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Email Spam Worth Publishing

Updated: June 15, 2009

I don’t normally do this, copy and paste something from an email into a blog post, but today I can’t help myself. I read these “jokes” and had to share them with everyone without spamming your inbox. Thank you Commander for forwarding them!


My wife sat down on the couch next to me as I was flipping channels.
She asked, ‘What’s on TV?’

I said, ‘Dust.’

And then the fight started…


My wife and I are watching “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” while we
were in bed. I turned to her and said,
“Do you want to have sex?”
“No,” she answered.
I then said, “Is that your final answer?” (Read the rest of the article…)

So I Called Up the Captain

Updated: November 15, 2014

The internet is a wonderful thing.

Just the other day I received a friend request on Facebook from a person I hadn’t seen or heard from in over 20 years. This isn’t some long lost high school friend (although I get those too), I am talking about a friend who is from another country I met while attending a NATO school on the Italian military base Borgo Piave in the middle of nowhere outside the town of Latina, Italy.

NATO SATCOM Classmates Latina, Italy

The school we classed up for would keep us there for about 3 months, the classes we attended prepared us for working on NATO’s satellite ground terminals. We arrived in May 1988, the class was made up of people from many NATO countries but five of us formed a bond I recall often and do cherish the memories.

They called the five of us the Beastie Boys. Three from the United Kingdom, one each from England, Wales and Scotland, one Canadian and myself.

Arriving in May (Read the rest of the article…)

Hey Army, Guess What I Am Thinking!

Updated: March 28, 2017

The Army has just spent $4 million to explore the concept of brain wave communication. A whole slew of Army intelligence jokes quickly come to mind.

Army Research Grant to Explore Communication Through Brain Waves
By Donna Miles
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Sept. 9, 2008 – The 1982 Clint Eastwood thriller “Firefox” seemed like the ultimate military science fiction story: A former Vietnam War pilot steals a state-of-the-art Soviet fighter plane armed with weapons controlled solely by thought.
More than 25 years later, the Army is funding research to explore the futuristic concept of using brain waves to communicate.

In other news the President today has threatened to veto the (Read the rest of the article…)

Military Moves

Updated: February 22, 2017

Bonnie and I have made our fair share of military moves. We have lived overseas and all over the United States from Boston to Panama City – Phoenix to Philly. Each time we moved we left it up to the contractors the household goods people sent to the house to pack our things. Our moves gradually became larger as we started collecting more and more stuff and thank goodness our weight allowance kept pace – we could ship up to 15,000 pounds during our last move and almost hit that number even though we would also pack our car so full you couldn’t see out the back windows.

A few homesteads ago, I think it was when we lived in Georgia but the wife seems to think Jackson, MS, we picked up this plant. Where we got him really doesn’t matter but his life story does. It is an amazing tale of hardship, neglect, perseverance and wonder. (Read the rest of the article…)


Updated: August 17, 2014
Disney Security

Disney Security

Security at Disney is something they take very seriously. Thousands of people enter the various parks every day. The worlds climate for hate dictates that everyone must remain vigilant. Some security measures I have noticed, which hadn’t existed prior to 9/11, are things like increased video surveillance and coded tickets which are matched with your fingerprint each time you enter.

One other inclusion into Disney’s security is the bag check once reserved for airports and federal buildings. Disney does have a better process – they have two lines, one for people with bags and one for the stream-lined traveler who is packed lite. (Read the rest of the article…)

One with the Earth

Updated: October 20, 2014

A few years ago I had the privilege of being the Chief Recruiter of Navy Recruiting District Phoenix. One of the many great things about the NRD is that within its territory was the Navajo Nation.

Navy Recruiting Station Flagstaff was one of the NRS’ that covered the Navajo Nation, we would make every attempt to place Sailors who were Navajo in Flagstaff. We were lucky enough to have two Navajos stationed there during my tour.

Before most Navajo would commit to joining the Navy they would complete a “Ceremony”. I am not the expert I should be on the process but from what I remember the Ceremony could be as long as 3 days encompassing rituals, meditation and spiritual healing – it is a very religious event.

(Read the rest of the article…)

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