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One Day in Six Minutes

Updated: May 26, 2015

Mass Communication Specialist Second Class Mark Logico provides a glimpse into a working day of the Navy in Hawaii in this well done time-lapse video, One Day in Six Minutes, Navy Region Hawaii.

Amazingly, the time-lapse video was not shot with a video camera, it was shot with a digital SLR camera, one frame at a time – wow. (Read the rest of the article…)

Operation Sea Orbit

Updated: August 17, 2014

Nuclear Task Force ONE
I am currently in Florida visiting my parents, and just like when I was a young boy, I pulled the Operation Sea Orbit cruise book off the book shelf. My Dad’s USS Enterprise (CVAN-65) cruise book of 1964 details the ship’s participation in Operation Sea Orbit, and the Mediterranean cruise that preceded it. Operation Sea Orbit was an around the world cruise completed by Nuclear Task Force ONE which consisted of the USS Enterprise, USS Long Beach (CGN-9), and the USS Bainbridge (DLGN-25).

Besides all the various photographs of the ship and aircraft from the time and all the pictures from the numerous port visits the ship enjoyed during this historic venture, I found the following information interesting. The deployment was essentially two cruises in one; the normally scheduled 6 month Mediterranean cruise and the two month around the world cruise.

Only once previously had a similar role been assigned to ships of the United States Navy when, some fifty five years ago, sixteen first line battleships were sent around the world to test their capabilities and to attract international attention to the range and modern design of American seapower. This Great White Fleet, as is was called, sailed 46,000 miles in fourteen months. On its cruise, Task Force ONE steamed 31,000 miles in sixty-five days, conducting underway air shows around Africa, through Southern Asian and Pacific waters and up the east coast of South America.

The cruise, named Operation Sea Orbit, was a conclusive demonstration of the special global mobility and self-sufficiency of nuclear powered surface ships… a display of the advanced design of contemporary American seapower around the world serving as striking evidence of the enormous power for peace possessed by the United States. It was a great diplomatic gesture as well, for the Task Force acted as a roving ambassador whose actions and abilities spoke for all the people of its country, and whose hand of welcome was extended around the world….

Enterprise’s extensive list of anchorages during the 1964 Mediterranean cruise portion (Read the rest of the article…)

December Disney Trip 2009

Updated: July 28, 2013

Just finished up another trip to Disney! We had a couple of days left on the complementary tickets the Disney Corporation so graciously supplied veterans a few months back. They expire 23 December 2009, so what the heck! Actually, we were not the only folks doing the same – the United States military was well represented at all the Disney parks we visited. Met a couple of Sailors, in uniform by the way, at EPCOT who were visiting with their families; a good time was being had by all. I hope Disney realized a (Read the rest of the article…)

Couple of Minutes on the Withlacoochee

Updated: August 17, 2014

As we returned from fishing in the Gulf of Mexico I decided to try out the video function on my really cheap, 5 megapixel camera. What you cannot see is all the turtles on the leaning palm tree and the gator under the brush – you just have to take my word for it that they were there, might be time for me to upgrade my image capturing device :) (Read the rest of the article…)

Military Discount Golf at Disney

Updated: August 17, 2014
Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs

It is time to get the golf clubs from the dark recesses of you garage and dust them off. Walt Disney World has announced starting April 26, 2009 they will discount for those with a military ID (active, activated and retired) the rate of 18 holes of golf at all their golf courses.

To play before 1000 the rate is $59.00, after 1000 it is just $39! Yes, that includes the Magnolia, a PGA course which hosts the Children Miracle Network Classic golf tournament where Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh and Mark O’Meara are a few of the professionals who have won the championship trophy in the last few years.

We will be using our complimentary and discounted 5-Day Disney’s Armed Forces Salute Tickets, with the Park Hopper option and Water Park Fun & More Option.

Tee time is set! We will be mixing golf with our visit to the parks over a few days in late April staying at the Shades of Green which is nestled right between the Magnolia and (Read the rest of the article…)

Happy First Year Anniversary!

Updated: August 17, 2014

My Nuke son and his wife are experiencing much of what Japan has to offer. In this video they give a tour of their hotel room Kyoto. (Read the rest of the article…)

So I Called Up the Captain

Updated: November 15, 2014

The internet is a wonderful thing.

Just the other day I received a friend request on Facebook from a person I hadn’t seen or heard from in over 20 years. This isn’t some long lost high school friend (although I get those too), I am talking about a friend who is from another country I met while attending a NATO school on the Italian military base Borgo Piave in the middle of nowhere outside the town of Latina, Italy.

NATO SATCOM Classmates Latina, Italy

The school we classed up for would keep us there for about 3 months, the classes we attended prepared us for working on NATO’s satellite ground terminals. We arrived in May 1988, the class was made up of people from many NATO countries but five of us formed a bond I recall often and do cherish the memories.

They called the five of us the Beastie Boys. Three from the United Kingdom, one each from England, Wales and Scotland, one Canadian and myself.

Arriving in May (Read the rest of the article…)

Stormy and Cold

Updated: July 4, 2016

Today, January 6, 2009, has been a rainy and cold day here in the Memphis area. We have been hovering around the freezing mark and ice has formed on the trees. When you walk outside you can feel the chill attempt to make its way to your bones. Gloomy is a good way to describe it.

It is when we have weather like this we find ourselves reminiscing about our time in Iceland. For two and a half years my family and I lived on the naval air station in Keflavik. I was stationed at NATO Satcom, NSGT F-15. A ground satellite terminal with the big dish and everything.

Summers there were somewhat mild, I think the warmest day we experienced while there was about (Read the rest of the article…)

Donate to the USO

Updated: December 18, 2008

Admiral Mullen at the end of the following article is quoted to have said, “It’s something that they will remember for life, and I hope that as the years go by they remember and do something for USO.” It is true, the memories remain strong.

I remember the first show I saw aboard the USS Forrestal while deployed in the Med. The only time I saw Bob Hope perform live was a USO show on the flight deck while in the shipyard in Philly, he was a class act.

One of my favorite opportunities was an impromptu performance in one of the hangers at about 0200 at NAS Keflavik, Iceland with the band Kansas (Dust in the Wind, Carry on Wayward Son), their plane was diverted to the island so the members of the band decided to treat about 20 of us to a live concert!

The shows are just one of the many things the USO does for servicemembers. The USOs in the various airports around the world are a welcome oasis to the military members in transit. For a number of us the years are passing, the Admiral’s hope really should come true. Donate your time or even some cash to the USO, it will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside :) – here is the LINK! (Read the rest of the article…)

PGA Tour Hits the Shades of Green

Updated: August 17, 2014

Children Miracle Network Classic

This week the Professional Golf Association (PGA) tour pros arrived at the Shades of Green (SOG) to participate in the Children Miracle Network Classic golf tournament. This is the thirteenth year for the event and hearing some of the golfers talk about it in the lobby it is one they look forward to. Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh and Mark O’Meara are a few of the professionals who have laid claim to the championship trophy in years past.

Amateur golfers can also participate in the event. Discussing the subject with the wife of such a golfer she said there is about a $7500 entrance fee and everything is included – even the hybrid Cadillac Escalades with chauffeurs who drive you wherever you want to go.

The Shades of Green blocked off 70 rooms for the event for the golfers and tour administrators. It is the (Read the rest of the article…)

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