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2011 Defense Budget - The Process Begins

Average 4.2% Increase in 2011 BAH

Updated: October 20, 2014

President Obama’s 2011 budget request for Department of Defense, released officially today, requests an average housing allowance increase of 4.2 percent, as well as a variety of monthly special skill-based payments, enlistment and reenlistment bonuses, and other benefits.

Family support programs grow over 3% – some of the main increases are $87 million, to expand availability for affordable, high-quality child care services at over 800 child development centers both in the United States and overseas – $37 million, for expanded counseling and assistance services, from financial counseling to transition and relocation assistance, to help families meet the challenges brought on by repeated deployments and family separations – $12 million, for enhanced career and educational opportunities for military spouses through tuition assistance and Federal internship programs.

The budget also includes a 1.4% basic pay raise for 2011 that is supposed to keep military pay in line with those in the private sector. That depends on who’s numbers you believe… Congressman Wilson put forth a 1.9% pay raise proposal (H.R. 4427) on Jan. 13, 2010 – like years past, the half percent increase is already being co-sponsored by a number of other congressman and should gain even more traction as the year progresses.

Budget information retrieved from the published fact sheet and the FY 2011 President’s Budget Appendix (PDF)

UPDATE: As of December 15, 2010, the Defense Travel Management Office has updated the BAH calculator for 2011 (BAH and OHA portals updated for 2011).

56 Responses to “Average 4.2% Increase in 2011 BAH”

  1. Oduma says:

    Thank you for those whose vote for Obama. This is the greatest pay raise ever. 1.4% not too bad since 1970. We are in the freaking 2010. Thank you all you a-hole voted for him.

  2. youareamoron says:

    yeah. it was obama’s fault that bush and the republicans spent the better part of 8 years breaking the economy while simultaneously losing two wars. we should really be giving everyone a raise, especially morons like yourself.

  3. Amy Chopinsky says:

    How does Obama justify spending 878 Billion on a “relief” package ($ has already evaporated) then raise our taxes, esp. SE tax – it was in the neighborhood of about 50% for 2009, then he cut my military BAH last year by $65 per month. The 2011 increase of 1.4% doesn’t even come close to keeping up with inflation. Where did all the “relief” go?! I urge everyone to vote for anyone else but him in the next election! All these extra “childcare” programs named above don’t help me or countless other childless soldiers. I don’t want all these extra “services” give us our BAH paychecks back, so we can spend on rent/mortgage and food! That’s beauracracy for you, the government tells you what is important for you…

  4. completey understand says:

    People do you not watch the news… be greatful you are getting any type of raise in this horrible economy. I wouldn’t have a job in the civilian world right now. Publishing is doing terrible. On top of that all my civilian friends’ jobs are cutting back. They have layoffs, Fridays off with no pay, no Christmas parties, no raises for the last couple of years. Be greatful you are getting any type of raise!!! Because they don’t have to.

  5. defendersofthecountry says:

    we defend this country and half of the military members are eligible for food stamps / wic / medicare… we are mostly impoverished. The fact that we expect compensation for our sacrifice in the form of an annual pay increase isn’t too much to ask

  6. NON UNION says:

    Maybe if the military would have considered being one of Obamas campaign contributors. The military would have gotten a larger raise and less cutbacks.

  7. airframer says:

    Maybe stop the corruption in the navy and there would be more money for everything else not just our raise, but the US as a whole, 4 inches of braided steal for $52? really im sure some admiral up top is making a lot of money on that a lone, too much corruption. too much. admirals are wastes of life.

  8. Raimond says:

    Obama spent $20million on road side signs to advertise all the stimulus $ being spent on hi-way improvements. Could we not have used that $ in better ways? Obama = One Big Ass Mistake America!

  9. EJ says:

    ‘half’ the military members are eligible for food stamps? Really? Why don’t you cite your sources jack@$$. And if they are eligible for food stamps it’s b/c the gov doesnt take into acct BAH and BAS as taxable income (another great benefit of being AD). Also, like others have said, be thankful you have job – 20% plus in this country are un(der)employed. Most military members would not be making close to what they make on the outside. Im AD Air Force and while the raise isnt what some of us had hoped, we are lucky we are getting any raises when sooooo many are getting pink slips. Morale of story, be thankful for what you have.

