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Navy Dependency Waiver

Updated: November 29, 2017

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  1. NCCM(ret) says:


    Nine weeks is too long. Your recruiter needs to contact the local district’s waiver petty officer to have him/her track down who’s desk the paperwork is sitting on.

  2. Joe says:

    Waiver Approval Length:

    Hi, in 2 days it will be 10 Weeks that i’m waiting to hear if my waiver was approved so I took your advice and had a Petty Officer check on it today. She was actually there at meps and she told me the computer says my waiver status is pending. I was told this means it’s not lost just still waiting to be processed. In your opinion, do you think that sounds correct or should I actually have them find my paperwork. I just don’t want to keep bothering them and hurt my chances of it being approved.

    Thanks Again

  3. NCCM(ret) says:


    Whereas it is a good thing that the system shows your record in process, 10 weeks of waiting for an answer is excessive. The only thing I can think of as to why it is taking so long is that the current Commander, Navy Recruiting Command will be turning over to the new Commander on the August 25th, and because the current Commander was essentially interim, I assume she didn’t want to have waivers process. More than likely I am mistaken, but it is the only reason I can think of for such a delay. All I can say is, hang in there, and keep your recruiter on his toes by continuing to follow-up with him.

  4. Matthew says:


    I have a wife and three kids. I been reading and have seen a mixed
    bad and Q&A along the same line I have. However I will ask and see and make sure I have the answer I need. I’m 28 Y/O I would like to join the Navy doing the Law enforcement or Fire Protection or something emergency service being that what I been doing in the civil side for 6 years now and will that help me if I was to enlist? . How ever like I said I have a wife and three kids. I was told there should be no problem geting a waver. Now I have seen things about giveing kids up to famley and so on. This is some thing I’m not sure I understand why this would have to happen with a waver or dose it? This is some thing I would not be keen with and would likely stop me from joining. My dad was a MP in the USMC and I was the oldest of 3. So hope maybe you can clear some thing up for me. My dad is not a happy camper after I told him I talked to a Navy recuter.
    Matthew Harper

  5. NCCM(ret) says:


    With 4 dependents, you will require a waiver from Commander, Navy Recruiting Command. Before your waiver will proceed, your family’s finances will be scrutinized by the recruiter and the local command to ensure you have a debt to income ratio that would have a chance of approval by the Admiral. I suggest printing out the financial statement and fill it out, then bring it to the recruiter for review. Some of the earnings information the recruiter will have to supply, but make sure you have all your bills listed and any income your spouse may have.

    The job selection you will have is based on your ASVAB scores, physical result (hearing, colorblindness, etc.), and your moral/criminal background (if any). The number of dependents you have is not a consideration for programs, but your financial status can be (high level security clearances).

  6. Matthew says:

    So after I get this 70 lbs of extra weight is gone. Then I can print out the financial statement and fill it out. Or is this some thing I can now so I can see if I’m not wasteing the Navy’s time and my time.
    I mean I have some old school lones but no house, car payment ECT.
    some bad debt but not alot.

  7. Matthew says:

    Oh and retake the asvab. I can even recall what I made back in high school. That would I need to make in the ASVAB for Fire Protrction/ emergency service Or law enforcement for Navy?

  8. Adam says:

    My ship date is September 13, 2011…I just was served a court date for December 5, 2011. It is for child support that I filed on myself. Would I still be able to leave on my ship date and return for my court date?

  9. NCCM(ret) says:


    Navy Recruiting Legal would have to review the case and make the determination. If your presents is required, your ship date will have to change. Notify your recruiter, ASAP.

  10. NCCM(ret) says:


    The ASVAB is good for two years, and it is required for all jobs in the Navy.

  11. Matthew says:

    Sir I took my ASVAB is 2002. However what scores would I need
    IE for Fire Fightering, Law Enforcement. And also I can print out the financial statement and fill it out. Or is y some thing I can do now so I can see if I’m not wasteing the Navy’s time and my time.
    I mean I have some old school lones but no house, car payment ECT.
    some bad debt but not alot. Or is this a process that I would have to hold off on untill I lose 70 lbs then start that process
    Matthew Harper

  12. NCCM(ret) says:


    Yes, I’d fill it out and take it to a recruiter now. That way you have a good idea of where you stand.

