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Navy Recruiting Stations to Get a New Look

Camouflaged Recruiting Stations

Updated: August 16, 2014

It looks as if the Navy Recruiting Stations across the country will be phasing in a new look. One that incorporates the colors and pattern of the blue camouflaged working uniform. It has been a little over ten years since the introduction of the modular furniture that is now in use in all stations across the country; in the near future, it appears the stations will also share the same “look”.

The picture below is from one of the first stations to get the pixelated camouflage wallpaper with yellow/gold chair-rail.

New Navy Recruiting Station Appearance

A closer look;

Navy Camo Walls

I had heard of the proposal to move in this direction a couple of months ago, and I must admit, it looks much better than I envisioned – well, beyond the yellow stripe… that may be a touch too bright. Hopefully that will get tweaked before it rolls out to the rest of the recruiting world.

BZ, N4!

One Response to “Camouflaged Recruiting Stations”

  1. Tommy says:

    In my humble opinion . . .

    When I was a kid I was obsessed with the Navy. Whether it was reading through my dad’s old Blue Jackets Manuals, wearing his old uniforms, or using blankets and pillows to build ships and submarines instead of forts, I loved pretending I was in the Navy. When I graduated from high school, enlisting in the Navy was not a difficult choice. The one thing that I always liked most about the Navy was simply that it was the NAVY, not the Army, not the Marines, and certainly not the Air Force. I’m really not sure what motivated the powers to be to convert the working uniform to camouflage but I think it’s pretty ridiculous. If I walked into a Navy recruiting station and saw camouflage, my first instinct would be that I walked into the wrong recruiting station. Here, the designers have taken it a step forward and included a bright yellow/gold stripe that so obviously ties the grey digiflage to the rest of the room. As subtle as it is, please note my sarcasm. I’m not a consultant for HGTV but I certainly know that the whole thing looks horrible. How about we bring back the things that make the Navy great – the iron men who bravely fought on wooden ships during the early years of our history, the daring pilots who take it to the edge and beyond, the ships and submarines that have controlled the seas for over a century, and the Navy SEALS who represent the premier special forces unit. And while I’m on the topic of recent changes to my beloved Navy, I have to point out the obnoxiousness of the new slogan, “A global force for good.” While I do believe that the Navy is in fact a global force for good, I don’t think a propagandized slogan is an effective recruiting tactic. I like to believe that the people who choose to serve in the military, generally, do want to be part of something “good” and to do “good” but that could describe any of the armed services. “A global force for good” does not paint a picture in my mind that is unique to the Navy like “Let the journey begin,” “Full speed ahead,” or “It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure.” The United States Navy is a navy rich in history, pride, and tradition; I hope in the future the decision-makers will reflect on the things that make the Navy, uniquely, great.

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