  10. defendersofthecountry says:

    I believe the word you were looking for there was moral… not morale. And I think it is ashame that you can’t see that the congress/obama who is afforded the freedom to make decisions for this country, the congress/obama who have the freedom to be empowered to have their positions, freedoms period; would have the audacity to tell those who defend it that they aren’t worth the annual pay increase of yesteryear. I’m AD as well and whereas i enjoy my employment and all the benefits, that was a decision/sacrifice that I made. So when others who chose a more liberal lifestyle suffer, certainly i can have compassion for their situation, but it doesn’t take away from what military members endure and sacrifice. It would just be nice for the government of the this great nation that we have sworn to protect would acknowledge our sacrifice and hard work with a pay raise that says, “thank you” to all the soldiers and sailors who fight the good fight! Jacka$$!!

  11. James says:

    What I find absurd is Congress votes for their own raise every year, When they only work maybe half a year. I do not consider campaigning for re-election as working. Also, there are jobs out there, maybe it is not a 100,000.00 dollar salary, but we all need to make sacrifices. At least us in the Military still pay taxes, whilst a lot of the population is living off welfare. I have heard plenty of commercials where McDonalds is hiring. Or are people less embarrassed to have government give them money to live than work at McDonalds!

  12. MCPO Retired says:

    If you find the raise isn’t to your satisfaction, perhaps you should consider finding a career other than serving your country. It’s an all volunteer service, if you feel you can receive better pay and compensation for your skills and knowledge outside of the service. please feel free to take the steps necessary to become a civilian.

    Drive on any military installation and take notice of the vehicles in the parking lots…then tell me how impoverished half the military is.

  13. Antwan says:

    Funny…I get the post 9/11, I go to school full time, and I have 2 jobs. I’m prior AD Air Force and life has been good to me. Then again I actually pay my bills and only have bills I need. Honestly this poor economy only effects the financially irresponsible. They say save money and you dont and then when ish hits the fan you wanna blame someone aka the president. And my military folk please stop complaining you got it good despise the bullshit, we get the best benefits. Really I was 20 yrs old getting 1600 bucks every 2 weeks and youre complaining about a damn raise???

  14. TEX2009ARMY says:

    MCPO Retired…..I have 4 COMBAT tours under my belt so i think i have the right to drive a nice car that i paid for, oh and i have only been in for 8 yrs…anyway i see why everybody is pissed about the pay raise, it is a slap in the face if you stand back and look at what the government is spending funds on. $60,000 SUV’s as a government vehicle really? and then all the money they will be taking from Retired military members like yourself, oh and by the way start looking for health care B/C in a couple years you will no longer have it provided by the government it will come out of your pocket…so tell me Master Chief how impoverished you will be then

  15. payraisesucks says:

    I just departed the military this past summer when I was tour complete. That pay raise is a kick in the balls. The BAH is even worse. The Coast Guard expects you to live in resort towns for $1000 a month, and that just went up to that from $900. It is bullshit. Try finding an apartment in a reasonable driving distance from where you are stationed. I used to spend my BAH on just rent alone no utilities, then because you live in a resort town you pay resort prices for everything. I lived 2 towns inland from the area where I was stationed and guess what shit is even more expensive, because you want to try and beat the system. So how about some credit for the people still serving. Times have changed shit is more expensive, oh and guess what areas where there are bases are not hurting as bad as you think. Oh wait I know why, the military members are paying to offset their towns struggling economy.

  16. payraisesucks says:

    Oh and don’t forget that that extra 1.4% this year, will be taken back in taxes. So how about a raise that will make sense.

  17. your all dumb says:

    ur all dumb. im 21 and make 2g every 2 weeks. that aint shit. i barley get buy.working 90 plus hours a a civilain doing my job id make 5 times what i do now just in overtime.BAH is a joke 1179 bucks dont even cover my mortage let alone food and utilitys??really we are the lucky ones huh?

  18. spelling and grammar says:

    Be satisfied with what you have! You mis spelled most of your words and write like an eleven year old girl. Thankfully 2011s projected raise isnt based on your speling and grammar or they would be taking money back from 2010. Also if you cant make 2k per week last you might want to cut back on some expenses. I am AD AF and love 2k per week.

