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Published: February 20th, 2011
Updated: July 25, 2013
By: Thomas Goering

This form reaches NCCM Tom Goering USN(Retired). Comments and questions are welcome. The advice and prognostications I deliver in the comments and via email are based on my experience, and only take into account the information you provide. I do not have the benefit of the “whole person.” So, please see a Recruiter, no matter what, and have your documentation sent to MEPS for a definitive review. I am not answering for the Navy! The content of this site is an interpretation based on my experience of the current instructions, policies, and regulations of entities within the Department of Defense.

For medical related questions, I recommend that you correspond with NavyDoc. To do so, you must make a comment on one of the appropriate medical articles of this blog. Before you post a question, please read the other comments and answers - you may find your answer!

Thomas P. Goering, tokeda.navycs[at] (replace "[at]" with @)

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