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Obama Proposes Average 6 Percent BAH Raise Pg-1

2010 Defense Budget Released

Updated: May 31, 2017

One Response to “2010 Defense Budget Released”

  1. Tammy Gobin says:

    Again, let’s ask our military members to shoulder the burdens of war while not protecting their finances. Wow, I’m not sure what we will do with our whooping $27 increase!

    Congress, YOU…the powers that be have a responsibility to protect the military just as they protect you!!! If you had to try and live on what you pay us you would struggle…THEN you would do the right thing and honor the 6% pay increase as recommended. I realize that our government is in a bit of a financial crisis but yet we can promise $100 Billion to go Green by 2020 then I think that we can support our military.

    I wonder what Congress’ pay raise was? I certainly hope that Obama is counting on our family’s vote. We vote for presidents who are military friendly!!!

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