  19. Fed Up says:

    I am 28 years military NG, 10 Yrs AGR, I have put in my time with sweat to include working in the labor force and paying taxes on the civillian side. With my education I know I make good money and I also feel I deserve every penny that I make. I have been deployed and have put my life on the line for my country. I fly old glory everyday and am so proud of our country. We now have a president that was elected on his color. I can read any post on any web site and tell what color the person is by the way that person protects our president on what any issues are at the time. BTW, I despise, Biden, Pelosi, and Reid. This is not about race, this is about experience. Why should the military suffer raises, when we are patriots to keep America free, protect the weak from tyrants in other countries, and offer our lives in the process? At the same time, we have 51% of all Americans not paying taxes, living on welfare and food stamps. Now granted hard times for some. I agree to help those, but not the gereration welfare people. Yes, we now have a phrase of generation welfare people that have made their living like that. Now, to add one more. Obama, is considering Queer sex marriage, (gay is too nice of a word)just because of votes. Dont mention the DADT that is fixing to be amended. I can go on, bottom line is, I AM FED UP WITH THIS ADMINISTRATION. I will be at the polls tomorrow. ( Those of you that can criticize my grammar have fun) I made my point and could make more.

  20. Stop Bitching says:

    @YouAllAreDumb, 2000 every two weeks equals 4000 a month, and you say that aint shit? I have never met so many pussy ass cry babies before I joined the service. Most people would kill to make 4000 a month and further more the people that do make similar to that amount, are living pretty damn good so long as they arent in debt or some other finacial shit storm.

  21. Lucky me. says:

    I have my active duty pay check, my health, my family and God loves me! Life is good. 1.9% would be better though. lol

  22. Lucky me. says:

    OK…that came out wrong. I meant 1.9% pay increase would be better than 1.4%. Nothing is better than God and or my family!!

  23. therewasatime says:

    Bush’s 8 years of pay raises did nothing more than close the gap between civilian pay and the military. Military members, especially the younger kids can barely scrape by, especially those with families.

    For anyone on here even old enough to have been around during the Clinton years, the military was gutted and there wasn’t a single raise during his entire tenure.

  24. GetInformed says:

    A very important message to those that are blaming Obama for the outstanding 1.4% pay increase:


    Nixon back in the ’70’s tied military raises into the ECI (Employment Cost Index) that is put out yearly by the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) and the BLS has determined that the ECI mandate a 1.4% increase.

    Ergo: (and this is VERY important)

    That is what Obama HAS to propose…BY LAW!!!

    In addition to this (again this is VERY important) the President does NOT;
    I repeat NOT;
    I say again… NOT;
    determine military pay raises.
    CONGRESS does.

    We have all received a ,5% or more increase over the ECI index these past years and this coming year will be no different. And for those of us who are lucky enough to get BAH; there will be a 4-5% across the board increase. Not to shabby IMHO.

    And here’s another tidbit of info for you: The pentagon after looking at the budget does NOT want the raise!! They are telling Congress,”Gee, thanx for the raise, but do you want us to give raises or buy weapons?”

    Please research.

    P.S. BTW I did not vote for him.

  25. NCCM(ret) says:

    Actually there GetInformed,

    The minimum the president can propose is the ECI number, he is not restricted from proposing a higher number.

    Bills do not become laws until the president signs them, so, it is in fact the president who signs the law that mandates the military’s pay.

    The Pentagon has not agreed with a raise beyond the minimum ECI number for many years. The congressional proposal of 1.9% for 2011 is tenuous at best as the senate is showing more support for the 1.4%.

    I hope this information helps you in your continued pursuit of the truth.

  26. GetInformed says:


    Thank you for your informed response. At first I could not tell if you were attempting sarcasm at the end but I judged to take it as sincerity. (Unless you are being sincerely sarcastic ;D) Yes, he is not restricted but ultimately that power lies with Congress. I took the liberty to cite a few sources. I do not agree with the first sentence of your 3rd paragraph and wanted to show it but decided that I have cited more that enough. Let everyone do their own research. All in all I’m not happy with it either but will use our other incentives to my advantage,

    “The 1.4 percent raise matches the average private-sector pay raise last year, as measured by the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Employment Cost Index. The 1.9 percent raise, a half percentage point greater than the ECI, is aimed at continuing to close a perceived gap between military and civilian pay as a result of capped military raises in the 1980s. Once as large as 13.5 percent, the gap is 2 percent today as a result of 12 years of Congress mandating bigger raises.”

