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Purpose of the Delayed Entry Program

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Published: August 21, 2008
Updated: February 14, 2019

From the Navy Recruiting manual concerning the Delayed Entry Program (DEP);

Delayed entry is the military status gained by an enlistment in which a service member’s entry on active duty (ACDU) or initial active duty for training (IADT) is postponed for up to 365 days (12 months) with the exception of juniors who will be mid-year graduates. All up and coming new high school seniors (scheduled to graduate at the completion of the next school year) entering DEP during the months of May, June and July are authorized to remain in DEP for a maximum of 455 days (15 months).

When you enlist, your date for leaving to recruit training (boot camp) will hinge on a few factors. First is when would be the first day you would be eligible to leave. Are you still in school? You want to ensure proper notice of current employer or you have entered a program which requires a certain amount of time in the DEP due to additional qualifications you must meet – the number of things to consider are as varied as the people who join. Next is what are you qualified to do? Are there any boot camp vacancies and do those vacancies line up with the class convening date of the job training you wish to select and are qualified for? The DEP is a management tool used to ensure proper boot camp and follow-on school level loading. It provides the ability to place people in “out-months” to help the recruiting commands gauge and monitor the potential to hit in-year accession targets.

The Delayed Entry Program is NOT available for applicants to “try out military life.” If you are not convinced the particular branch is for you, then do not join – seek out more information until you are satisfied with your decision. If you do join a branch of the military, and during your DEP time realize you absolutely do not want to leave for boot camp, then tell your Recruiter. Expect him or her to ask you some questions – it is not uncommon for anyone to have a certain amount of “oh, crap, what I just do” – that’s human, so don’t let the emotion over take the sound logic you used while making the choice in the first place. In the end, if you are convinced the military is not for you – you will be discharged.

Because it is the right thing to do, all the branches of the US military use the time you might have to wait [DEP time] before boot camp to maintain your motivation for the military service. Your Recruiter would enter into a more of a mentor-leadership roll. Taking the time to ensure you are mentally and physically ready for the challenges of boot camp greatly reducing your chance of failing. Attend the DEP meetings, work on your advanced qualifications, and for goodness sake, ask questions!

Your military experience will be what you put into it.

79 Responses to “Purpose of the Delayed Entry Program”

  1. Jada says:

    I am currently in the Navy’s Dep and leave this July on the 10th, but want to leave at an later time, is that possible ?

  2. NCCM(Ret) says:


    That would depend on many factors. First, you cannot be in DEP more than 365 days, so if the job you have is not available in the window you have between the date you currently leave and the 365 date, then you cannot change your date without changing your job. Then it comes down to whether or not you are qualified and want any of the jobs that do leave between the current date and the 365 day date. It also depends on the reason you want to roll-out, if your reason is not valid, and very few are, then expect to be discharged at the soonest so someone who wants to leave in the job you would be vacating can have it. So, basically, it’s complicated, but possible. Start now though; waiting until the last minute makes it very difficult — contact your recruiter first thing in the morning.

  3. tristan. says:


    hi. i have a question that might sounds common. coz i took already asvab last apriland i passed that and its been 3 months now and still they diddnt call me for medical in meps. so what are the factors why they diddnt call yet? is it normal to wait for months just to have medical and all that stuff to enlist. thankyou.

  4. NCCM(Ret) says:


    You need to contact your recruiter — it is not normal to have to wait three months for people who passed the ASVAB (with line scores that would qualify you for available jobs) and are otherwise fully qualified.

  5. The Mrs says:

    I was wondering if my husband who is 26yrs, 6’0, 280 lbs, with a misdemeanor in theft from over 6 years ago (he had off bench probation and hasn’t gotten into any trouble since [glad this was before I met him and that he is a totally different person today]), would qualify for enlistment? He’s been wanting to for years now and we’ve discussed it plenty, but have yet to be contacted by a recruiter. I’m mainly concerned his misdemeanor will get in the way of him being able to join the NAVY. Please, help!

    Thank you.

