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MEPS Confirmation ASVAB Test

ASVAB Confirmation Test

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Published: February 20, 2009
Updated: March 3, 2020

For some time now I have been getting email questions regarding the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), specifically about the confirmation test and what is it about. I answered each question confidentially and tailored the answer to the individual, I will continue to do that, but those questions prompted me to put the regulation into, hopefully, an understandable way. So here it goes! (Remember, the AFQT score is what is used to indicate your aptitude for service; it is not, by itself, the score used to determine what Navy job you may qualify for – that is what the ASVAB line scores are used for.)

Confirmation testing applies to any person who was given a retest on any version of the (ASVAB) whose ASVAB score increased 20 AFQT points or more than their previous test score, and the two tests are taken within 6 months of each other, they are required to take the confirmation test. If 6 months passed from the date of the retest then the confirmation test is not required no matter what the AFQT point increase may have been. The rule applies regardless if it was an enlistment or a student ASVAB when deciding if a confirmation retest is required.

Confirmation testing cannot be given at a school or MET site, it will only be conducted in the MEPS and it is a full version containing all sections of the ASVAB.

If you fall into the above rule, and you complete a confirmation test, your AFQT from the confirmation test must be compared to the previous test. If your confirmation test AFQT is higher than the AFQT from the previous test, or the AFQT from the confirmation test does not decrease by more than half the value of the retest’s gain, then you have met the required criteria for a successful confirmation test. The results from the test that made you take the confirmation test in the first place becomes the score you will use for enlistment, not the confirmation test score.

If your confirmation ASVAB test AFQT goes down more than half of your initial point increase (retest AFQT minus previous test AFQT), you failed the Confirmation Test.

UPDATE: Per USMEPCOM Regulation 611-1, dated November 4, 2013 — effective December 4, 2013, the Confirmation Interview requirement is no longer required. The Confirmation Test is now officially a pass/fail test based on the score you achieve as defined in this post.

An example; If you got a 33 AFQT on the first test and two months later you take a retest and score a 59 AFQT. Because the test was within 6 months the 26 point increase of your AFQT will require you to take a confirmation test (unless you wait 6 more months). If on the confirmation test you scored a 45 AFQT which is 14 points less than the retest AFQT (greater than half of the 26 point increase) – you have failed the Confirmation test.

If you are required to take the Confirmation ASVAB Test, you will no longer be allowed to take the pencil and paper ASVAB tests. If you decide not to take the Confirmation Test, then after the 6 month minimum wait post the test that triggered the confirmation requirement, you may voluntarily retest at the MEPS only. Or, you may process using your last valid test score if it meets the minimum standard for the service you are applying (the score that prompted the confirmation test would not be a valid test unless you did take the confirmation test to make it valid).

The Confirmation Test process is not the same as a Verification Test process used to certify the PiCAT ASVAB.

Hope this helps, feel free to ask questions!

1,146 Responses to “ASVAB Confirmation Test”

  1. NCCM(Ret) says:


    Is what possible?

    Yes, any retest would be another full version of the ASVAB.

  2. Emmanuel says:

    Because someone just commented saying about confirmation test after d 6months long wait and also does assembly object counts on d AFQT score?

  3. NCCM(Ret) says:


    No, assembling objects is not used when calculating the ASVAB AFQT.

  4. Emmanuel says:

    So why do they have d section for Assembly Object

  5. NCCM(Ret) says:


    Read the page I have linked to in my previous comment. The AFQT only determines whether or not you can join; the individual line scores determine what jobs you can do.

  6. Emmanuel says:

    So let’s say you with Navy recruiter and you took the ASVAB test and pass can you decided to switch to the Active duty

  7. Bhavish says:

    So I just took the PICAT exam from my understanding is when passed I take the verification exam and normally I’m a nervous test taker so what if I pass the exam but at a lower score will I still take the full ASVAB or will I continue on but with a lower score.

  8. NCCM(Ret) says:


    The PiCAT Verification Test does not produce a score like the ASVAB Confirmation Test does. The Verification Test only verifies the score you achieved on the PiCAT was a reflection of your work. If you pass the Verification test, then the PiCAT score stands — if not, your PiCAT score would not be valid and you would have to take the ASVAB to attempt a qualifying score for enlistment.

  9. Junior says:

    Can I join without taken the confirmation test after 6 month ?

    what others choices I have with out taken the confirmation test ?

