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Navy Active Duty Enlistment Bonuses for 2020

2020 Navy Enlistment Bonus March Update

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Published: March 4, 2020
Updated: July 24, 2020

For those affected by COVID 19, please read the update at the end of the article.

Effective, February 29, 2020, the following enlistment bonus (EB) opportunities have been continued and or adjusted by the Commander, Navy Recruiting Command.

The Enlistment Bonus for Shipping (EBSHP) continues with the current payout of $5,000 for select ratings that ship before May 31, 2020.

The Enlistment Bonus for College Credit (EBCC) remains unchanged from the last Enlistment Bonus message.

The Enlistment Bonus for Physical Screening Test (EBPST) and Physical Fitness Assessment (EBPFA) continues. Both bonuses require the Sailor to pass the physical performance or screening test at RTC on their first attempt only.

The Enlistment Bonus for Source Ratings (EBSR) has added a couple of opportunities, and keeps the Nuclear Power with the highest individual enlistment bonus at $38,000.

Multiple enlistment bonuses can be earned simultaneously, however, the maximum combined enlistment bonus, capped by law, is $40,000.

Enlistment Bonus for Source Rate (EBSR)

For any Future Sailors initially classified or reclassified on or after February 29, 2020 into the following ratings would be eligible for the Enlistment Bonus for Source Rate (EBSR).

Navy Enlistment Bonus Ratings*
Rating Ship Month FY EB
AIRR-ATF Oct-Sep Any $36,000
CTI-ATF Oct-Sep Any $25,000
EOD-ATF Oct-Sep Any $36,000
HM-ATF Oct-Sep Any $25,000
IT-SG Oct-Sep Any $10,000
ITS-ATF Oct-Sep Any $15,000
MMS-5YO Oct-Sep Any $10,000
MT-AEF Oct-Sep Any $15,000
ND-ATF Oct-Sep Any $36,000
Nuke Oct-Sep Any $38,000
SB-ATF Oct-Sep Any $36,000
SECF-5YO Oct-Sep Any $15,000
SO-ATF Oct-Sep Any $36,000
STG-5YO Oct-Sep Any $10,000

Note: Your recruiter would be able to give you specifics as to when the bonus would be paid.

Enlistment Bonus for Physical Screening Test (EBPST)

Members in the Warrior Challenge program who achieve standards for passing the Recruit Training Command Initial PST at an “Elevated” PST, in accordance with the EB Statement of Understanding (1133/102), will be eligible to receive a $2,000 EBPST. The member must remain in the Warrior Challenge program and graduate from RTC to continue eligibility.

Navy EBPST Ratings*
Rating Ship Month FY EB
AIRR-ATF Oct-Sep Any $2,000
EOD-ATF Oct-Sep Any $2,000
ND-ATF Oct-Sep Any $2,000
SB-ATF Oct-Sep Any $2,000
SO-ATF Oct-Sep Any $2,000

EBPST is payable upon graduation of Recruit Training Command. EBPST can be combined with EBPFA, EBCC, EBHS and EBSR.

Enlistment Bonus for Physical Fitness Assessment (EBPFA)

Active Component recruits are eligible for an Enlistment Bonus for Physical Fitness Assessment if they pass their first official Navy boot-camp Physical Fitness Assessment (Initial PFA conducted P-5 day of training) with a score of Satisfactory Medium or better.

Navy EBPFA Ratings*
Rating Ship Month FY EB
ANY Rating or Program Oct-Sep Any $2,000

Payment occurs upon graduation of boot-camp. EBPFA can be combined with EBPST, EBCC, EBSR, and Enlistment Bonus for High School (EBHS).

Enlistment Bonus for High School (EBHS)

Navy EBHS Ratings*
Rating Ship Month FY EB
ANY Rating or Program Oct-Sep FY-20 $3,000

Active component recruits are eligible if they were initially classified as a high school senior in the Navy during the period of July 1, 2019 through October 31, 2019 and they stay in school to graduate at the end of the regular school year in 2020.

