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Enlisted Pay Chart 1941-1942

1941-1942 U.S. Enlisted Military Base Pay Charts

The United States military enlisted base pay scales effective August 1, 1941 through May 31, 1942 for active components of the Navy, Marine Corps, Army, and Coast Guard.

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The United States officially entered World War II on December 8, 1941, the day after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

The pay rates are monthly, US dollar.

1941-1942 Enlisted Military Base Pay Chart

Enlisted pay for less than 4 to over 16 years of service [1].

note 1

Years of Service
Under 4 Over 4 Over 8 Over 12 Over 16
1st 136.00 148.60 154.90 161.20 167.50
2nd 94.00 102.40 106.60 110.80 115.00
3rd 82.00 89.20 92.80 96.40 100.00
4th 70.00 76.00 79.00 82.00 85.00
5th 64.00 69.40 72.10 74.80 77.50
6th 46.00 49.60 51.40 53.20 55.40
7th 40.00 43.00 44.50 46.00 47.50

Less than 4 months

Additional Pay for Specialists' ratings [2].
GradeYears of Service
Over 4See note 2
1st 30.00
2nd 25.00
3rd 20.00
4th 15.00
5th 6.00
6th 3.00

Note 1: The "E" and "O" pay grades did not come until the approval of the Career Compensation Act of 1949; however, for comparison purposes, the 1st Grade, is the same as today's E-7; 7th Grade is the same as E-1.

Note 2: Enlisted men of the Army and the Marine Corps shall receive, as a permanent addition to their pay, an increase of 10 per centum of their base pay and pay for specialists' ratings upon completion of the first four years of service, and an additional increase of 5 per centum of such base pay and pay for specialists' ratings for each four years of service thereafter, but the total of such increases shall not exceed 25 per centum. Enlisted men of the Navy shall be entitled to receive at least the same pay and allowances as are provided for enlisted men in similar grades in the Army and Marine Corps.

Effective August 1941 to May 1942.

1941-1942 Enlisted Base Pay Chart for active personnel of the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.

[1]Department of Defense Under Secretary of Defense for Personnal and Readiness Military Compensation Background Papers, Seventh Edition, Chapter II.B.1. pages 119-143, dated, November 2011.

[2] Statutes at Large, Volume 54, pg 895, section 12 of the "Selective Training and Service Act of 1940". Government Printing Office. Washington D.C., 1941.

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