2014 Navy Uniform and Clothing Allowance

Navy Clothing Allowance 2014

Among the various pay and allowances provided, the Navy clothing allowances are issued to help Sailors pay for their uniforms. There are four main types of clothing allowance.

1. 2014 Initial Clothing Allowance:

Both officers and enlisted members of the U.S. Navy are entitled to an initial clothing allowance. Officers, however, are only entitled to the allowance once except in the situation noted below:

This allowance is provided to enlisted members upon initial enlistment or upon special qualification.

Navy Standard Initial Clothing Allowance (Enlisted Members Only)
Male Female
$1,850.14 $2,037.08

2. Cash Clothing Replacement Allowance:

This allowance is payable only to enlisted members annually following initial clothing allowance on the anniversary month. This is for the replacement of uniforms based on normal wear and tear.

Navy Cash Clothing Replacement Allowance (Enlisted Members Only)
Type Male Female
Basic $334.80 $342.00
Standard $478.80 $489.60
Special $637.20 $637.20

3. Extra Clothing Allowance:

Extra Clothing Allowance are additional to the other two and do not affect them. These allowance are for situations in which a member may need additional uniforms or is required to have civilian clothing to perform his/her duties.

Extra clothing allowance for if duty requires.
Civilian Clothing Allowance
Type of Duty Initial Replacement 15 days in 30 day period 30 days in 36 month period
Permanent $989.28 $329.76 0 0
Temporary 0 0 $329.76 $659.52

4. Military Clothing Maintenance Allowance:

This allowance is for replacement and maintenance of military items during and after three years of active duty. If a member has a break in military service, he/she will start over with the initial clothing allowance upon returning to the service. He/She will then receive Cash Clothing Replacement Allowance and Military Clothing Maintenance Allowance as applicable.

Which Clothing Allowance Do You Rate?

The following information is taken from the Department of Defense Financial Management Regulation, Volume 7A, Chapter 29;

Basic Cash Clothing Replacement Allowance. This is a preliminary replacement allowance for uniform items. It is used during the first 3 years of active service subsequent to receipt of a Standard Initial Clothing Allowance or a reduced or partial Standard Initial Clothing Allowance.

  1. It accrues to each enlisted member beginning with the first day of the month following the date of completion of 6 months of active duty without regard to time lost. The first payment shall be made at the end of the member’s anniversary month completing 1 year of uninterrupted active military service in an amount equal to one-half the applicable fiscal year rate then in effect.
  2. When authorized under regulations of the Service concerned, enlisted members of a Reserve component who received a reduced or partial Standard Initial Clothing Allowance may be authorized to accrue the Basic Cash Clothing Replacement Allowance beginning with the first day of the month following the date of call or recall to active duty in a pay status.
  3. The Basic Cash Clothing Replacement Allowance continues for the first 3 years of continuous active duty. It is payable for the second and third years at the end of the member’s anniversary month using the applicable rate then in effect.

Standard Initial Clothing Allowance – Entitlement Criteria. Enlisted personnel (except those entitled to a Special Initial Clothing Allowance) shall be furnished a Standard Initial Clothing Allowance, but only under the following circumstances:

  1. Upon first enlistment in the Service, or reenlistment in the same branch of the regular Military Service, if 3 months has expired from date of last discharge or release from active duty and the member is not reporting from a Reserve component that requires the member to maintain uniform clothing.
  2. Upon enlistment or reenlistment in a Service other than the one from which last discharged.
  3. Upon reporting for or upon recall to active duty for more than 6 months, after 3 months have expired from the date of last discharge or release from active duty with the clothing required for service in a Reserve component. In these cases, the initial allowance shall be reduced to a partial Standard Initial Clothing Allowance under regulations of the appropriate Service, to account for clothing required to be in the person’s possession upon call or recall to active duty.
  4. Upon being restored to duty, after being sentenced to confinement and punitive discharge, to the extent needed to fill the individual’s clothing requirement.
  5. Upon reenlisting within 3 months of last discharge or release from active duty, when the Service member did not receive the complete initial allowance or was required to turn in issued clothing. The amount allowed, shall be the difference between the current initial clothing allowance and the current value of issued clothing that remained in the member’s possession upon the date of last discharge or release from active duty, further reduced by any prior cash clothing payments toward the initial clothing allowance. For the purposes of determining entitlement to replacement allowances, issues or payments under this subparagraph are not considered to be the last authorization of an initial allowance.
  6. Upon recall to active duty after 3 months from the date of last release from active duty or retired enlisted personnel (including Service members of the Fleet Reserve and the Fleet Marine Corps Reserve) recalled to active duty after 3 months from the date of last release from active duty or retirement. Only one such allowance shall be authorized during any period of four consecutive years.
  7. Upon reversion to service on active duty commissioned officers or warrant officers under temporary appointments who enlisted or reenlisted, or who reverted to service on active duty in an enlisted (other than Chief Petty Officer) status, except for purposes of retirement. Only one such allowance is authorized in any period of four consecutive years.
  8. Upon reversion to enlistment in or reenlistment in the regular Navy, Naval officer candidates, and Naval Reserve Chief Petty Officers who revert to or are enlisted or reenlisted in the regular Navy in pay grade E-6 or below, except for purposes of retirement; provided they previously have not received a Standard Initial Clothing Allowance during their current period of continuous active duty.