  6. NCCM(Ret) says:

    The Mrs,

    A waiver is possible for the theft; however, he would have to meet the height and weight requirements before he can try.

  7. MXC says:

    Hello, I have been thinking about joining the navy since last year. In August, I decided to go and talk to a recruiter about joining. I was weighing 185 and she told me to drop down to 165 to take the actual ASVAB test and sign; however I am only 5’2 and I know that the weight requirement for females is 150. Is it possible to join the navy being overweight? Also if i do join weighing 165 will I be able to participate in the DEP to continue losing weight until January 2014 which is when I would like to start bootcamp.

  8. NCCM(Ret) says:


    I am attaching a link to the height/weight chart, and on that page is a link to the procedures for measuring one’s body fat — if you are overweight, you can still join if you meet the body fat standard.

    If you are able to join, then you will be expected to keep losing weight and to also get yourself physically ready for boot-camp. Being able to leave in January 2014 may be a bit optimistic — the seats may already be full. Something may open up, but that is something you will find out for sure when you get to MEPS — you may have to wait a few months longer than that; you can be in DEP for up to a year depending on the rating (job) availability that you qualify for.

  9. ray says:

    hi im currently on dep. and my recruiter put a DAR on me for new rating and early ship date. and he said everything was ok all have approved and signed and i saw it. but my contract is still the same. my recruiter said they did not finalize it yet and he should received an e mail from them. i’m really confused

  10. NCCM(Ret) says:


    An approved DAR does not mean that the rating and date will actually be available. The approved DAR is what is needed for the classifier to go into the system to try and locate the opening — if one is not there, they cannot create it.

    My classifiers used to maintain a list of the approved DARs, and each morning, the first thing they would do is try and complete the action — rest assured, they are trying to meet your request.

  11. ray says:

    my recruiter told me on the first place that AME was available with the early ship date thats why they put in DAR for. and the chief was aware about it. i dont understand why take so long. when its available on the first place.

  12. Enrique says:

    What are the advantages of swearing in at MEPS to a Navy rate if I want to get into a Spec War program? I’ve heard a lot of different things but my recruiter tells me that in order to get into the DEP, I have to be sworn in with a rate or else I’m pretty much on my own after I clear MEPS till I take my PST (physical screening test). Are you considered “Navy personnel” after you swear in? Can you still back away AFTER swearing in at MEPS if you change your mind and ONLY want to be considered Spec War candidate?

  13. NCCM(Ret) says:


    Follow you recruiter’s direction, and to answer your last question, yes, you can change your mind after you swear in at MEPS; you cannot change your mind the day you ship to boot-camp (your second swearing in). Make it perfectly clear to him that you will not ship without the SO rating guaranteed. If it makes you feel better, have him write that down for you before you proceed; if his plan is sound, he should not have a problem doing that.

  14. Enrique says:

    So I took the asvab and cleared MEPS. Apparently though, I scored 3 points under in a subtest that is needed to be scored high for SpecWar. My recruiter said that he spoke to some “people” and said they would waive those points ONLY if I nail the PST (physical screening test) or I would have to retest for the asvab. He and the job councilor were pretty bummed that I chose not to swear in at MEPS to a rate I had no desire in. They wanted me to swear in, retest, take the pst, go through the SpecWar draft then change over my rate. It all sounded too fishy. I have not sworn in yet nor have taken the pst they asked to nail due to the fact that I still don’t hit those swim numbers and don’t want to disqualify due to poor performance. However, my recruiter wants me to retest and swear in this week. He said something about me having to take the pst within the 30 days after I initially took the asvab. I honestly think he’s BSing me and just wants me to retest and swear in so they can at least count me in not caring that I’m a DEP candidate. At this stage, what should I do?

  15. NCCM(Ret) says:


    For SO and SB, that method is actually pretty common — it actually saves you a trip to the MEPS; however, NEVER take a rating/program that you would not be happy with to do that, so you did the right thing. There is no time limit to take the PST after the ASVAB beyond taking it before the ASVAB expires (and even then, it doesn’t matter — all the stars, C-Sort, ASVAB, PST, Physical, etc., must be done). My Warrior page explains the C-Sort.