    For the ASVAB scores required for the various Navy Ratings, follow the ASVAB link in the sidebar – The description of each job is in the Navy Jobs section of the site.

  13. Heather B. says:

    Hi, I am married to someone who is active duty Air Force, and we have two children. We’ve been having some problems and currently live separately. I have the children, and it is a constant struggle trying to provide for them. I live on a budget and generally manage to pay for food, utilities, etc., but I have debts that there is no extra money for paying. I want to join the Navy, because I believe I can provide a much better life for them—and meet my financial obligations—if I do so. I have accounts that are in collections that I cannot pay on; it’s not that I don’t want to pay, but that there is just never enough money to live on. Will this prevent me from joining the Navy, if I can show that I can and will be able to make my payments once enlisted? I know I’ll need a waiver to be AD with my husband, but setting up a family care plan is not a problem.

  14. April says:

    I have a couple of questions! I have read all of the previous answers and I am still confused. My husband is 30 years old and wanting to enlist in the navy. He scored a 76 on the ASVAB a few years ago, and he has an associates degree in Social Sciences. He has always wanted to join the Navy, but he let his father talk him out of it because of some health issues (with his father). Three years ago we decided that we could not live our lives based on his fathers health and we should just go for it. I was pregnant with our second child. His vision is bad, his re-frag rate was a 13 so his waiver was not approved, I do not know if they even got to the point of considering the dependency waiver. He still has not been able to let go of the desire to serve and join the Navy. We decided to pay out of our own pockets for LASIK surgery. The ophthalmologists believes he’s is a good candidate and that he will be able to adjust his re-frag rate to a 2 or 3. The recruiter we spoke with says to go through with the surgery and apply again. Since we are funding this ourselves and money is a little tight, I would love an honest answer as to his chances of getting the waivers approved.Our last recruiter would not even answer his phone calls to find out if the waiver was approved, we had to have another recruiter give us the information! BTW I am a working nurse so we have another stable income, but we had a bankruptcy 5 years ago, and a few blemishes in the last few years while I attended nursing school. By the time he enlists the only thing we will owe is one car payment for $350.00 a month, and about $40,000 in student loans that are in deferment while I complete my bachelors in nursing, and he completes his bachelors.I am sorry that this post is so long but I wanted you to have all of the info!
    Thank you for your help

  15. NCCM(ret) says:


    The fact that you have bills that you cannot afford to pay is an indication that your debt to income ratio will more than likely be beyond that which would receive a positive waiver outcome – I suggest you go to the recruiting station and with the recruiter’s help, fill out the form and get a real answer.

  16. NCCM(ret) says:


    A pre-surgery refractive error of greater than -10 will not receive a positive waiver recommendation, even if post surgery the refractive error is within standards. As for why, to quote NavyDoc, it is because as the refractive error gets higher, the retina becomes more susceptible to lattice degeration, and surgery to correct vision does not change that underlying problem.

  17. April says:

    When he went to have the pre-op visit a few weeks ago they told him to wear his glasses for a few weeks before the appointment. They did the test and they told him his re-frag was 10. When he went to Meps (three years ago) they said it was 13. When he went to meps, he was wearing contacts 24-7 for months at a time. Now he wears glasses full time. The ophthalmologists said the irritation to his eyes could have caused the different results. My next question is which result will they go by? (I swear that is what really happened, if we had known the contacts could effect that he would have stopped wearing them a long time ago!)
    Thanks again!

  18. NCCM(ret) says:


    I am sure all the records will be considered and a judgement made. If he proceeds with the surgery, I hope he is doing it for better vision and not with a belief he will be getting into the Navy, the chances will be slim with the >=10 pre-surgery refractive error.

  19. Shaunie says:

    I have a friend who enlisted in the Navy. She and her husband were going thru a divorce, and she did not list their child on her page 2 when she signed up because she could not obtain the social security card for her child. She is now in A school, divorced, and her ex has full custody of their child. Is their a way she could add their child to her page 2 without getting in trouble?

  20. NCCM(ret) says:


    Where it would be up to her current command, I would suspect that there will be consequences for fraudulently enlisting.

  21. Leila says:

    Hello Master Chief! I have been on the TDRL and was recently found fit for duty. I would like to reenlist but I an unsure if I will be able to as my dependency status has changed. I recently had a baby. I am married and my husband is FTS. We now have four children. I read above that an active duty spouse would not be considered a dependent for waiver purposes. Is this also true for FTS? Thank you for any advice that you can give.

