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New Navy EB For Shipping Early Announced

2018 Navy Enlistment Bonus Update

Updated: December 30, 2017

For the first time in nearly a decade, the Navy has expanded its list of ratings and programs that are eligible for an Enlistment Bonus. And, for the first time, the Navy has also introduced a new bonus type, Enlistment Bonus for Ship.

With recent increases to the Navy’s shipping requirements, and to also compensate for the immediate shipping vacancies that resulted due to the recent non-citizen shipping restrictions, the Navy must take steps to ensure the accession mission is met. One of those methods is to offer the Enlistment Bonus for Ship, a monetary incentive, to those who are already in the Delayed Entry Program awaiting a future date beyond the Navy’s immediate needs. The bonus goes a long way toward putting “butt on the bus” to ensure level loading of boot-camp and the follow-on schools.

Enlistment Bonus for Ship is for active Component (AC) enlistees already in the Delayed Entry Program who may need additional incentive to move their ship date (a minimum of 30 days) up in order for the Navy to make their monthly accession mission. An enlistee will be awarded a fixed amount, currently set at $5000. The Enlistment Bonus for Ship should be paid upon graduation from boot-camp. Enlistment Bonus for Ship can be combined with a rating or program specific enlistment bonus, but it can not be combined with the Loan Repayment Program.

2018 Navy Enlistment for Ship Roll-up Dates*
Rating Ship Month FY EB
ANY Jan-May 2018 $5,000

Whereas the Enlistment Bonus for Ship helps put people on the bus to boot-camp, it does not help ensure rating and program specific shipping targets are met. That is where the Enlistment Bonus for Source Rate (EBSR) comes in. EBSR provides a monetary incentive to those who accept a contract for an eligible rating or program that ships to boot-camp during a specific period. It also helps ensure level loading of boot-camp and school seats, but in a much more targeted fashion.

2018 Navy Enlistment Bonus Ratings*
Rating Ship Month FY EB
ABE Jan-Mar 2018 $5,000
ABF Jan-APR 2018 $5,000
ABH Jan-Mar 2018 $5,000
AECF Oct-Sep Any $10,000
AIRR Oct-Sep Any $12,000
AN-PACT Jan-Apr 2018 $5,000
AV Oct-Sep Any $10,000
AZ Jan-Mar 2018 $5,000
BM Jan-Apr 2018 $5,000
CS Jan-Apr 2018 $5,000
DC Jan-Mar 2018 $5,000
FN-PACT Jan-Apr 2018 $5,000
CTI Oct-Sep Any $15,000
CTN Oct-Sep Any $10,000
EOD Oct-Sep Any $12,000
LS Jan-Apr 2018 $5,000
MA Jan-Apr 2018 $5,000
MU¹ Jan-Mar 2018 $5,000
ND Oct-Sep Any $12,000
Nuke Oct-Sep Any $16,000
OS Jan-Mar 2018 $5,000
PS Jan-Apr 2018 $5,000
QM Jan-Mar 2018 $5,000
SB Oct-Sep Any $12,000
SECF Oct-Sep Any $10,000
SH Jan-Apr 2018 $5,000
SN-PACT Jan-May 2018 $5,000
SO Oct-Sep Any $15,000
SW Jan-Mar 2018 $5,000
YN Jan-Apr 2018 $5,000

¹ For the Musician rating, they are not eligible for the Loan Repayment Program if they take an enlistment bonus.

*Valid until superseded. For enlistment bonus payment terms and specifics, updates, and changes to policy please see your recruiter.

12 Responses to “2018 Navy Enlistment Bonus Update”

  1. AN Kayla [Last name redacted for privacy] says:

    I was wondering if this applies to my situation? I enlisted in late 2017, as an AV. My ship date was originally 15 November 2017 but I was asked to leave 30 days early to fill a spot and reported to Boot Camp in Chicago 11 Oct 2017. I completed basic training and graduated 8 Dec 2017. I see the chart for AV says any under the FY column and was wondering if it does apply to me, and if so what steps I need to take to inorder to receive benefits? Any information you could provide will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time,
    AN K

  2. NCCM(Ret) says:

    AN Kayla,

    According to the message, the new amounts and ratings pertain only to those who initially classified or reclassified on or after 20 DEC 2017. I wish I had better news.

  3. Piper says:

    Does this include Conar Nukes? (YNS, LSS, and CSS)

  4. NCCM(Ret) says:


    “Nuke” is referring to the Nuclear Power Program only.

  5. Joe says:

    Does this include prior service entering the navy as well?

  6. NCCM(Ret) says:


    An Enlistment Bonus (EB) may be possible for prior service only if the DD Form 4 and annexes from all previous active duty and reserve enlistments are provided to verify non-receipt of a previous enlistment bonus, and, of course, you must be eligible per the current EB NAVADMIN — your recruiter should be able to drill that down for you.

  7. Ashley says:

    If I’m currently in DEP and switch to AV that would leave a month earlier than what I’m currently awaiting, Would that mean I would get both bonuses?

  8. NCCM(Ret) says:


    As long as you roll-up more than the 30 days, you would get both bonuses (as long as your new date is within the dates described in the post).

  9. Moondog says:

    I am in DEP and an IS that ships Feb 6. Are we really saying that I am not eligible for the $5K because I got assigned a ship date in that window before Dec 20th? This is an Enlistment Bonus for Source Rate (EBSR) and I am not “officially enlisted” until I sign my contract on Feb 6. That is within the ship window (Jan-Apr) so I am confused.
    P.S. That ship date was the earliest ship date available when I went to MEPS.

  10. NCCM(Ret) says:


    Correct, if you were contracted prior to December 20th and you cannot roll-up the minimum 30 days, then the recent EB message does not pertain to you.

  11. Future AW says:

    So if I’m currently in DEP (Signed my contract Nov 8th) and my current ship date is March 26, 2018 but I want to leave earlier, Would that bonus apply to me? I’m getting mixed answers from the recruiter.

  12. NCCM(Ret) says:

    Future AW,

    If you can roll-up your ship date greater than 30 days, then you would be eligible for the Enlistment Bonus for Ship — currently at $5,000.

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