Special Initial Clothing Allowance – Eligibility Criteria. Enlisted personnel shall be furnished a Special Initial Clothing Allowance only under the following circumstances:

  1. Upon selection and acceptance for specified officer-training programs.
  2. In pay grade E-6 or below, upon assignment to either the United States Navy Band, Washington, DC, or the United States Naval Academy Band or selection for temporary appointment as a Limited Duty Officer in the Navy.
  3. Upon first advancement to or first enlistment as a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy, while serving on active duty, provided no Special Initial Clothing Allowance has been previously paid. Effective October 1, 2009, Chief Petty Officers of the Naval Reserve who are assigned to Selected Reserve and Voluntary Training Units are entitled to a full Special Initial Clothing Allowance upon first advancement to Chief.
  4. For Chief Petty Officers in the Naval Reserve who were advanced before October 1, 2009. Upon first reporting for active duty for a period of 6 months or greater as a Chief Petty Officer of the Naval Reserve, provided no Special Initial Clothing Allowance has been previously paid either on active or inactive duty. If a Special Initial Clothing Allowance has been previously paid on inactive duty, then the Chief Petty Officer is entitled to a partial Special Initial Clothing Allowance in accordance with the Note at Table 29-2.
  5. Upon active duty reenlistment or receipt of orders to active duty as a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy, provided all of the following requirements are met:
    1. Over 3 months has expired from date of last discharge, release from active duty or retirement,
    2. The enlistment or reenlistment period is for a period of more than 6 months,
    3. Appointment to temporary officer status is not coincident with the enlistment or reenlistment, and
    4. The member has not been paid a Special Initial Clothing Allowance within the last 4 years while on inactive duty.

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49 Responses to “Navy Clothing Allowance 2014”

  1. Michael says:

    I just recieved my Clothing allowance, and it was $169.20. Is that correct? Or am I being shorted?

  2. NCCM(ret) says:


    If you are an enlisted active duty Sailor, and you are on your anniversary date, you should have received the amount above that relates to you. If I were you, I’d call to find out why things aren’t adding up.

  3. MM1(SW) says:

    Chances are it got split between your 2 paychecks(happened to me a couple times), since it is half of what it should be. Either way, go to PSD to have them check it out, don’t assume what I said is correct for your situation.

  4. Seaman(SN E-3) JW says:

    what’s the difference between Cash Clothing Allowance and Replacement Clothing allowance? When are each disbursed?

  5. NCCM(Ret) says:


    Once a year on the anniversary date of your active duty start date, you will receive a cash amount for uniform replacement/upkeep. It is for replacing worn uniforms, and it comes as a cash payment (as part of your pay deposit).

  6. Rich says:

    If you are upon your one year anniversary, the amount is lower due to your length of service. You will see it increase to basic rates beginning next year. And they NEVER split a clothing allowance over two checks. It’s systematically impossible to do that.

  7. Qunita says:

    May 9, is my anniversary date for the Navy. My current LES for May 31, does not reflect me being paid anything for clothing allowance. Do I wait until next month or should I have seen the payment for the end of my anniversary month?

  8. ABE2 says:

    Qunita, usually you will receive the clothing allowance on the first of the next month. So you in case you SHOULD see your clothing allowance on June 1st. I had this problem to when I first joined but

  9. bob says:

    What’s the diffrence between basic and standard how do I know what one I should be getting

  10. HN Johnson says:

    So if I get this right, my 2 year anniversary is July 14th so I should see my clothing allowance on August 1st?