  16. CGM says:

    Hi. I asked my recruiter if is there possible way I can travel outside US before my ship out for bootcamp but he said “NO” and it was heartbreaking. I did some research and everyone says it can be as long as I’ll inform my recruiter and there was nothing written on the contract saying we’re on hold until basic. But when I told him again, it says its gonna be hard cause of security clearance purposes. And now I’m confused. I badly need that trip tho. Any advice?

  17. NCCM(Ret) says:


    Traveling to where? Traveling to some countries can delay your security clearance — going to Canada or Italy would not be a big deal as long as you get back in time (two months before you ship) so that the travel can be added to your application to match your passport activity, but travel to high risk countries can/will cause issues.

  18. CGM says:

    How about Philippines? Didnt told my recruiter what country yet.

  19. NCCM(Ret) says:


    I should not be a problem as long as you are back in plenty of time to ensure the information is correctly documented and forwarded. If it is a security clearance issue (the rating may require a higher clearance), the Navy classifier at MEPS can contact the security clearance prescreening folks and ask the question (it is the same people they call when a person is trying to get into a rating that requires a clearance but there is a question about a specific issue).

  20. CGM says:

    He already declined my request. What should I tell him then? If he tell me again with the same reason, can I Insist that I wanna have a vacation badly since I prepared for it a year ago and i’ll just redo my security clearance instead.

  21. CGM says:

    Will be leaving by june for basic and im planning to have it by february anyway.

  22. NCCM(Ret) says:


    How long do you plan to be gone; a week or two vacation? I don’t understand why it would be a problem.

  23. Maria [Last name redacted for privacy] says:

    My son has been enlisted for the boot camp since April 2014. At first, the recruiter told us that he would be leaving for boot camp in November. And now, he got delayed again until January 6, 2105.

    I would like to know as to why there are so many postponements as it is difficult to manage the arrangement prior to his enlistment.

    Can you help to explain please?

  24. NCCM(Ret) says:


    When your son joined in April, he would have received his contract — in that contract there is date that he would leave for boot-camp and it also has the number of years enlisting for along with what rating or program he is guaranteed. Unless your son asked for a change in the date and it was granted, or if the Navy had to change the shipping date due to the announcement of the holiday stand-down (if his original date for leaving was between Dec. 16 and Jan. 5th they had to change it), or your son became ineligible to ship on his original date and had to be rolled out to a new date, I don’t know why else his date would have been moved. What does your son’s contract say? He should know why his date was moved — no matter what, he would have been told the reason because he HAD to sign a new annex to the contract that changed the date to Jan. 6th.

  25. Maria [Last name redacted for privacy] says:

    Thank you very much for your quick reply. Your feedback is very helpful. On checking my son’s contract, his active duty date is 1st January 2015. Actually I now know that this date has never moved. His date to report for transfer to boot camp is 5th January. This corresponds with your information on stand down dates from 16 Dec to 5th Jan. I think at lot of the confusion for my son occurred because the recruiter was trying to arrange for him to go in earlier, most recently mid Nov. This did not happen so I presume now that the recruiter has locked in the original active duty date as written in the original contract signed back in April. There has been no addendum to the original contract so I would now expect that 5th January date is fixed. Your information was very helpful and we can all focus on this as final date. Thanks again and I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. Regards Maria

  26. NCCM(Ret) says:


    I know the stress levels can be running a little high when things don’t seem clear, especially around the holidays. I was glad I could offer some assistance.

    And may you and yours have a truly memorable and merry Christmas and a prosperous new year! :)

  27. Enrique says:

    So my ship date is on april 1st this year on a rate I chose during meps. It was just any rate since I was working towards a special warfare contract (taking pst’s) however, I have ran out of time and my next draft to get selected for the specwar contract is next month. Is there any way I can get this ship date pushed later so I can have more time to get selected? I’m contemplating on shipping out on the rate chosen at meps, and honestly, I don’t think I’d do it. I only joined the navy to get into specwar, but the timing of the process was out of my favor.