  10. NCCM(Ret) says:


    After six months, you must retake the ASVAB at the MEPS if you did not take your Confirmation Test.

  11. Devonte says:

    Do I have to take the asvab confirmation test if I switch branches?
    For an example, if my branch is the Navy; I got a 38 on the asvab and I was required to take the confirmation test in 10 days, if i switch from the Navy to the Army in those 10 days; would the Army require it?

  12. NCCM(Ret) says:


    The ASVAB is not service specific. If MEPS says you need a Confirmation Test after taking the test for the Navy, then you need a confirmation test no matter what branch you process for.

  13. Syed says:

    Please help me, I am so confused. I live in NYC. I took the picat test from my home. After that I met with my recruiter and fill up some forms for process to meps. At the time I asked what kind of test I have to take at meps, he said Asvab. But I talked about verification test but he ignored. Also he want me to write a letter officially, why I joint in military? Can you explain anyone please. I am so confused.

  14. NCCM(Ret) says:


    Many recruiters use the PiCAT as a practice test for the ASVAB; their thinking is you learn from the PiCAT, and then do even better on the ASVAB. It is not what the PiCAT was designed for, but sometimes that is how it is used.

  15. CJ says:

    Okay , I am completely confused , this question may clear up a lot for the lost ones out there. I took my ASVAB the first time, scored a low 25, took it the second time my recruiter told me I scored 20+ points higher and that I had to take ANOTHER test (confirmation of course). I was confused at first, this chat gave me a little insight. But my recruiter is telling my that the Confirmation Test is like the Verification Test. 30 questions & 30 minutes to do them. I’ve seen in the this chat, “It’s a full version of the asvab”, so what is it really. A full version of the asvab ? Or 30 questions? (ASVAB Confirmation Test).

  16. NCCM(Ret) says:


    According to the latest version (released, January 10, 2019) of USMEPCOM Regulation 611-1, Personnel Selection and Classification Enlistment Qualification Tests;

    “b. Confirmation testing applies to applicants who were administered retests on any form of the ASVAB within 6 months of their previous test. There is no distinction between enlistment and student ASVAB when deciding if a confirmation retest is required. Confirmation testing will be conducted in the MEPS (see Chapter 6 for further guidance pertaining to the Honolulu MET sites). The confirmation test score will not be used as the score of record for enlistment. The confirmation test will be administered as a complete test.

  17. CJ says:

    So is it another full version of the ASVAB or just 30 Questions with all sections ?

  18. NCCM(Ret) says:


    I thought the bolded statement, “The confirmation test will be administered as a complete test.” made it clear it was a full version of the ASVAB. My apologies.

  19. CJ says:

    ????Sorry good sir, these recruiter’s just be lying to me so I like to 2nd question. My apologies, Thankyou for the information and clearing this up for me.

  20. THS says:

    Took the ASVAB, and failed it, never got any details as to where I needed the additional work. I studied for a month, with tutors and 30 days later took it again. I was told I got 20+ points higher, but my recruiter says he doesn’t have a score to give me. He says I must take a confirmation test, recruiter says they think I cheated. 4 days later I take the confirmation test at Meps, and a day later I get the score from the test that triggered the confirmation (i passed), and was given probable a boot camp date. I was happy I passed, but after thinking It over, I realized my new score didn’t qualify me for the JOB I wanted. I decided I would take the test in 30 days, now that had a exact idea of the areas that I needed to work on to improve my overall score. But, when I spoke with my recruiter he told me that I would have to wait for six months to take another ASVAB. I was sure I had another chance before having to wait six months, but the recruiter said the confirmation test was counted as of my tries. I felt cheated. How could this test count bad an actual test when the score doesn’t even count, and I’m obligated to take the test or forces to wait six months. I feel like I am being punished for working hard and preparing for the retake ASVAB and doing well. I’m what are my options!?!

  21. NCCM(Ret) says:


    You do have to wait six months from the date of the Confirmation Test before you can take another retest. A Confirmation Test is given to confirm the point increase from the first test to the retest was a true picture of your ability. It isn’t a test given because they thought you cheated; if they actually had that belief, it would be based on much more than a score increase — they would not have given you a Confirmation Test; they would have immediately invalidated the test, and would make you wait six months with all future testing having to be completed at the MEPS.

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