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2014 BAH Rate Raise of 4.2% Proposed

Budget Proposal for FY-14 Released

Updated: August 16, 2014

10 April 2013, President Obama released his “Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2014.” I have taken the liberty to extract the portion within the Defense budget overview that related to our members and families. For 2014, the information for families is limited as compared to past years.

For calendar year 2014, consistent with the views of the uniformed military leadership, the Budget provides a 1.0 percent increase to basic pay, a 4.2 percent increase in the Basic Allowance for Housing, and a 3.4 percent increase in Basic Allowance for Subsistence. This compensation level recognizes the sacrifices made by the men and women in our Armed Forces, while adhering to the current budget constraints faced by DOD.

Thing is, a one percent raise to basic pay will amount to a pay cut when compared to the 1.8% raise U.S.C. Title 37 mandates, and more importantly, when compared to the Federal Reserve’s inflation projection of 1.6 to 2.0% increase for 2014. The 4.2 percent increase in BAH have been the same amount proposed for the last two years — it will of course be location based, but over all for 2013, it ended up being just a 3.8% increase for BAH — 0.4% less than projected. For 2014, don’t be surprised if BAS comes in at the projection, but BAH is more likely to come in less, perhaps closer to 3.9%.


The Administration places a strong focus on military family programs, sustaining funding at $8.5 billion to ensure consistent and 74 Department of Defense effective services across military installations. DOD provides a broad spectrum of programs and services for servicemembers and military families including: mental health and counseling services; deployment assistance; child care and youth programs; morale, welfare, and recreation programs; commissaries; DOD-run schools for military dependents; military spouse employment programs; and many other services. DOD is working to improve its support to the All-Volunteer Force by identifying and discontinuing redundant or less effective military family programs, while increasing support for programs that are proven to serve military families well.

Redundant programs… Tuition Assistance and the Post 9/11 GI Bill? Is the end on T/A in sight?

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