  28. NCCM(Ret) says:


    I am confused, if the test is next month, then you should find out next month if you pass — correct? Regardless, tell your recruiter your concerns, and if you want out while you continue to try to qualify, then tell him you want out. If you have taken multiple PSTs and have yet to pass, you may want to really think hard about your career choice. The PST is nothing compared to what you will go through. I do hope things go well for you next month — kick its ass!

    And to add for those who may be thinking about joining; only take a rating or program that you would be happy with if your first choice does not become available.

  29. Enrique says:

    I’ve passed all the past PSTs, however my swim was just not a competative score because I didn’t have acess to a pool where I was living. Now that I do, I’ve lowered my numbers drastically but I only have one last month or draft that is mid feb. If I don’t get selected, the recruting office said that they won’t do it since my ship date is in April. And that’s what I has originally asked. Can they pull that ship date to a later date so I have a least one more month to nail the PSTs? What if I decide I don’t want to ship and want to change my “rate” just so I can get a later date, is that possible? Honesty, I only want to be swcc. Which is the reason off joining the military. I’m sure it’s great being a sailor and all. But I’m doing it for this specific program. And since I still haven’t done my swear in, it is still possible for me to just back down if I don’t get selected right?

  30. NCCM(Ret) says:


    Yes, a reclass is possible. Your recruiter would need to submit a DAR to request it, but if you only wanted SWCC or nothing, I personally would not approve it; I would discharge you and let you keep trying to qualify, and when you qualified, I’d put you back in for SWCC. It makes no sense holding a job you won’t take — it keeps it from others getting it.

    Kick the PST’s butt in Feb!!! :)

  31. Enrique says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I auto-qualed for Navy Diver (NV) and accepted the contract! With a little hard work and some instruction, I nailed the last PSTs. Now the hard phases begin. Any advice for Dive School?? On another note, I was able to push my leave date to Aug. which gave me a larger window to qualify so now I want to use me time wisely and perfect my underwater swims. Thanks for all the advice you give Sir! Hoo-yaah!

  32. NCCM(Ret) says:



    The best advice I can give you is to never lose the grit and determination that you have displayed up to this point. It is one heck of an accomplishment that you have EARNED, but keep in mind, it is just the beginning. Continue to work hard; keep your eye focused on your goals. You will have many distractions along the way — the Dive School in Panama City is in a beautiful place with numerous built in distractions — don’t let those distractions allow you to lose your focus. I really look forward to the day you post here to let us know you are on your way to your first official duty station; that will be a great day indeed. Keep kicking its ass!

  33. Angela says:

    My daughter went to MEPS last week and was talked into signing a contract for a EM when the only one she wanted was a CS. They “told” her that she just needed to pick a job and when a CS spot comes available she can switch to it. On the contract it says her ship date for the EM is September 1st. IF what she was told was the truth, can that ship date be indefinitely deferred until a CS spot opens up?

  34. NCCM(Ret) says:


    The ship date cannot be moved out indefinitely; the longest she can stay in the Delayed Entry Program per contract is 365 days (15 months if a high school senior and joined in the summer months, but that doesn’t apply here). for her to be able to switch to CS, the recruiter must submit a Dep Action Request (DAR) and that request must be approved by the Commanding Officer (CO) — once the job classifier has the approved DAR, he/she can start looking for an opening. When she gets within two months of the current ship date, either the district can roll her out to a later date to keep looking, or she can decide to ship with the contracted rating, or they can discharge her and allow her to rejoin to start again. I did not normally allow someone takes a job in hopes of getting another unless they were taking their second choice; something they would be happy with because ratings don’t always come open — if it wasn’t there when she DEPped, then that means the rating was full for the period she could ship and the only way more seats will be loaded is if someone that was in the DEP with the job had to be discharged (and discharged soon enough before the school date to allow it to be filled again, if not, it just becomes an unfilled seat, and that is why something must happen with the EM job she is in at about the two month out date — hope that makes sense).

