suspect they will discharge you while you await your new card).

  30. Kenneth [Last name redacted for privacy] says:

    I have all of my documents (my wifes, youngest daughter and mine) except my oldest daughters, I have to order her another social security card because it was lost, can I still ship to basic without her social security card or will I have to wait?

  31. NCCM(Ret) says:


    According to COMNAVCRUITCOMINST 1130.8K (ch. 2), Volume II, pg. 162, Note 4: “Applicants with dependents are required to bring proof of their dependent’s Social Security numbers to Recruit Training Command to get their dependents enrolled into DEERS. This can be accomplished by certified copies of their dependent’s Social Security card or any Social Security Administration issued document that includes the dependent’s Social Security number on it. This is a shipping requirement.”

  32. EMPEE. says:

    I had a I-551 with the 2 year conditions which expired in June. I submitted my application to remove the conditions from my I-551 and i have the 18 months extension letter and valid 18 months (I-551)Green card Stamp in my passport. Would that be sufficient to enlist?

  33. NCCM(Ret) says:


    You cannot join while on an extension. You must have an unexpired, valid I-551 in your possession.

  34. EMPEE. says:

    Yes , the I-551 stamp I have isn’t expired. It’s valid. I also have the letter from immigration. I can send it you if you don’t mind. So you can have an idea of what am talking about ..

  35. NCCM(Ret) says:


    You must have the actual I-551 card; a passport stamp is not enough.

  36. tj says:

    does the US military still put green card hold in delay entry program? i heard they stopped it in dec 2018.

  37. NCCM(Ret) says:


    Yes, and they never stopped.

  38. Geraldo says:


    I would like to join in military but i got 2 years green card which is temporary and plus im 38 year. Im very flustered because i had my dream on it and my family

  39. NCCM(Ret) says:


    Depending on when your card expires, and provided you are otherwise fully qualified, you may be eligible to join. I recommend talking to a local Navy recruiter so they can evaluate your circumstances. Good luck!

  40. john says:

    i currently in dep but my green card is stolen whats the best thing to do? is theres any way they can expedite my card replacement?

  41. NCCM(Ret) says:


    I recommend you contact the USCIS and ask about a replacement card. Without an unexpired card in your possession, you cannot ship to boot-camp.

  42. john says:

    is there any way they can expedite my replacement? and my recruiter got the copy of my green card anyway..thank you for the response

  43. NCCM(Ret) says:


    I have no idea. That would be a question for USCIS.

  44. Recruiter/MEPSGC says:

    With respect to NCCM(Ret), this is for everyone asking questions about joining with a stamp on passport or an extension letter. As a former recruiter and current MEPS guidance counselor I can tell you that the stamp and extension letter are both valid for enlistment and shipping to training. For all branches. These are very common. I just did a contract on someone that had an expired I551 stamp on his passport and an extension letter that is valid from feb of this year till OCT of 2020. It is as official as the actual green Card is. The only stipulation is that you still have to have the expired card and stamp on your passport to show the timelines. I’m sorry for the confusion.

  45. NCCM(Ret) says:


    The Navy will not ship anyone to RTC without an unexpired green card in their possession. To do so would be in violation of the guidance put out by CNRC plans and policy. What the other services may do, I have no idea.

    Directly from the guiding instruction, and verified to eliminate any confusion: “Shipping or gaining a permanent resident alien without a valid unexpired USCIS I-551 card in his or her possession is prohibited.”

  46. Nikunj says:

    Hello Everyone,
    My conditional GC is about to expire in 3 months. Can I ship to army training with an extension letter? Please advise. Thank you.

  47. NCCM(Ret) says:


    The Navy will not ship with an extension letter; you would have to ask the Army whether they do.

  48. Daquan says:

    Hey , my ship date is June 19 of this year . I’m currently in the DEP PROGRAM .. my 2 year green card is expired & current waiting for the 10 year …. I called uscis to check on my case.. & I still said pending . I explained my situation to the representative & she said if theirs anyways I can get my recruiter on the phone for her to verify that I should be able to ship to booth camp with a I-551 Stamp since I already have a 1 year extension & I won’t be in booth camp for a year . What’s your knowledge on a situation like this .. ?

  49. NCCM(Ret) says:


    Your recruiter cannot contact USCIS and provide them with any data. You cannot ship with a stamp, you must have the actual unexpired card in your possession to be able to ship.

