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Navy and Marine Pay Chart for 1814-1835

1814-1835 U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Pay Charts

On April 18, 1814, President James Madison approved, "An Act concerning the pay of officers, seamen and marines in the navy of the United States." which provided for a $6.00 raise for warrant officers and a modest pay increase for enlisted personnel.

The food stuffs and spirits that constitued a daily ration was set in 1801 and remained in effect for this pay period.

Note: The pay rates for Captains, Master Comandant, Lieutenant, and Sailing-Masters were modified in 1799 in order to take into account the smaller ships that were being added to the fleet.

Enlisted Pay Chart

Petty Officers (appointed by the Ship's Captain)
Petty Officer Monthly Pay
Master's Mate

Pay to be allowed to the petty officers and midshipmen, and the pay and bounty upon enlistment of the seamen, ordinary seamen, and marines, shall be fixed by the President of the United States. The total amount paid not exceed $2,579,340 [1] after fully considering pay and allowances of commissioned and warrant officers.

For the approximently 7,500 enlisted Sailors [2] that fell under this provision, this would average an estimated $14.00 per person per month in pay (not including any additional allowances -- some jobs received a little more, and some a little less). Additionally, each Servicemember was alloted one single ration per day.

Captain's Clerk
Boatswain's Mate
Sail-Maker's Mate
Gunner's Mate
Yeoman of the Gun Room
Carpenter's Mate
Coopers (barrel maker)
Additional Manning
Ordinary Seamen

Officer Pay Chart

Warrant Officers (appointed by the President)
Position Rations per Day Monthly Pay
Sailing-Master 2 $40
Purser 2 $40
Boatswain 2 $20
Gunner 2 $20
Sail-Maker 2 $20
Carpenter 2 $20
Commissioned Officers (appointed by the President)
Position Rations per Day Monthly Pay

32 Gun+

8 $100

20 to 31 Gun

6 $75
Master Comandant 5 $60

commanding small vessel

4 $50
Lieutenant 3 $40
Lieutenant of Marines 2 $26
Chaplain 3 $40
Surgeon 2 $50
Surgeon's Mate 2 $30

Total commissioned and warrant officer end-strength for 1814: 524 [2].

Effective April 18, 1814 to March 2, 1835.

The United States Navy and Marine Corps 1814 active duty pay chart. [1] An Act making appropriations for the support of the Navy of the United States, for the year one thousand eight hundred and fourteen, approved March 19,1814. [2] Naval History and Heritage Command, "USN Personnel Strength 1775 to present" as discovered on August 2, 2016.

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