    Her recruiter should be able to confirm that a DAR was approved by the CO; as a matter of fact, he should be able to show her a copy of the original that is held by the Job Classifier. Without the DAR, the DEP action cannot take place.

  35. Patricia says:

    My son went to Meps end of January, was pressured into picking e pact program they told him it was a designated job with a school, the jobs he wanted were not available. When he called me I told him it was I designated with no a school, he and I were very upset. Ship date was May 6 . So that was only 3 months. Ask recruiter to send in a DAR. It took them over a month to send it in. And many calls and meetings. They finally called with a ctt job that was his 2nd choice, left in August , they said he needs a special clearance so he went the next day to get it. They knew he wanted this job so they should have gotten his clearance right away, anyway a week later they called and said the ctt job was taken by someone with a clearance already, my son was very upset of course, on the same phone call he offered ht and my son said without thinking yes to it. Got off the phone and found out what it was and dident want it called him back within 10 min. They said he was verbally locked in already. Ship date for ht was May 13 th which is a month away. Told him he needed to decide within 2 days or they would drop him from dep. Well, my son dident want this rate or the ship date , he said he was not comfortable with this rate or ship date , too soon. So needless to say he was dropped today March 30th. They originally said they would accept him back but today told him he needs to go to another center when he wants to come back. My son has wanted the navy for a long time, never thought this would be so hard for him. They said they are there for him but they seem annoyed with him because of the extra work he asked them to do. If you want my opion they dident do their job if they did my son would have the ctt job and he wouldn’t have been dropped. We plan on going to another recruiting center in a month or two. Will my son have a hard time getting back in dep? By the way he was only in 2 months and he was straight with them right from the beginning. Thanks

  36. NCCM(Ret) says:


    The recruiter wanted him in almost as bad as he wants to be in.

    The issue is the fact that there are so few A school seats available. Because of that fact, they have had to create a new disposition for applicants called, Qualified, No Jobs (QNJ) otherwise fully qualified applicants getting sent home because there wasn’t an opening for them. The Navy’s retention has never been higher, the DEP has never been this flush, and there are many people trying to get in. I think the frustration you hear from the recruiters is they have zero control over jobs; all they can do is complete the application and send them to MEPS; the rest is up to the job classifier to find something for the applicant. When the job doesn’t meet the applicants desire, then the DAR process starts, but again, the recruiter has zero control. Once the DAR is approved, it goes to the job classifier who tries to find something. The problem is that there are 65 MEPS and over 100 job classifiers all trying to pull jobs from the same national pool — they are first come, first served — until a job is “bought”, it is fair game. It sounds like they could not buy the CTT job until the security manager gave a thumbs-up; during that period of time it takes to get that approval, someone else snatched it up that didn’t require the same security manager check (there must be a minor incident or financial issue in your son’s background — CTT requires the highest level of clearance).

    I have in many comments on this blog (can’t pinpoint the exact articles as I type this) told people not to join if they are not happy with the rating/program that they are offered because they may have to end up shipping in it — the DAR system is precarious as best; it has its uses, but it wasn’t designed as a method of reclassification even though it has somehow turned into one. It is a sign of the times I guess.

    When your son goes back, he will be starting the process over — his ASVAB and physical will still be good (unless they are nearing two years old), but he will have to complete another application, and he will require a DEP discharge waiver. Once approved, they will show him the jobs available — they will expect him to take one — and ship with it.

  37. Patricia says:

    Sorry I lost the page wanted to thank you for your response. Who does he get the waiver from the new center?

  38. Patricia says:

    By the way my son had a clean slate not even a parking ticket not even a detention in school no nothing. There shouldn’t have been a prob. With the clearence. Someone dident do their job. My son is ver dedicated to the navy and has a lot of respect for the branch his grandfather served during Korean war. Never wanted anything more. So I have no drought he will return til then he will work and go to a summer college course on computers. He originally wanted to be a musician but was told many times the wait for his instrument was very long could be yrs. so he wanted the navy anyway. Thank you for your time.

  39. NCCM(Ret) says:


    The waiver authority is the local commanding officer of the recruiting district.