  22. NCCM(ret) says:


    FTS would count as FTS are full time Sailors.

  23. A. Taylor says:

    Hello, I just visited a recruiter today and he told me I had to get a waiver. I am married and have two children. He made it seem very easy to get a waiver, but all the comments I see on here are very discouraging. He made a metal pin in my pinky seem like a bigger deal than my 3 dependents! So my question is I’m sure to him all of my documents look good to him. But will my husbands criminal history have an impact on me enlisting? He was arrested for drugs before we were married and has a few domestic violence charges.

  24. NCCM(ret) says:

    A. Taylor,

    If your debt to income ratio is good, and you are otherwise qualified, you should be fine. BTW, a pin in your pinky finger shouldn’t be a big deal.

  25. Brian says:

    My sister in law went through a rough time last year and asked if me and my wife would keep her 2 children while she gets her life straight. We ultimately agreed and we kept the children for nearly 8 months and also since we had them for over 6 months we had to claim them on our taxes as dependents. My question is will this come into play while filing for enlistment? We no longer keep her children but have one of our own and also I have 2 from a previous relationship. The 2 from the previous relationship in which I was unmarried..I have a court order for child support and in the order it states I am not the custodial parent. So ultimately my question is will I show as having just 2 dependents (my wife and son), 4 dependents (wife, son, and 2 sons from previous relationship), or 6 dependents (wife, son, 2 sons from past relationship, and sister-in-laws 2 children)? Will claiming my sister in laws children for tax purposes affect my enlistment what so ever?

  26. amber says:

    My husband is trying to join the navy to make a better life for us and our 2 young boys. He was told he would need to sign a waiver for us…We live with his parents who pay most of everything(rent and bills).I was wondering how this would be taken in to consideration or if it would be? He join so we will have money in the bank and we will be taken care of!! Please let me know how this works for us. Thanks so much

  27. NCCM(ret) says:


    The bills that are in ya’ll’s name are your obligations, and during the waiver process, they will be figured into your debt to income ratio. Remember, when figuring your income for the ratio, his projected military pay will be included in the math.

  28. Tab says:

    I am thinking about joining the reserve. I have two kids but one currently does not live with me. Will I have to complete a waiver or give someone temporary custody of my kids.

  29. NCCM(ret) says:


    To enter the Reserve with 2 dependent children as a single parent (two total dependents), you should not have to give up custody, but you will require a NRD Commanding Officer dependency waiver.

  30. BKS says:

    Should I wait until October to try to join, because that starts the new Fiscal Year? Or should I go ahead and get started now? I talked to a recruiter back in August and was told right now they are only filling reserves but that can change on a month to month basis. Also that once the new fiscal year starts and new funding is available more active duty enlistments will be considered even those needing waivers.

  31. Jordan says:

    Hi, I am married and my third child is due in January. My first child is not with my current wife and I have custody. Am I disqualified from enlisting because of dependants? If I enlisted and I got transfered and my ex tried to get custody is their llegal help available?

  32. NCCM(ret) says:


    With 4 dependents, you will require a waiver from the Commander, Navy Recruiting Command in order to enlist. You debt to income ratio will be scrutinized. You will not get legal help to settle custody issues from any branch of the military.

  33. Terrance Lott says:

    Hello, I am 26yrs and I want to join the Navy. I am married and have a daughter. I want to know what to expect as far as when I can have my family join me. I know I have to attend bootcamp and A-school, so I just need to know what the process is so that I can plan ahead and be prepared. Thank you

  34. NCCM(ret) says:


    Toward the end of your A school, you will get a set of orders to your next command – in those orders will be accounting data for your family along with information about how to contact your command – you should then be assigned a sponsor who will help you get acquainted with your new assignment – point you in the right direction for housing, etc. It will be both a stressful and exciting time – doing the proper homework, making the connection with your sponsor, and keeping your wife fully informed during the process will go a long way in reducing the stressful part.