    “In November 2003, Congress passed a permanent law requiring that annual basic pay increases for active-duty military personnel be indexed to the annual increase in the ECI, for Fiscal Year 2007 and beyond. (Section 602 of the Fiscal Year 2004 National Defense Authorization Act; and P.L. 108-136, November 24, 2003; 117 Stat. 1498, amending 37 USC 1009.) However, since FY 2004, Congress has enacted special legislation for each fiscal year known as a “National Defense Authorization Act” which sets the annual military increase superseding 37 USC 1009. Prior to this legislation, active-duty military personnel wages had been linked to the annual percent increase in the General Schedule (GS) federal civil service pay scale under the Federal Employees Pay Comparability Act of 1990. In 1999, with a widening pay gap between military and private industry pay, Congress acted to set annual military pay increases to the annual increase in the ECI plus 0.5 percent, which was in effect for Fiscal Years 2001-2006.”

    “It’s also true that this will be the lowest raise the military has had since it became an all-volunteer force in 1973 — including Obama’s last proposed pay raise, which was much higher at 2.9 percent (Congress bumped it up to 3.4). But that number is not pulled from thin air, or even calculated based on how much is available in the budget. U.S. Code dictates a rather complex equation for military pay raises, based on the Employment Cost Index, a measure compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to track the costs of labor for businesses. Military pay increases by “the percentage (rounded to the nearest one-tenth of one percent) by which the ECI for the base quarter of the year before the preceding year exceeds the ECI for the base quarter of the second year before the preceding calendar year (if at all).” Specifically, the code states, that’s the ECI for wages and salaries of private industry workers.”When the ECI goes up, so does military pay, so that military salaries don’t fall behind civilian ones. So because the ECI increased 1.4 percent in 2009, that’s the proposed military pay raise in 2010. The raise is unusually low, but that’s because the ECI increase was unprecedentedly small — the smallest percent change since the series began in 1975, according to BLS.”

    “Obama is empowered to suggest a lower or higher pay raise, which would have to be ratified by Congress, in extenuating circumstances like an economic crisis. Congress can also vote to change his proposed increase, as they did for fiscal year 2010. For the new budget, the House Armed Services Committee did suggest boosting the 1.4 percent raise. But defense personnel officials resisted, saying that they would rather that money be used for other programs that benefit military families. After an 11-year string of increases that slightly exceeded average private sector annual raises, Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel Lt. Gen. Thomas Bostick said that “we actually think we have a surplus in terms of pay.” The Department of Defense has announced increases in military housing allowances, family support programs, and child care and tuition assistance for military families in this year’s budget request, many of which outpace the base pay increase.”

  27. GetInformed says:

    Thanx for the link NCCM(ret). A definite must read for me in the next day or two; I already have it linked. If you have more please feel free to email it to me as you are the moderator.

    My whole point was to get those out of what I call “Scapegoat Syndrome” as it is too easy to say “OMG It’s (fill in the blank)’s fault!!!” I still have to deal with those that say, “Just listen to his name!!” (SIGH) I guess to go further would stray me from that point so I’ll stop here.

    Again thanx for the responses and link. Good luck on your future endeavors.

  28. NCCM(ret) says:


    The GAO isn’t sold on the fact that the gap still exists, as per their report delivered April 1, 2010.

    The second paragraph has me a little confused, the author is a bit off. The National Defense Authorization Act is not special legislation – it is how the defense budget is done. Two bills get the defense budget done – the authorization and appropriations process, one, the authorizations bill, tells what they want to spend money on, the appropriations allows the spending. Neither of the bills become law until the president signs them – he always has the right to VETO.

    Your 3rd quote is accurate, but again, the president has the power to propose anything above the minimum he wishes.

  29. GetInformed says:

    BTW I neglected to mention that the second paragraph was taken directly from the BLS website.

