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Designer Drugs Will End Your Career

Updated: July 7, 2017

2 Responses to “Designer Drugs Will End Your Career”

  1. brendan says:

    why is the navy so adamant in their crusade against substance abuse, but yet they practically encourage alcoholism. is alcohol not a drug ? oh but im sure its “different”

  2. NCCM(ret) says:


    Prior to drug testing, the rates of death caused by accidents were much higher. The Navy started random testing in about mid 1981, but did start it’s zero tolerance stance until closer to 1990 when the death rate caused by accidents started to plummet when compared to earlier years.

    Not sure how you get the idea that the Navy encourages or even tolerates alcohol abuse or alcoholism. Hollywood has produced a perception of the “Drunken Sailor”, perhaps a few decades ago it was earned, but I can assure you that now, in reality, tolerance of that type of behavior is long gone.

    The Navy takes a much stronger stance against illegal drug use – because it is illegal… A violation of the law.

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