  35. Helen says:

    Hello, I’m a 29 year old female looking to join the Navy. I’m married with 3 children. When i spoke to a recruiter they told me i didn’t qualify based off the number of dependents I have and that they are no longer doing doing waivers because of the state of the economy. I read in one of your post that you can get a waiver with 4 dependents as long as you can show proof that you are financially stable. My husband is a Sgt in the Marines and has been in about 12 years now. We receive all the benefits thru him being in the Marines. His basic pay is about $2900 and we also reciceive BAH which is about $1860 a month. Do you think this would qualify me to obtain a waiver? Your advice is much appreciated thank you!

  36. NCCM(ret) says:


    CNRC dependency waivers are difficult and a lot of work for the recruiter – CNRC has been considering dependency waivers for up to 4 dependents, but your local command may have put further restrictions on running them. That said, if possible, I would recommend that you pursue the Reserve as it would give you and your husband much more flexibility when it comes to assignments/locations that would keep ya”ll located close enough not to cause an issue for your children because there is no guarantee you will be co-located with your husband.

  37. Mohira says:

    My husband and I have filed for bankruptcy chpter 7 since last year 2011 and have had successfully been discharged of debts. I had just passed my physical and am waiting for a financial interview. Hubby works for the DOD and we have two children, therefore I have 3 dependents as I was told. What will I most likely be interviewed about and am I likely to get approved? what will they ask me or interview me about?

  38. NCCM(ret) says:


    Normally the interview would happen the day that you went to MEPS for the physical – I would ask your recruiter why one has not been completed yet.

    The questions will attempt to determine the stuff listed in the middle of this post under, “The interviewer will”. If your current finances are in order and will remain that way, you should be OK.

  39. joseph says:

    my friend got married in vegas and didn’t realize he was legally married till 1 day before he leaves till boot-camp. is there anything he can do? any information would be great. he is really stressing out about what could happen.

    i am also concerned if he would be facing any drastic charges. he filled out his forms to the best of his knowledge and he does not want to be charged as a liar, he is afraid to tell his recruiter tomorrow but i think it would be in his best interest if he did. thank you, i hope u get this in time.

  40. NCCM(ret) says:


    He needs to tell his recruiter ASAP. Get the paperwork completed/added – he needs his marriage certificate and financial statement – if there are no children or other dependents involved that would force a waiver, then he may be able to leave for boot-camp on time.

  41. joseph says:

    thank you for the fast reply! however seince he was not aware of this, i dont think he has a birth certificate (or atleast not the offical one) can this be processed while he is in boot camp? and can he get charged with that military law? he is considering quitting dep and just trying to reenlist later.

  42. NCCM(ret) says:


    People get married all the time. Getting a birth certificate doesn’t take long – he won’t have any problem as long as he isn’t beyond waiverable limits for dependents. Don’t sweat it, and tell the recruiter!

  43. joseph says:

    thank you NCCM, he told his recruiter and he was instructed that since it was not a certified copy he can order one after boot camp and try to process it at A-school, does this sound right? His recruiter also told him if they question it, simply explain that you did not have the proper legal paperwork at the time. i understand there is a credit check for married couples will this effect him in any way? sorry i have a lot of questions, he is my best friend and i want to make sure he knows some good advice. he is very nervous and in a haze trying to get ready to ship out. thank you.

  44. Mohira says:

    I’ve been waiting for a financial interview and 3dependent waiver for three weeks now? I’ve passed the physical. Does the waiver have to get approved first before getting the financial interview which I was told will be done over the phone. Is the interview done afar from TN or will it be locally done by navy personnel in my area? How long is the waiver wait?

  45. NCCM(ret) says:


    It should not take this long, and again, the waiver authority in Tennessee WILL NOT contact you. Has your recruiter followed up to see where your package is? The person in charge of waiver processing at NRD LA should be able to tell your recruiter where it is, exactly.

  46. Mohira says:

    I was told I’m not the only one whose waiver is getting to be approved. They said to just wait for the phone call. Does the waiver get approved first then interview afterwards? I’ve been calling the recruiter every week for three weeks now, said don'[t konw anyting but just wait for the call?

  47. NCCM(ret) says:


    The phone interview will happen before the waiver can be sent to TN because the local Commanding Officer, or someone he delegated, has to interview you and complete a recommendation for the waiver package.

  48. Martin says:

    Hello, my son is 20 and is interested in a Navy carreer. He has a 9-month old daughter who lives with the mother in another state. He made a high enough score on the A test. From this blog though I gather he will still need a NRD CO dependant waiver. Is this correct and is it difficult/time consuming to acquire approval? If the mother has filed child support documents will this suffice? Thanks for your response in advance.

