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Recruit with Integrity Card

Recruit with Integrity Card

Updated: October 20, 2014

Through a recent action by Navy Recruiting Command, it appears that reported instances of recruiter impropriety has risen to a point that a proactive, preventative action must be taken from the headquarter’s level.

Please note: Recruiter impropriety is a relatively rare occurrence committed by a very small number of those serving in the billet. The vast, overwhelming majority of Sailors who serve in recruiting proceed with the professionalism you should expect by members of our armed forces.

Beginning earlier this month, Navy Recruiters have been provided with “Recruit with Integrity” cards that must be provided to all applicants at their initial face to face contact.

The front of the card;
Navy Recruiter Integrity Card - Recruiter Responsibilities
The card’s reverse;
Navy Recruiter Integrity Card - Prohibited Practices

Additionally, each Recruiter’s business card will now be required to have the following information on the reverse;

Navy Recruiter Business card reverse

From COMNAVCRUITCOMNOTE 1133 dated Jan. 4, 2012;

Action. In order to ensure prospects, applicants, future sailors and their families understand that they will be treated with dignity and respect throughout the enlistment process, the recruiter will provide the “Recruit with Integrity” Card to prospective applicants at first contact.

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  1. Chris says:

    Thanks, I never even receive this card.

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