  40. Patricia says:

    Is there a time frame my son would have to wait for until going to another recruiting center?

  41. NCCM(Ret) says:


    He could go tomorrow.

  42. Patricia says:

    Thank you

  43. VAD says:

    Is it true that you cannot enlist in to the DAP if you are not in highschool? For example a 30 year old wanting to enlist, and leave about a year later.

  44. NCCM(Ret) says:


    Unless you are in school or you have another obligation that that keeps you from shipping, they will insist that you ship to boot-camp at the first available openings. Without that type of obligation, there is no reason not to go, and putting a person out that far at your age without having one has proven over the years to be a mistake due to the attrition that is inevitable.

  45. Dean says:

    Hello my name is dean
    I want to join the navy but I have family in Poland. I want to join the navy and leave for meps in the first week of November. But I want to go to Poland and visit from 12/2/15 till 1/18/16. I already bought the tickets. Will I be able to leave after signing up and taking the delayed entry program my ship date should be in March or April 2016

  46. NCCM(Ret) says:


    As long as your recruiter is aware of the trip, and the trip is documented for any clearance issues — you should be okay. Communication with the recruiter is key.

  47. Ade says:

    i have enlisted to the navy but i dont have my physical green card in hand, can i leave for bootcamp with i-551(greencard) stamp in my passport?

    morever why is it needed since the recruiter center has confirmed my residency with immigration?


  48. NCCM(Ret) says:


    You were either able to DEP because you were verified via the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlement (SAVE) Program or the passport entry, but neither of those are valid for shipping. You must have your card in possession before you ship, without it, you cannot.

  49. Ade says:

    thanks for the prompt response.

    can the Navy help expedite my card from USCIS then ? because processes do delay with this arm of the government.

  50. NCCM(Ret) says:


    Nothing the Navy can do to speed things up. If it is a replacement card, it should not really take long at all — relatively.

  51. Ade says:

    ok thanks.

    as a Navy Reserve, when does my contract starts counting?

    and do i get to go to my unit/base after enlistment before heading to boot camp ?

  52. JB says:

    Is it true that I can only take the DLAB after I swear in to DEP and take the physical?

  53. Allan says:


    I was able to obtain all necessary waivers for my DUI 5 years ago and tattoos, now I’m coming up on my signing day. My recruiter told me since I do have a DUI, any jobs with security clearances will be hard to come by. I know that jobs are hard to come by now and what ever I choose I either make the best of it or let it drive me nuts for the duration of my enlistment. Any advice to a future sailor on deciding and asking questions towards jobs?

  54. NCCM(Ret) says:


    When you go to MEPS, they will put your qualifications into the PRIDE system (ASVAB scores, education, waivers, etc.), and the system will spit out all the jobs that are available to you. The best advice I can give is to go through each one until you find one that you have interest in no matter how big or small the list may be. Nobody knows better than you what you like — I am sure something will spark your interest!

    Good luck!

  55. Allan says:

    Thank you, for your help. I’ll keep you updated I go in next Thursday to find out what I’ll be doing.

  56. Faith says:

    I am enlisting in the air force and all my information was just sent to MEPS…i was just wondering how long before i have to go for the physical, pick a job and lastly a departure date?

  57. NCCM(Ret) says:


    I have no idea how long the Air Force may take to process someone. You’d need to ask your recruiter when he/she plans to send you to MEPS. They usually are not in any hurry based on my experience.

  58. Stacey says:

    My son is scheduled to leave on January 31,2017. He’s having second thoughts and now thinks he wants to go back to college. Is it too late for him to back out and if he wants to after getting his degree sign up again.

  59. NCCM(Ret) says:


    The United States military is an all volunteer force, and until his contract is actually initiated — he swears in a final time on his ship date — he can refuse to obligate. Whether or not he is allowed to return at a later date is up to the commanding officer of the local Navy recruiting district as he would require a waiver to reenlist.