  49. NCCM(ret) says:


    CO waivers are usually completed the same day the person is at MEPS to complete their physical. The child support order should suffice, but of course the order has to be reviewed by the Navy processors to be certain.

  50. kristen says:

    My husband is trying to enlist in the Navy right now and we were told we needed the dependency waiver for him to enlist. We currently have 2 children, but I’m pregnant, which we haven’t discussed with the recquriter yet. I worry that his waiver will be denied since we are both currently unemployeed. Currently, we both draw unemployment and are searching for work but we survive off our $480 a week. which is less that $2000 a month. We really have no bills other than our utilities since my mom and dad pay all of our other bills, ie. cell phone and internet. Should we just discontinue working with the requriter or continue and hope for the best?

  51. NCCM(ret) says:


    The debt ratio the waiver authority will be concerned with is your current debt against an estimate of what you will be making while in the service.

    You should disclose the fact you are pregnant to the recruiter – whether you have 3 or 4 dependents the waiver authority is the same – currently, there is 4 (you and three children).

  52. Kristen says:

    we finished our financial waiver today for a crnc waviver. Ab out how long does it take to get your approval? Also will someone be contacting us for an on the phone interview?

  53. NCCM(ret) says:


    I assume you were at the MEPS and had your physical today? If so, and you had an interview (either over the phone or in person) with the local waiver authority then you will have to wait about three days for your physical’s lab results to come back before your waiver package can be sent to CNRC. This Friday is the last processing day until after the New Year, so if my assumptions are true, you may hear back about your waiver before Christmas, but you will not be able to process until January. Now, if you have completed your physical and your labs are back, you may hear about your waiver by Friday as CNRC will try not to leave any unanswered waivers before the holiday break.

    CNRC will not contact you, the local interview is all that is required.

  54. Kristen says:

    The navy recruiter told us the crnc review had to be done before meps and the phisical. Goodness…. Perhaps we need to talk to someone else!

  55. NCCM(ret) says:


    Is there custody documents that have to be reviewed to determine who has custody of a dependent? Whatever the case, a waiver cannot be done until you are otherwise qualified to have one, meaning that your ASVAB and physical has to be completed before the waiver can happen.

  56. Kristen says:

    No, my husband and I are still married so they must not be waiting for custody papers. Hummm I guess I will call the recruiter tomarrow and find out exactly what the plan is. Maybe he wanted to review the paper work before we take the next step for meps.

  57. Daniel says:

    i was curious how long it generally takes to get a dependency waiver passed for two dependents. I am married and have one child. I have taken the asvab and received a 94% AFQT score. I also have turned in the proper paper work to be eligible for E3 enlistment. My recruiter says that i need to receive a phone call from Command and to keep my phone on me. It has been two weeks and still no call. Starting to feel that i am being pushed aside due to my age being 29.

  58. NCCM(ret) says:


    For a two dependent waiver, you should complete the waiver the same day you go to the MEPS for your physical. My guess is that it has less to do with your age and more to do with the fact that the Navy is not processing anyone until after the holidays (the Navy portion of the MEPS is closed until January 3, 2012). You need to pin your recruiter down and get a better answer than, “wait for a phone call.”

  59. Daniel says:

    thank you soo much. this explains alot and i will be sure to ask about it.

  60. Daniel says:

    Um one more thing. was told that i couldn’t go to meps for my physical till after my dependency waiver was passed.

  61. NCCM(ret) says:


    It is unorthodox, not to mention the poor use of his time, for a commanding officer to consider a waiver before an applicant is otherwise fully qualified (ie., physically, mentally, etc.), so it is more likely that you are waiting on the Division Chief to contact you to go over your debt to ensure everything is in order before you proceed; that said, more specific times and expectations should have been set for you.

  62. Daniel says:

    i have talked to the Divison cheif already and called again today (after i got your messagae) to see what is going on. however, that may have been a bad move on my part. but i was informed that it is on commands desk and that they are still doing waivers during the shut down. but processing won’t take place till jan 3rd anyway so even if i get my waiver passed i still can’t fininsh processing till after the holidays anyway.

  63. NCCM(ret) says:


    Right, the earliest you can process is January 3rd.

