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UK Military Leave Policy

Basic Leave Benefits of Service

Members of the British Armed Forces have many options available for leave. Any leave taken of course would require prior approval from your chain of command. If operational priorities dictake your leave request could be denied - alternate dates should be negotiated to ensure your leave could be well planned. Also keep in mind that if operational needs arise that require you back at work while your on your leave you may be subject to recall.

Regular Earned Leave - Paid

The British Military has a generous leave policy. Service members are entitled to 30 working days(weekends and bank holidays are not considered as leave days) which equates to about six weeks of paid leave per year.

Ordinary Maternity Leave - Paid

All women who are members of the armed forces that become pregnant are entitled to 26 weeks ordinary maternity leave. You may choose when to take ordinary maternity leave, normally to coincide with the birth of the child. Any circumstance where time beyond the maximum of 26 weeks is required the additional time will be will be unpaid.

Parental Leave - Paid

Service members are entitled to two weeks of paid parental leave for the purpose of caring for a child. Parental leave is available to all service personnel who has served continuously for at least 26 weeks and expect to have parental responsibility for a child. The mother and/or father may take up to 2 weeks parental leave for each pregnancy for which there is an entitlement. A minimum of 15 weeks notice of parental leave in writing is required before the expected birth date.

Additional Maternity Leave - Unpaid

A women who has completed at least one year of military service by the beginning of the 11th week before the expected week of the birth her child are entitled to take additional unpaid maternity leave. Additional maternity leave begins at the end of ordinary maternity leave and will end no later than 29 weeks from the beginning of the week of the actual birth. This is an unpaid leave and does not count towards the completion of your obligated service. Any additional maternity days taken will be added to your obligated service, day for day.

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