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2019 Military Pay Raise at 2.6 percent

President Trump Proposes 2.6 Percent for 2019

Updated: February 14, 2018

Today, February 12, 2018, President Trump released his budget proposal for fiscal year 2019. The proposal contains a 2.6 percent increase to the 2018 basic military pay for 2019.

For the first time in over a decade, the White House’s initial 2019 military pay raise proposal is in-line with U.S.C. Title 37’s Employment Cost Index projection. In past years, the President’s proposals have been less than the amount mandated by law. So, unless Congress isn’t satisfied with the proposal of a full pay raise, which is doubtful, expect military pay to be a non-issue during the 2019 budget fight, and for the upcoming midterm elections.

2 Responses to “President Trump Proposes 2.6 Percent for 2019”

  1. ED McGilly says:

    I am retired Air Force. I’m happy that there will be a pay increase for the military next year. .
    I have been asking this question for years. Once upon a time you had a Q & A for military retired disability Congruent pay, or Congruent combat military retired disabilaty pay. The first group were disabled while on active duty, not in a warzone. The latter has to do with retired active duty retirement pay but the disabilaty had to be from being in a was zone.

  2. NCCM(Ret) says:


    The Concurrent receipt proposals we discussed years ago when President Obama presented his first budget to Congress, and then the following year by Congressman Gus Bilirakis (FL-R) have died. Nobody has proposed it since.

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