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Navy Uniform and Clothing Allowance

Navy Clothing Allowance FY-2017

Updated: October 9, 2017

Among the various pay and allowances provided, the Navy clothing allowances are issued to help Sailors pay for their uniforms. There are four main types of clothing allowance.

Effective, April 1, 2017.

1a. Initial Clothing Allowance:

Both officers and enlisted members of the U.S. Navy are entitled to an initial clothing allowance. Officers, however, are only entitled to the allowance one time except in the situation noted below:

  • Upon first reporting for active duty (other than for training) for a period of more than 90 days.
  • Upon completing at least 14 days of active duty or active duty for training as a member of a Reserve Component
  • Upon completing 14 periods of inactive-duty training as a member of the Ready Reserve (Each period must be of at least 2 hours duration).
  • Upon reporting for the first period of active duty required of a member of the Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program.
  • NOTE: Upon transfer to another Reserve Component that requires a different uniform, a Reserve officer may receive another initial uniform allowance. Regular officers may not receive this allowance when transferring to another Military Service.
FY-2017 Navy Standard Initial Clothing Allowance (Enlisted Members Only)
Male Female
$1,946.21 $2,107.26

This allowance is provided to enlisted members upon initial enlistment or upon special qualification.

1b. Special Initial Clothing Allowance:

FY-2017 Navy Special Initial Clothing Allowance
Special Reason Male Female
Advancement to CPO $1,041.94 $1183.17
Selection to OCS, ECP, or Seaman to Admiral Program $1,878.12 $2,031.39

2. Cash Clothing Replacement Allowance:

This allowance is payable only to enlisted members annually following initial clothing allowance on the anniversary month. This is for the replacement of uniforms based on normal wear and tear.

FY-2017 Navy Cash Clothing Replacement Allowance (Enlisted Members Only)
Type Male Female
Basic $370.80 $367.20
Standard $529.20 $522.00
Special $727.20 $684.00

3. Extra Clothing Allowance:

Extra Clothing Allowance are additional to the other two and do not affect them. These allowance are for situations in which a member may need additional uniforms or is required to have civilian clothing to perform his/her duties.

FY-2017 Extra clothing allowance for if duty requires.
Civilian Clothing Allowance
Type of Duty Initial Replacement 15 days in 30 day period 30 days in 36 month period
Permanent $1041.12 $347.04 0 0
Temporary 0 0 $347.04 $694.08

4. Military Clothing Maintenance Allowance:

This allowance is for replacement and maintenance of military items during and after three years of active duty. If a member has a break in military service, he/she will start over with the initial clothing allowance upon returning to the service. He/She will then receive Cash Clothing Replacement Allowance and Military Clothing Maintenance Allowance as applicable.

Navy Recruiting Supplementary Clothing Allowance:

Recruiting or recruiting support duty means active duty assignment to: Navy recruiting regions, Navy recruiting districts, Navy recruiting “A” stations, Navy recruiting stations, Military Entrance Processing Stations, or to Naval Reserve activities. It also includes Naval aviation cadet procurement teams at Naval Air Reserve activities. It is payable to recruiters after reporting to the enlisted Navy Recruiter Orientation Course or upon completion of the Veteran Recruiter Orientation (VETRO). It is payable to recruiting support personnel upon receipt of orders to such duty. It is payable to members in BUPERS controlled recruiting billets or a recruit support billet upon initial assignment when specialized training is not required prior to the recruiting assignment.

FY-2017 Navy Recruiting Duty Supplementary Clothing Allowance
Recruiting Duty Clothing Supplement
Payment Frequency
$220.00 Annually

Which Clothing Allowance Do You Rate?

The following information is taken from the Department of Defense Financial Management Regulation, Volume 7A, Chapter 29 on October 14, 2014;

Basic Cash Clothing Replacement Allowance is a preliminary replacement allowance for uniform items. It is used during the first 3 years of active service subsequent to receipt of a Standard Initial Clothing Allowance or a reduced or partial Standard Initial Clothing Allowance.

  1. Basic Cash Clothing Replacement Allowance accrues to each enlisted member beginning with the first day of the month following the date of completion of 6 months of active duty without regard to time lost. At the end of the member’s anniversary month completing 1-year of uninterrupted active military service the first payment will be made in an amount equal to one-half the applicable fiscal year rate then in effect.
  2. When authorized under regulations of the Service concerned, enlisted members of a Reserve component who received a reduced or partial Standard Initial Clothing Allowance may be authorized to accrue the Basic Cash Clothing Replacement Allowance beginning with the first day of the month following the date of call or recall to active duty in a pay status.
  3. The Basic Cash Clothing Replacement Allowance continues for the first 3 years of continuous active duty. It is payable for the second and third years at the end of the member’s anniversary month using the applicable rate then in effect.