Enlistment Bonus for College Credit (EBCC)

Active Component recruits enlisting in any rating or program with college credit from a post-secondary accredited institution can receive EBCC. The rates of bonus for credit is as follows:

Navy EBCC Amounts*
Program Ship Months FY EBCC NOTES
Any Oct-Sep Any $5000 (1)
Any Oct-Sep Any $8000 (2)
Any Oct-Sep Any $3000 (3)
Any Oct-Sep Any $5000 (4)
Any Oct-Sep Any $2000 (5)
Any Oct-Sep Any $3000 (6)
Any Oct-Sep Any $4000 (7)
Any Oct-Sep Any $6000 (8)
Any Oct-Sep Any $7000 (9)


  • (1) For Associates Degree.
  • (2) For Bachelor Degree or greater.
  • (3) For 1yr vocation.
  • (4) For 2yr vocation.
  • (5) For 12-23 semester hours.
  • (6) For 24-47 semester hours.
  • (7) For 48-71 semester hours.
  • (8) For 72-95 semester hours.
  • (9) For 96 or greater semester hours.

All future sailors with foreign education must have an approved NAVCRUIT 1133/51 to be eligible for the EBCC. Enlistment Bonus for College Credit is payable upon graduation from boot-camp.

Enlistment Bonus for Shipping (EBSHP)

Active Component recruits enlisting in an eligible rating or program on or after February 29, 2020 and ships to boot-camp during the months listed in the chart below will receive the following (payment earned after graduation from boot-camp):

Navy EB for Shipping Amounts*
Program Ship Months FY EBSHP
AIRR-ATF Mar-May 2020 $5,000
CSS-5YO Mar-May 2020 $5,000
CTI-ATF Mar-May 2020 $5,000
EOD-ATF Mar-May 2020 $5,000
HM-ATF Mar-May 2020 $5,000
IT-SG Mar-May 2020 $5,000
ITS-ATF Mar-May 2020 $5,000
MMS-5YO Mar-May 2020 $5,000
MT-AEF Mar-May 2020 $5,000
ND-ATF Mar-May 2020 $5,000
SB-ATF Mar-May 2020 $5,000
SECF-5YO Mar-May 2020 $5,000
SO-ATF Mar-May 2020 $5,000
STG-5YO Mar-May 2020 $5,000

To be eligible for EBSHP the initial or reclassification transaction must take place after on or after February 29, 2020 with a ship date in a month listed in the EBSHP chart above. EBSHP is earned and payable upon graduation of boot-camp.

With basic pay (See the 2020 Navy pay chart for specifics), and the possible allowances (if eligible — BAH, etc.), billet pay (Sea Pay, Sub Pay, Hazardous Duty, Flight Pay, etc.), 30 days leave, Tuition Assistance, medical and dental benefits for the entire family, etc., your first few years of service could net a greater level of compensation never before experienced for those serving. This should be at least enough incentive to call your local recruiter for more information!

*Valid until superseded. The maximum enlistment bonus that can be afforded a new recruit is capped by law at $40,000. For enlistment bonus payment terms and specifics, updates, and changes to policy please see your recruiter.

Student Loan Repayment

The Student Loan Repayment Program (LRP) remains available for the Musician rating who join and ship at any time. The updated list of additional ratings and programs per the February 29, 2020 Enlistment Bonus message now include, Nuke, AIRR-ATF, EOD-ATF, ND-ATF, SB-ATF, SO-ATF, CTI-ATF, IT-ATF, ITS-ATF, IT-SG, MT-AEF, SECF-5YO, IS-ATF, AECF-AEF, AV-5YO, CTN-ATF, CTR-SG, CTT-AEF, CTT-SG, STG-AEF, MMS-5YO, MT-AEF, and STG-5YO who join active duty and ship to boot-camp before May 31, 2020.