  30. NCCM(ret) says:


    Ah, after reading it again it is demonstrating how the ECI is used when determining military pay, however, the National Defense Authorization Act is MUCH, MUCH more than just military pay.

  31. Aaron Ski says:

    President Obama is a horrible leader, and even a worse AMERICAN! The guy demonstrate very little respect for the military, having never had the selfless calling to serve himself, with his slap-in-the-face payraises. Would agreeing to the additional .5% recommendation really hurt a budget nearly as bad as Obamacare? Obviously, it is more important to make the lazy waste-of-lifes happy by giving more hand-outs. After all, we know that is who votes in the Dems anyways.

  32. greedy says:

    I am 29yrs old and have been in for a year and a half. Im married and and am a second class petty officer. I am a licensed HVAC, HAZMAT, I have my CDL Type A, and a journeyman electrician in the civilian world. I currently make (with benefits factored in fo rmy family, housing cost, etc) a little more than I was making…AT $75,000/yr. And now I have job security, A little raise is almost guaranteed every new year, free schooling through tuition assistance, can give my GI Bill to my kids for their college after 8 years, and a (check this one out) RETIREMENT!!!! I workwith a lot of complainers like you now and trust dont have a clue to how it is when you only make 60 to 65K a year and have to pay for your own medical insurance, dont know if you’ll always have a job, have to pay for your own retirement plans, no free school for yourselves, etc. You dont have a clue. not at all. And your attitude will carry on into the civilian world and you will get…FIRED!! Trust me.

  33. Optimism says:

    I would just like to say that I agree to bigger payraises for enlisted…..I think officer should have slightly lower and get even LOWER when you get up to admiral ranks. Has anyone even seen what an O-5 makes, it is ridiculous and youll never see him arguing for a bigger pay raise. I think a big part of complaints is the E-5 and below with less than 6 in. Your guy’s income sucks and if you have enough kids, you can easily apply for WIC. I currently make about 55(with all the benefits) grand a year after 10 YEARS of service. If I had stayed in college regardless of my profession, I would be dwarfing this number. Especially in the health care fields. Good luck to all and enjoy whatever you get.

  34. Sky Strickland says:

    You guys are about stupid. You dont think that military lives good? You think that we are poor? HAHAHAHA. I am 19 years old, married and am a pv2 in the army. I make 3123 a month after BAH and BAS. My BAH alone is 1263. However, I live off post and my apartment is 693 a month. I save alot of money from my BAH. I also have a 2010 Toyota Corolla that half of the excess of my BAH pays for. The only ones who don’t live good are the ones who have to have the most expensive shit and the best of everything. A civilian can make 3000 a month. and a soldier can make 2500 a month. The soldier still makes more. Know why? The civilian has to pay health/dental for himself and his family, higher premiums on car insurance, life insurance, and renter’s/home owner’s insurance because they dont get the discounts that we get everywhere. Are you kidding me?!?! We military live great. I have 1800 in bills every month and because I know how to manage my money, I have 1303 left everymonth after all of my bills. Groceries are about 300 and gas about 200. That leaves alot of money to just bullshit with or put up. The ones who are living poorly are the one’s that manage their money properly. That’s coming from a 19 year old “kid” as some of you would say.

  35. Sky Strickland says:

    Also, yes, it is true that most military are eligible for food stamps. So what? That just gives us another advantage over civilians because we definately make enough to pay for our own food. So, stop complaining. And if you have kids and it is harder on you, we are also eligible for wic.

  36. Lecator( AF Vet) says:

    I back Sky up all the way I manage my money. Why cant doing well be enough? Are any of these people in the military?? I didnt have much growing up so maybe I count my blessings. Oh I guess yall had the desk jobs in Iraq while I was on convoys with Army. Would you rather New York look like Fallujah? We really do have it good and its sad how we as Americans bitch constantly about dumb things. AT LEAST WERE GETTING A RAISE!! Nothing maybe perfect but remember we all walk into our GUARANTEED jobs EVERYDAY!! You chose to sign that paper and it was about your country not about the money, dont like it.. get out but dont make us TRUE and THANKFUL military folk look like some whiny kids. You love your country like your family, youre not just there for the good, your there for the bad too.
    P.S. Its not the governments fault YOU cant manage your finances!!