Standard Initial Clothing Allowance – Entitlement Criteria. Enlisted personnel (except those entitled to a Special Initial Clothing Allowance) shall be furnished a Standard Initial Clothing Allowance, but only under the following circumstances:

  1. Upon first enlistment in the Service, or reenlistment in the same branch of the regular Military Service, if 3 months has expired from date of last discharge or release from active duty and the member is not reporting from a Reserve component that requires the member to maintain uniform clothing.
  2. Upon enlistment or reenlistment in a Service other than the one from which last discharged.
  3. Upon reporting for or upon recall to active duty for more than 6 months, after 3 months have expired from the date of last discharge or release from active duty with the clothing required for service in a Reserve component. In these cases, the initial allowance shall be reduced to a partial Standard Initial Clothing Allowance under regulations of the appropriate Service, to account for clothing required to be in the person’s possession upon call or recall to active duty.
  4. Upon being restored to duty, after being sentenced to confinement and punitive discharge, to the extent needed to fill the individual’s clothing requirement.
  5. Upon reenlisting within 3 months of last discharge or release from active duty, when the Service member did not receive the complete initial allowance or was required to turn in issued clothing. The amount allowed, shall be the difference between the current initial clothing allowance and the current value of issued clothing that remained in the member’s possession upon the date of last discharge or release from active duty, further reduced by any prior cash clothing payments toward the initial clothing allowance. For the purposes of determining entitlement to replacement allowances, issues or payments under this subparagraph are not considered to be the last authorization of an initial allowance.
  6. Upon recall to active duty after 3 months from the date of last release from active duty or retired enlisted personnel (including Service members of the Fleet Reserve and the Fleet Marine Corps Reserve) recalled to active duty after 3 months from the date of last release from active duty or retirement. Only one such allowance shall be authorized during any period of four consecutive years.
  7. Upon reversion to service on active duty commissioned officers or warrant officers under temporary appointments who enlisted or reenlisted, or who reverted to service on active duty in an enlisted (other than Chief Petty Officer) status, except for purposes of retirement. Only one such allowance is authorized in any period of four consecutive years.
  8. Upon reversion to enlistment in or reenlistment in the regular Navy, Naval officer candidates, and Naval Reserve Chief Petty Officers who revert to or are enlisted or reenlisted in the regular Navy in pay grade E-6 or below, except for purposes of retirement; provided they previously have not received a Standard Initial Clothing Allowance during their current period of continuous active duty.

Special Initial Clothing Allowance – Eligibility Criteria. Enlisted personnel will be furnished a Special Initial Clothing Allowance only under the following circumstances:

  1. Upon selection and acceptance for specified officer-training programs.
  2. In pay grade E-6 or below, upon assignment to either the United States Navy Band, Washington, DC, or the United States Naval Academy Band or selection for temporary appointment as a Limited Duty Officer in the Navy.
  3. Upon first advancement to or first enlistment as a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy, while serving on active duty, provided no Special Initial Clothing Allowance has been previously paid. Effective October 1, 2009, Chief Petty Officers of the Naval Reserve who are assigned to Selected Reserve and Voluntary Training Units are entitled to a full Special Initial Clothing Allowance upon first advancement to Chief Petty Officer.
  4. For Chief Petty Officers in the Naval Reserve who were advanced before October 1, 2009. Upon first reporting for active duty for a period of 6 months or greater as a Chief Petty Officer of the Naval Reserve, provided no Special Initial Clothing Allowance has been previously paid either on active or inactive duty. If a Special Initial Clothing Allowance has been previously paid on inactive duty, then the Chief Petty Officer is entitled to a partial Special Initial Clothing Allowance in accordance with the Note at Table 29-2.
  5. Upon active duty reenlistment or receipt of orders to active duty as a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy, provided all of the following requirements are met:
    1. Over 3 months has expired from the date of last discharge, release from active duty or retirement,
    2. The enlistment or reenlistment period is for a period of more than 6 months,
    3. Appointment to temporary officer status is not coincident with the enlistment or reenlistment, and
    4. The member has not been paid a Special Initial Clothing Allowance within the last 4 years while on inactive duty.

26 Responses to “Navy Clothing Allowance FY-2017”

  1. Bob White says:

    My question is I am reservist that got involuntary recall back to active duty
    am i entitled to clothing allowance or any clothing compensation will be on
    active duty for 330 days if so when would i receive that.

  2. NCCM(Ret) says:


    To the specifics for a recalled Reservist, you would need to contact your unit — I wish I could help more than that, but just don’t know the answer. Once you find out, I hope you can come back and leave a brief note about what you learned.

