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CRUITMAN Discrepancy?

During My Morning Reading…

Updated: November 4, 2013

In an effort to ensure the information provided in this Web site is up-to-date and accurate, I spend a little each day reading the numerous regulations and instructions produced by the Navy, the Department of Defense, and because this site delivers recruiting information as a focus, I also read MEPCOM instructions.

This morning’s (July 16, 2012) focus came from an email question about confirmation ASVAB testing. While researching his answer, I noticed what appears to be a simple, easy to fix discrepancy in Commander, Navy Recruiting Command’s Instruction 1130.8J – specifically, Volume II, Chapter 2, Section 6, Page 3 Article 020605 “Retesting of DEP Personnel”, it states,

b. The Future Sailor must have been in DEP a minimum of six months before retesting.

Then goes on to say,

h. A Confirmation Test will be required if there is a gain of 20 or more points between the most recent test score and the previous test score.

Paragraph h is inconsistent with the MEPCOM instruction that defines the rules for Confirmation Testing when combined with the 6 month in DEP requirement. Chapter 6 of the current USMEPCOM Regulation 611-1, “Confirmation Testing” states,

Confirmation testing applies to applicants who were administered retests on any form of the ASVAB within 6 months of their previous test.

And further clarifies,

If an applicant’s most recent test score is 20 AFQT points or more than their previous test score (critical gain), and the two tests are within 6 months of each other, the applicant is required to complete a confirmation test to confirm the critical gain is indicative to their true ability.

Gosh, my mornings are fun!


9 Responses to “During My Morning Reading…”

  1. sheila says:

    So even after two years of doing an interview that wasnt approve by a meps personell do i have to do a confirmation test or am i eligible to take the papet and pencil test

  2. NCCM(Ret) says:


    Per the MEPCOM instruction, you will be required to take all future ASVAB tests at the MEPS using the CAT-ASVAB. [read my next comment, I may have gotten this answer wrong as it relates to your circumstance]

    The instruction reads;

    6-6. Post confirmation test actions
    a. All retests after a confirmation test are to be given in the MEPS using CAT-ASVAB for applicants
    meeting any one of the three conditions listed below.
    (1) All subsequent retests following a C-Test failure AND interview failure.
    (2) All subsequent retests following a C-Test failure AND interview no-show.
    (3) All subsequent retests following a C-Test no-show.
    Note: A C-Test no-show is when the applicant does not take the confirmation test within the 6 month timeframe.

  3. NCCM(Ret) says:


    Although not addressed specifically in the instruction, it does say that all future “retests” must be taken at the MEPS. After two years of not taking the ASVAB, the next test you take will be considered an “Initial” test.

    I recommend that your recruiter submit a test pull before you test to ensure your record is not flagged to require you to take the CAT-ASVAB at the MEPS.

  4. Jasmin says:

    So I have to take a confirmation test also, except that my recruiter said that the meps told her that I scored either 20 points higher or 20 points lower? has anyone had to take a confirmation test because of a lower score before?

  5. NCCM(Ret) says:


    A confirmation test would be given if you had an increase of 20 points over your last test if it was within the previous 6 months. A test is not set up to be flagged if your score decreased.

  6. JOHNY says:

    So I did my first ASVB on June/12 got 30 and did a re-test 2 months later and got 63. However MEPS made me take a confirmation 1 day ago and said I failed. They declined to give me the score. and my recruiter can’t pull it either. Will i go for confirmation hearing or have to wait 6 months which suck.. any one know the process? link will help too.

  7. NCCM(Ret) says:


    You will have to wait 6 months. The Confirmation Test interview is no longer done. To pass the Confirmation Test, you must score in a range where an interview would not have been required.

  8. jordan says:

    I took the Asvab for the 1St time got a 26 the second time got a 55 but I didn’t have to take a confirmation test because the first test and the second test was the same form so I waited the 1month took the test and scores a 26 and now that my 6months of waiting is up IM going to take my Asvab at the school and IM for sure I’ll score over a 20 point increase now I’ve been hearing that I will/I won’t have to take a confirmation test because 6months passed so can someone ease let me now

  9. NCCM(Ret) says:


    If more than six months pass from the last time you took the test, you will not require a Confirmation Test no matter what you score.

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