  11. CTR2 says:

    HN Johnson,

    Yes you will see it on the August 1st paycheck.

  12. AE says:

    What’s the difference between standard and basic?

  13. MASN says:

    Whats the difference between basic and standard uniform allowance? Im coming up on my second year and wear the blue NWU

  14. HM3 Gandara says:

    The difference between Basic and Standard uniform allowance is that the basic allowance is paid during the first three yrs of your enlistment, while the standard allowance is what you get paid starting at yr four. Also, at your 1 yr mark expect on only getting half of your basic allowince since it is assumed that nothing had to be replaced during your 1st six months in the service. Hope that clarifies some confusion. BTW, your clothing allowance is usually also all paid out on the EOM payment on the month of your anniversary.

  15. IS2 says:

    I have a six and two contract for the reserves, and I am at the end of year four, according to my LES, though it’s been over five. Regardless, I came onto ADT orders last August (2011) and am continuing with ADT orders. What kind of uniform allowance can I receive?

  16. MA3 says:

    If you are a reservist but you have been on IA orders over a year and your anniversary year is coming up, do you qualify to receive uniform allowance? WHY or WHY NOT?

  17. CRUZIE says:

    …So if you re-enlist, will you stop getting clothing allowance because 3 years elapsed? meaning the only time one gets clothing allowance is the first 3 years?

  18. AO3 says:

    I just finished my 4 years and will be getting my last pay check soon. Since it ends on my anniversary date would I still get a clothing allowance or would I not receive it since I chose not to re-enlist?

  19. Stacey says:

    I enlisted in January and received my clothing allowance in January 2012 but both my statements on LES show no clothing allowance this year. Did I miss something??

  20. HM3 says:

    Stacey, you will see it on the 1st of February.

  21. Sierra says:

    My husband’s uniforms came out of his initial paycheck. We are now coming up on his 3rd paycheck. When does the allowance kick in and when is he reimbursed? We are married and have children, I dont know if that helps.

  22. HMC Kenneth says:

    I am a Reservist that is on a one year mob, with 11 months in Afghan. I was told by one of my fellow Senior Chiefs that he received a partial clothing allowance on his first check, Dec 12. It was around $500.00, I however did not. Was there something that should have been done at the NMPS PSD office, and can I still request it? Also, if I should receive it do you have a form or instruction that would assist me?

    Thank you for your time with this matter.

  23. F. W. Hunt says:

    If your assigned to a ceremonial guard detail, ie, burials, is there a special uniform allowance/cleaning fund to support the cleaning of dress uniforms?

  24. MMW3 (SS) says:

    so i will receive the clothing allowance on the anniversary day or the beginning of the anniversary month?

  25. HM2 says:

    Sierra…your husband will mot get anything until his first year. The uniform allowance is an annual pay to maintain your current uniforms or buy new ones if needed…as far as getting money back for initial sea bag you wont. That is part of initial enlistment just like the GI

  26. KT says:

    My husband is waiting on a medical board to determine if he can stay in or not. Will he still receive his uniform allowance? It could be a year before we have an answer and the time he usually get his allowance is coming up.

  27. NCCM(Ret) says:


    I would expect that he would receive it.

  28. KT says:

    Thank You NCCM

  29. Maryeuh says:

    I was just enlisted into select reserve after being active then IRR for one year. Willmimgetnan allowance to buy boots and covers, ect?

  30. Pablo says:

    Guys I was told that once you are in boot camp the navy charges you a 500 fee for all of the uniforms given in and for basic training. Now my question is, is this true? If so when do they charge you that fee? Is it on the first paycheck or the second? And I leave on 24th of july when do I start to get paid ? Do they skip a paycheck or do I get my first paycheck on the 1st of August?

  31. EN3 says:

    F.W. Hunt I am stationed with the ceremonial guard and have been for 2 years. We only get basic. I’m assuming it’s because the uniforms are provided.

  32. Bev says:

    Once you make chief, are you no longer eligible for the annual uniform allowance you had as a junior enlisted?

  33. Gerald Russell HM1(FMF/CAC) Ret. says:

    So does your uniform allowance have to be used for buying military uniforms? When I was active duty that was the rule. I retired in 2008. Has it changed? If not, what instructions says I have to use that money for uniforms ONLY?