The Loan Repayment Program MUST be included in your contract when shipping. LRP participants are eligible to combine any Enlistment Bonus with an approved LRP.

For LRP members to be eligible for 100 percent of the Post 9/11 GI Bill benefit, a minimum of six years active service must be completed either through extension or reenlistment if your initial contract is not already a six year program. Any service less than six years will reduce the percentage of GI Bill benefit earned.

See your recrutier for details!

March 19, 2020, COVID 19 UPDATE:

R 191620Z MAR 20 MID110000493163U
NARR/REF A is Commander, Navy Recruiting Command (CNRC) February 2020 EB-LRP message. REF B is Command, Navy Recruiting Command (CNRC) July 2019 EB-LRP message.

RMKS/1. Enlistment Incentives (EI) must attract the highest quality of recruits to fit specific requirements to ensure Fleet readiness.
This message amends reference (a) and reference (b) for any Future Sailor who contracted with an Enlistment Bonus for Shipping (EBSHP) or with a Loan Repayment Program (LRP) incentive in accordance with reference (a) or reference (b). Specifically, in the event that a Future Sailor who contracted with EBSHP or LRP and whose ship date is delayed beyond 31 May 2020, at the convenience of the Navy, will remain eligible for these incentives IAW reference (a) and reference (b) regardless of their ship date.

2. The Military Entrance Processing Station Classifiers are required to enter the following statement on the DD FORM 1966/4 of Future Sailors affected by the forced movement: Future Sailor original accession date of (list date) moved to (list date) due to COVID-19 shipping adjustment policy. Future Sailor is authorized to maintain eligibility of the EBSHP/LRP authorized per reference (a).?

3. For EB policy questions, call OPNAV N130D at COMM: (703)-604-4893/DSN: 664. For questions regarding this EB-LRP message update, call CNRC-N35 at COMM: (901)-874-9465. For LRP policy and procedure questions send e-mail to [email protected] CNRC Incentive website. Select enlisted incentives link to access LRP messages, FAQs, and forms. Request widest dissemination to all recruiting activities and personnel support detachments.
4. Released by RDML B. R. McLane, CNRC.//

8 Responses to “2020 Navy Enlistment Bonus March Update”

  1. Valerie [Last name redacted for privacy] says:

    My son joined a early enlistment program when he was 17 and received bonus of about $18,000 but other sailors received enlistment bonuses much higher than his.
    My question is:
    Is there a way to retroactively increase his enlistment bonus to the higher amount?
    This seems unfair than my son’s enlistment bonus would not be the same as other sailors!
    Valerie [Last name redacted for privacy]

  2. NCCM(Ret) says:


    No, he would be authorized the bonus amount allowed in the message the day he enlisted in the DEP. For more details about each bonus, I recommend he talk to his recruiter.

  3. J Wilson says:

    Son (19) goes for ASVAB/physical eval’s Monday. Assuming all goes well, how long should he be prepared to wait before shipping to boot camp?

  4. NCCM(Ret) says:

    J Wilson,

    It depends on the rating or program he selects. Boot-camp dates are tied to each program so that follow-on post boot-camp school convening dates can be met.

  5. Viktoriia says:

    Hi. So, my son’s contract says he should be receiving his EBCC bonus after “successful graduation from RTC”. Which he did at the end of June, 2020. He is at A-school right now, and will be graduated on Sept.2. Should be leaving for his first assignment right after that. Still no bonus, although all his mates already got it. He asked a few times whoever he could ask at A-school and was always told to wait. The last answer was “we don’t know”.. So, maybe you could advise who should he contact to, to get the bonus or, at least, the answer?…. Thank you!

  6. NCCM(Ret) says:


    Sorry for the delay. I have asked the question to someone who should know, but have yet to get a response. Hopefully, soon.

  7. NCCM(Ret) says:


    I have sent you an email.

  8. Viktoriia says:

    NCCM(Ret) – thank you so much for taking your time and helping us! Sent you email. Thanks again!

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