    I will tell you that the feelings he is having is absolutely normal. When he joined the Navy, I am pretty sure he had contemplated going directly to college, but judged the military to be a better option. He made that decision to join with a relatively clear and stress free brain. As getting closer to ship date comes, the mind will challenge you. Hopefully he is not reacting instead of thinking first then acting.

  60. Mike [Last name redacted for privacy] says:

    Years ago the recruiters had a referral program. If you referred 4 people and they enlisted you would recieve a NAM medal. Does this program still exist? Thanks

  61. NCCM(Ret) says:


    The new manual (CRUITMAN version K) does not specifically say for those in the military, it now refers to CNRC 1650.1 for guidance. I do not have the new 1650, so I asked a friend to get it for me — as soon as I have it, I will confirm whether or not a NAM is still an award that can be achieved for four DEP referrals. Stand by :)

  62. Mike [Last name redacted for privacy] says:

    Thanks! I appreciate your time. My grandson is very interested in enlisting and I am trying to help him take advantage of some things the Navy offers.
    Thanks again,
    Mike [Last name redacted for privacy]

  63. NCCM(Ret) says:


    If the NAM is available, it is only for those already in the Navy — those who already started their program or rating “A” school.

    For those enlisting, referrals can provide automatic advancement up to paygrade E-3 via the Navy Referral Recognition Program for members of the Delayed Entry Program, but he would not be able to earn a NAM during that time frame.

  64. Mike [Last name redacted for privacy] says:

    I understand 01/01/18 is a confirmed date for the new retirement plans. MY grandson is in the DEP program and his first swear in at MEPs will be next month. Even though he is Navy inactive reserve, He will not ship until after graduation from high school next June. Will he have a choice of retirement plans?
    Thanks and have a great Navy day!

  65. NCCM(Ret) says:


    According to DoD;

    (4) Any member who has signed an agreement to enlist in a Uniformed Service in the Delayed Entry Program, in accordance with Section 513 of Title 10, U.S.C., who:
    (a) Has a DIEMS/DIEUS date that is on or before December 31, 2017; and, Attachment 1 Page Number 6
    (b) Is in receipt of basic pay or inactive duty pay under Sections 204 or 206, respectively, of Title 37, U.S.C., on or after December 31, 2017; and,
    (c) Elects to enroll in the BRS under provisions outlined in section 9.b

    The DIEMS date is the DEP date.

  66. Mike [Last name redacted for privacy] says:

    Master Chief
    The more I read “according to DOD” the muddier it became.
    So will my grandson have a choice of retirement plans?
    Sorry, but I just want to give him answers to his adult questions.
    Thanks again

  67. NCCM(Ret) says:


    As long as his DEP date is in 2017, he can ship in 2018 and have the option.

    A side note: if he DEPs in 2017, and then is discharged and rejoins DEP in 2018, then he would not have the choice.

  68. Patti [Last name redacted for privacy] says:

    Hello- my son is in the enlistment process as a homeschooled high school senior who will graduate in May 2019. He did well on his ASVAB and his first choice was AG. First trip to MEPs they had his education classified wrong (he has 15 dual credit college hours) and he required a reclassification but was offered CTI language or IT once that was done. 2nd trip to MEPs all through the process, IT job offered, much excitement as he awaits the background check and I worry about what’s in his Twitter feed. We get a call from the recruiter who tells us he has failed because his brother (age 15) was adopted from Russia as an infant. No swearing into DEP takes place as it’s too late for a job offer this trip. 3rd trip to DEP, he is offered AECF. As of now he is scheduled to swear into DEP tomorrow 2/5/19. When I last spoke to him as he left MEPs no contract yet, no ship date. Have you ever heard of the failure of background for this reason? My husband was in the Army 30+ years ago and neither of us expected the process to enlist in the Navy to be quite so up and down!

  69. NCCM(Ret) says:


    I do know since I retired back in 2006, that having a sibling or close relative who was born overseas does create extra steps for the investigation process. Depending on the circumstances, it could be a disqualification for a specific program, but based on what you wrote, it is one that should, I think, receive a waiver (if that is the underlying reason for the delays).

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