  34. NCCM(Ret) says:


    There is not an instruction that states the money must be spent on uniforms; however, you are required to maintain a complete seabag.

  35. HM3 Gardner says:

    I am pregnant now and putting in for the uniform allowance for those uniforms (Sept 2013). Will I still receive my basic uniform replacement fee in February 2014 to replace my regular uniforms that I will be required to wear after maternity leave?

  36. NCCM(Ret) says:


    Yes, you will receive your regular clothing allowance. The maternity allowance is separate (it can only be granted every 36 months, so save the uniforms, just in case!)


  37. KK says:

    My husband started reserve Navy from Jan 13 after active duty. He just had promoted and had purchased CFO uniform set. Is he able to receive uniform allowance?

  38. YN3 says:

    Came in reserve Feb 2011, MMPA shows $211(in Feb2011) for my initial( not like I saw it being in bootcamp). Never was issued uniforms from any NOSC or unit while on reserves. FTS recalled 9/11/12, and this is my anniversary and MMPA shows 163 as an entitlement. Something doesn’t seem right as this recall has been a circus with my pay. Am I in anyway entitled to the standard initial with previous payment deducted(if I can show I never received uniform items)? Am I only entitled to standard replacement? Either is better than 163, which cannot realistically suffice.

  39. NCCM(Ret) says:


    Since you are serving as an FTS, I agree with you, from what I read in the instruction, I think you should be getting the $327.60 Basic Replacement Allowance. But, I must say, I am not an expert on this subject especially when it comes to those in the Reserve.

    I wish I could offer more. I hope when the answer does become known that you let us know here so others can benefit from your legwork.

  40. Dj says:

    Hi! I’m from the Philippines and currently doing a study on Clothing Allowances in the Armed Forces of the Philippines. As part of my foreign research, I’d just like to know if all 4 Clothing Allowances listed above are received by the recipients, and do all allowances come in cash (meaning no clothing items are given at all)?

  41. BH says:

    Bev- just saw your question from back in July. As a CPO, you get the “special amount” in the same little block above as the standard annual. So, male CPO will the $640 every year, female will get the $630. I get mine every year on the anniversary month that I was advanced to Chief (the month I started getting paid for it).

  42. Bryce says:

    I joined on December 4, 2013 and was initially charged $500 for my clothing and received no initial clothing allowance. According to my LES I will not be getting one this check either. When should I expect that allowance, and will I get the initial allowance or the replacement allowance? My recruiter was very confusing and needless to say, it’s hard to get any info from other sailors.

  43. Guy says:

    Was selected for STA-21 in 2007 and received a initial clothing allowance to purchase officer uniforms. I was dis-enrolled from the program and sent back to the fleet. I am up for Chief and I was wondering would I qualify for the special initial clothing allowance if I am selected for Chief?

  44. Boats Jones says:

    Good Morning. I was advanced to CHIEF in May 2011 (payed for it), but my clothing allowance has remained the standard clothing allowance of 478.00. I viewed my recent LES and it still says the same amount. Am i getting shorted every year ?

  45. IT3 (IDW) says:

    This will be my third year of service so I would still be under the basic clothing allowance, however I just reenlisted. Would this qualify me for the standard?

  46. MA3(IDW) says:

    I enlisted as a reservist and am now recalled back to active duty as a canvasser recruiter. Does anyone know when I would be getting my clothing allowance? Being a reservist I 1 didn’t wear all my uniforms and 2 didn’t get an allowance so I’m short on a lot of stuff and have already bought a lot of new things I needed. I’ve been in 5 years already and been IA once so which anniversary are they going to go off of my enlistment or when I got hired?


  47. AZAA Pagan says:

    When do I exactly get my allowance? I joined 20AUG13 and I wasn’t sure when I recieve it. Also, I have uniforms from boot camp and they don’t fit as well in the bust area because we were wearing tight braziers so it wasn’t correct fitting. If I don’t have the money for it and I need it ASAP what do I do?

  48. NCCM(Ret) says:


    You should be receiving it in August — your anniversary month.

  49. STSC Butler says:

    Upon the selection to CPO I understand that the annual uniform allowance will be that as stated above, but isn’t there an initial “bump” to help pay for all the new uniforms you are required to purchase upon pinning?

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