  3. C. Sanford says:

    Will an active sailor be automatically paid for these items on the anniversary dates? Is there additional paperwork involved if I am an E3 coming up on 1 year of service? Thx!

  4. NCCM(Ret) says:

    C. Sanford,

    It should be automatic — there isn’t paperwork you need to submit.

  5. King says:

    I just received my clothing allowance, but it was $163. Is this right?

  6. NCCM(Ret) says:


    You need to call your PSD for an explanation because that number sounds low. Are you a Reservist? Either way, I recommend that you make the call.

  7. Jonathan [Last name redacted for privacy] says:

    I hit my 8 year mark today, so should my clothing allowance be “Basic” or Standard”? I’m Active Duty

  8. Mike says:

    I was selected to CPO and pinned 16Sep14. I received my annual clothing allowance in March15 and then a special clothing allowance in Aug15 when I advanced. Should I still receive my annual clothing allowance in Mar16?

  9. Chris says:

    I was recently selected for a DCO (Reserve) Commission. Should I be expecting the ‘Special Initial Clothing Allowance’ under section 1B?

  10. Terra says:

    Since recruits in boot camp are charged for the uniforms issued to them during that time, when exactly does the standard initial clothing allowance show up?

  11. Roy says:

    my last clothing allowance was $306 when the basic is $320 is that an error to worry about?

  12. Lizajo says:

    Do members on ADSW orders allotted a uniform allowance? I am a reserve Affairs Program Manager and responsible for submitting pay, however, I am not sure if the members that I bring on ADSW orders are entitled to the allowance.

  13. Bob says:

    Believe if you are on active duty for a year you rate clothing allowance

    Rp2 white. USNR, RET

  14. Josh says:

    Do you receive a clothing allowance on your last year in the navy?

  15. Amanda G says:

    My question is, which uniform allowance will i receive? I am on my 2 year mark for active duty. Also, what is the difference between basic, standard, and special for the Cash Clothing Basic Allowance?

  16. Stefanie D says:

    Is there a clothing allowance for maternity uniforms?

  17. Emily says:

    Yes, there is, you will need to fill out a chit through your command and file it with your PSD however. It’ll take about a month to actually show up, so I suggest filing as soon as possible.

  18. Jim says:

    Will a service member who is retiring 6 days after his anniversary get clothing allowance for the previous year?

  19. Davis says:

    I entered Boot camp Mar 2016 & graduated May 2016. Should I expect to see my clothing allowance this month or May this year?

  20. NCCM(Ret) says:


    It would be on the anniversary date of your enlistment, and not the date you graduated boot-camp.

  21. AJ says:

    Hi, I have a couple of questions ;) I’m on ADSW orders and still waiting to receive a few annual uniform allowance, which is currently pending. Also I was never given initial allowance.I transferred to the navy reserves from another branch several years ago. Am I authorised to receive initial uniform allowance (which is significantly higher than the annual uniform allowance) while on ADSW orders even though I’ve been in the navy reserves for a while before I went on ADSW orders?


  22. NCCM(Ret) says:


    I have no idea how the Reserve does it. You need to check with your NOSC.

  23. Roberto says:

    I am coming up on my Active Duty four year mark, what category of clothing allowance should I expect?

  24. Jordan says:

    Are SELRES Officers entitled to maternity uniform allowance? And can you please provide me with the instruction that states the answer to this?

  25. NCCM(Ret) says:


    From Department of Defense Financial Management Regulation, Volume 7A, Chapter 29:

    290601. Reserve Component Allowances
    Reserve Component personnel on active duty for periods of less than 6 months, or while on inactive duty, are generally furnished the required individual clothing items as in-kind issues. Reserve Component personnel may receive the Standard Initial Clothing Allowance cash portion for items designated to be personally procured and not issued in-kind. Members of Reserve Components on active duty for periods of less than 6 months or on inactive duty are not entitled to any Civilian Clothing Allowances. Further guidance for payment of clothing allowances for Reserve members is set forth in Chapters 57 and 58.

    Table 29-5 (Rule 13) in the same regulation discusses it for enlisted personnel; however, I cannot find a reference specifically for SELRES officers that discusses a maternity uniform allowance.

    Chapter 58 discusses Reserve pay, and only mentions officer clothing allowance with:

    580502. Officers’ Initial Uniform Allowance
    An officer of a Reserve Component is entitled to an initial uniform allowance upon completing 14 periods of inactive duty training as an officer in the Ready Reserve, provided each period is of at least 2 hours duration. See Chapter 30, section 3002.

  26. David says:

    I completed eight yrs of AD service and I am transitioning to SELRES. Will I be issued new uniforms or allowance upon entering the SELRES? Or am I supposed to use my AD uniforms?


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