  50. Joy [Last name redacted for privacy] says:


    I am eligible to apply for citizenship this November 2019. I understand that in California, it takes about 18 months to become a citizen from the date of application. Is it at all possible for me to apply for Navy OCS after applying for citizenship in November? I don’t want to wait for 18 months if I really don’t have to. Thank you!

  51. NCCM(Ret) says:


    An officer selection package cannot be forwarded unless qualified for the Navy officer program you are applying. United States citizenship is required for Navy officer programs.

  52. ElenaG says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you could help me with my issue. I am a 10 year GC holder and I am in the process of applying for the Navy. My Asvab scores were never below 95 for any practice test I took. My recuiter told me about Navy JAG, provided that I served 2 years and became a US citizen and enrolled in school. I heard that there are delays with shipping GC holders, and then you have to be on active duty for at least 6 months before you can apply for citizenship. I can apply for civillian naturalization in 8 months. All jobs that I really want (CTT or legalman) require a US citizenship. My recruiter told me I could reclassify once I get a US citizenship, and he made it sound easy. But from what I read, it did not sound easy. What are my chances to be accepted into JAG from any kind of non legal rating? Any advice is really appreciated.

  53. NCCM(Ret) says:


    You cannot apply to an officer program until you have been granted citizenship and have the naturalization papers in hand. There are no delays in shipping legal permanent residents — the waiting for the investigation to be adjudicated is no longer in place.

    Once you ship to boot-camp, expect to be doing the job you enlisted for, unless the PACT program, for the entirety of your first enlistment. The only caveat is if you are selected for a commission as a Naval Officer.

  54. Eric [Last name redacted for privacy] says:

    I am enlisted and I am now in the delay entry program. My problem is that I lost my green card and applied for a replacement. I really want to go to boot camp for basic training but my recruiter said my I-551 stamp is not going to work until I get the new green card. The green card is going to take months before I get it and they told me me at the immigration that I can go ahead with the newI-551 stamp but my recruiter told me we still have to wait for the green card and it’s confusing me because I don’t really know when I am getting the green card and I am afraid if it doesn’t come before my shipping date

  55. NCCM(Ret) says:


    You cannot ship to boot-camp without an unexpired green card in your possession. If you do not have your replacement prior to shipping, you will not be able to ship.

  56. Babs says:

    I have a question about DPEP program, do admin rates likes LS, YN also get recruited from this route?

  57. NCCM(Ret) says:


    A DPEP application can be made for any enlisted rating provided the requirements for the program are met, and, of course, the rating has an opening for the pay grade you might qualify.

  58. Babs says:

    I was told it’s also dependent on manning level for the rating.

  59. NCCM(Ret) says:


    ” and, of course, the rating has an opening for the pay grade you might qualify.” <--- that's what that means.

  60. Babs says:

    Absolutely, I totally missed the full picture.

  61. Babs says:

    How come recruiters don’t usually know much about FTS contracts or are they lying? One told me a few years ago when I was ready to ship specifically under the FTS community that you’ll have to transfer from active, another claimed not to have heard about FTS period.

  62. NCCM(Ret) says:


    FTS billets (openings) are few and far between. Active Duty folks rarely, if ever, work with them, so it is not unusual that an active duty Sailor may never had heard of one.

  63. Babs says:

    Oh seen, does that mean one specifically needs a FTS recruiter or if the detailer offers a contract at MEPs by random chance?

  64. NCCM(Ret) says:


    It would be through an active duty recruiter and would be offered at the MEPS, but the openings, again, are very rare.

  65. Lucky says:

    Hello, i have been in Navy DEP since April 2019, but got discharged in September because of some law changes. I was asked to join again in October 2019, and i’ll be shipping out in March 2020. I curtently have a 10 yrs green card. Does my waiting period in DEP count towards my eligibility for citizenship when i go to booth camp, necauae i was told Reservist must serve for 1 year before applying for citizenship.
    Thank you.

  66. Mike says:

    I was approved for a 2yr conditional green card and I received it a few months ago but unfortunately I lost it in the mail I already applied for a replacement one and I do have the i551 stamp on my passport my question is can I join the national guard with only just my i551 stamp and ssn pending the time that i’ll get my replacement green card or do I have to wait first to get my replacement green card

  67. NCCM(Ret) says:


    The Navy requires the unexpired card to be in your possession.

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