    You should do fine. Relax, and enjoy the Holidays!

  64. Samantha says:


    My husband is currently trying to join the Navy. We have 2 children so that would make 3 dependents from what I understand. We have been waiting nearly 3 months to get a waiver from our recruiter. We turned in all of his paperwork around the beginning of November and as of last week he was just getting his Police/Driving record check started. He has already taken the ASVAB and the recruiter said he has to wait and cannot go to MEPS until after we get an answer about whether his waiver is approved or denied. From what I have been reading from peoples previous posts and your replies is that he should be going to MEPS first then seeing if he gets an approval on his waiver. Am I understanding this correctly? Either way can you tell me what we should do? He’s 28 and we really need to know one way or the other so we can figure out what to do. Thanks for the help!!

  65. NCCM(ret) says:


    Because of the very limited number of available openings, local commands are doing an extraordinary amount of pre-work for dependency waivers. From my understanding, and I hope to know more soon, the issue is much more about the availability of jobs than anything. I visited a recruiting station today and was told something again I have heard more and more recently – that a highly qualified male was sent home from MEPS because no seats (jobs) were available.

    I recommend that your husband continue to pursue other opportunities, and if/when the Navy’s approval comes, and it is a better option than the alternative path, then join the Navy.

    I’m afraid things won’t open up until the economy gets back on track. I wish I could offer more in the way of information at this time.

  66. zak says:

    I am married. my wife has 4 kids.3 of which don’t live with us most of the time.Can I go ahead and declare that I have only 2 dependants(wife n one kid).

  67. NCCM(ret) says:


    No. You have 5 dependents.

  68. zak says:

    Means I am hundred percent ineligible. But the thing is my my wife does not have legal custody of the 3 kids.

  69. NCCM(ret) says:


    Unless the children have been adopted by someone else, they are considered her and your dependents.

  70. alex says:

    Hello, wife and I decided we will try to get pregnant a month or two before going to Bootcamp. I already have 1 child from previous relationship so that makes 2 dependent on my application (wife and child). First we plan to hold it until i get finish bootcamp, but realizing my wife dilemma since we are in our 30’s we badly want to have a baby of our own (we are been trying for sometimes). I am planning to go Geo Bachelor and visit my family 2-3 times per month and i know it will be hard for us to conceive a child this way. I talked to my recruiter about this and said “as long as i dont know” that wife is pregnant if I reach bootcamp. What would happen if i reach bootcamp and tell RTC about my wifes pregnancy and additional dependents. Will i be sent home? or charged of anything? I am on DEP and waiting for 6 months for my shi-pdate. Thank you.

  71. NCCM(ret) says:


    If she gets pregnant before you ship to boot-camp, you are obligated to tell your recruiter and to get the appropriate waiver before you ship.

    I recommend that you get settled in the Navy before adding to your responsibilities.

  72. Meg says:

    Hi, my husband is joining the navy he is 20 and im 18 we got married young because of him joining, we’ve been together 3 tears dating wise. My problem is I might be pregnabt, this wasnt planbed and im still unsure. But if I am will he still be able to leave his set date which is in june. And if he has to get a waiver will he be eligible seeibg as we have no income and are staying withfamily. Im in nursi.g school and currently dont have a job, and he doesnt wanna job just in case they give him a chance to leave early. If I am tge baby wouldnt be here till october or november.

  73. NCCM(ret) says:


    Getting a waiver for two dependents should not be difficult to get as long as your debt isn’t too high. His recruiter can go over the financial statement with the two of you – keep in mind, they will use his expected income while in the Navy, not his current income – ya’ll should be fine.

  74. Adrienne says:

    A friend suggested I enlist and get into linguistics to help support my family. I have 3 children and my husband. I am currently a stay at home mom, and my husband has a job with a temp agency after being laid off of a good job nearly two years ago. In order to consolidate expenses, we moved in with my mother and we split the bills. Everything is paid up, when tax time rolls around half goes into savings. I think my husband has some medical debt but I’m not sure. We were considering having my mother come with us as she’s not really in good enough condition to live alone and could help with the kids. That would mean 5 dependents and render me completely ineligible, wouldn’t it?

  75. NCCM(ret) says:


    Yes, if she became your dependent, then she would count as a 5th person to be considered which would render you ineligible.

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