  37. kay says:

    As I sit here and try to find off-base housing near fort carson colorado, because the wait for housing on post is so long, i realize comparing the COL to what my husband is actually paid… isn’t quite matching up. Everyone here has valid points and of course can say what they want, but currently living the life, with ZERO credit card debt, two vehicles that we don’t have to make any payments on, and 4 mouths to feed, clothe and shelter… I feel as though i can say, GET THE F*&K OVER IT. You chose military life, i’ll give it to you, its a kick in the ass seeing that off-post housing is equal to or higher than the alloted BAH, which doesnt cover utilities, but make it work. If you found yourself upon hard times and HAD to get a credit card, that was poor money management. My husband and I are 22 years old with 2 small children and while we do find ourselves hurting from time to time, we know it’s not the government’s fault.

    I do believe it’s slightly ridiculous to compare military pay to that of the civilian world in some cases… a day trader does not come face to face with the combat some of our military men and women have signed up for.

    Of course any pay raise is going to be welcomed, and yes a 1.9% increase over 1.4% would be even greater… but it’s the life we chose, our financial stability… or instability in many of your cases i see… are that of our own doing. This particular pay increase, just like last years increase will be deposited directly into our savings account, as if we never got it in the first place… we are still living off of the base pay he originally had coming into the army…
    seems to me the real issue is how many people were brought up and not taught to manage money properly. Don’t take mommy and daddy’s shortcomings out on the leader of our country (whom i did not vote for). take responsibility for yourselves.
    Im grateful we can live comfortably, i’m grateful to the army for that… but i’ll for damn sure give myself a pat on the back for being capable of living within our means and not having to struggle and bitch about the possibility of 0.5% more in a paycheck.

  38. donk says:

    10 years in and only making $55k? wow. enlisted nukes that are 6-8 years in can make $80-$90k/year.

  39. RUSERIOUS says:

    I am commenting on the fact that soldiers are eligible for government assistance. I am a military soldier and have been for 12 years. I think it is crazy to blame the government for irresponsible soldiers who have more kids than their paychecks can properly take care of. I am nowhere near being eligible for government assistance and never have been because I base my family on how much me and my spouse can afford. The military already gives soldiers with no kids or 1 or 2 kids the short end of the stick. This is an all volunteer Army that publishes their pay chart for all to see so we all know what we are getting ourselves into before we sign the dotted line. Stop living above your means and make better choices.

  40. Matt says:

    Everyone needs to know how this country has fell into the debt that it is in. First, the war before the recent pullout was costing over $11 billion a month. That is ONLY for war related costs not medical care for men and women that are injured or life insurance costs for those who lose their lives. Next, we have those people who live on welfare and lie about looking for a job because they are too lazy. You know how many times I have heard someone living on welfare and turns down a job because their welfare check is bigger than the paycheck from that potential job; great way to spend tax dollars. Next, people who do not live within their means; example, people who constantly max out their credit cards and continously make minimum payments or dont pay on them at all. This adds to our national debt more than you would ever know.

    Heres one that really gets me; remember the big bail out on AIG for hundreds of billions of our tax dollars that didn’t work? Yeah, theres another genius idea that really helped our country. Instead of spending that money to bail out some greedy insurance company, why not give $5k to every homeowner? That way, people can pay on their mortgage loans and many houses would not have been forclosed on. Better yet, with the money they spent on that pointless bail out, they could have paid off probably 75% if not more of the mortgage loan debt. Imagine what that would have done for our economy.

    Point is, people want to complain about what Obama spends, have you ever looked at what the Busy administration spent their money? I am AD AF and I will be damned if I will complain about my raise coming in January, I get a paycheck every 2 weeks and, unlike many people, I live within my means. I am not rich, I am not even wealthy, but guess what: I can provide for my family because I know how to control my finances!

  41. Hotboi says:

    I see that President Obama is getting blamed for a lot of problems Americans are facing today. Let’s not forget that it took the former President and the Republicans eight years to get us in this mess. We have afforded him (Obama) an opportunity to fix what it took eight years to screw up. He has been taken the blame for something he did not cause so you should be given him some credit when he is being opposed by every little thing he tries to correct. Point blank, I’m a Soldier and have served this great nation for over 20 years, although I would like a bigger raise, he did not create the deficit.

  42. totheignorantmoron says:

    To the ignorant fool, ‘youareamoron’, maybe you should remove your head from your backside. We military enlist and serve our country in whatever way we are required to. We don’t deserve to be screwed over, because of our current bum of a president or the countries termoil. We have to provide for our families the same as you. The pay raises we recieve are to keep up with inflation. Democrats tend to spend their time in office undoing any and all of the good that republicans do during their terms. When the dumbocrat gets elected out, the republican has to spend the entire term fixing the leftover carnage from the half witted party’s waste of a candidate. It has been that way for years and years…democrat destroy and republicans rebuild.

  43. Yours Truely says:

    The arguement can go both ways with me. I believe the military does pay great but when you are a single father and have a family of 6 on e-5 pay and have bills and don’t recieve child support times can get tough. I am very thankful for any raise. Im not greedy and know the mistakes I’ve made by the debt I put my family in but I wont b*tch and moan and won’t blame Obama for my poor decisions. Although I have 6 mouths to feed and debt and live off post and dont forget the childcare for my 5 children, I still walk away with 600.00 every two weeks. And for those of you who say you can get food stamps in the military, I’d like to know how you are lying to DSHS because I was told I could only get 13.00 a month for my income with 6 people, its not even worth the application process. Another thing some of these greedy people need to take in consideration is the fact that in civilian world you get maybe 1-2 weeks paid vacation. In the military we get half days, 30days and then some paid days off. I got a week off every time my children were born. I could go on and on. Yes I make a sacrifice for all of this but when I sworn in, I knew what I was getting myself into and knew this was the best thing for my kids. I have 2 deployments under my belt and another one coming up, I proud to serve and will never complain about the job security I have for my family.

  44. Yours Truely says:

    Oh and I didn’t vote for Obama

  45. AD Navy says:

    There is no gap between military and civilian sectors when medical and dental is taken into account.

  46. U.S. Service Member says:

    This is to youareamoron: I guess your name says it all. Before you speak you should make sure that you get your facts straight. We won the war. Anytime you take a tyrant out of power and allow people to feel what true freedom is really like, then you have won the war. War is not just won by destroying your enemy, but it is won in the hearts and the minds of those that were oppressed by the enemy. I can see by your response that you have never serve in the United States military, and if this is the case then I have this to say: You feel special because you have freedom of speech, but don’t forget it’s because of service members that you have that right. So the next time you want to crack on a service member, you should stop and think what have you done for America and your fellow man/woman lately. The answer should humble you, and stop you from making any further comments.

  47. Name says:

    @Hotboi. Dems controlled the house and senate during bushes term. The finnacial mess started when clinton passed legislation making easy for everyone to get a loan. The only thing bush did wrong was expand government. Of course that is my opinion.

  48. Heather says:

    Guess what. All of you people that are argueing about military not getting a pay raise is a fool. If it weren’t for the military and my husband fighting for us to even have our freedom we would have nothing. So sorry that the military families are upset because we are the ones sacrificing our fathers/mothers/children/etc. for you to complaining people saying that we dont deserve it. I feel that unless you have dealt with any type of military schedule in your life you will never understand because they choose to fight for all of you that think they don’t deserve a pay raise for it. My husband has over 45 months deployed and counting. We have a 3 and 4 year old and guess what he has missed so many events including birthdays and this years thanksgiving and soon missing christmas. Do the math? You can’t put a price tag on all the memories we have missed with him and he has missed with us. I am sorry that almost every military family out there feels they deserve this for all the sacrifices we have put our families through for you selfish people. Dont be selfish because if it weren’t for our troops you wouldn’t even have your freedom at all and have the choices you have today. Remember that day of September 11 because that is what the whole United States would be going through a million more times here inour countr if it weren’t for our soldiers putting up a fight to keep them out of our country and to keep all of your families safe. What if it were your family in that tower that day. Maybe you would be a little more thankful for all of those soldiers fighting for your family and they didn’t even know you. My husband deserves it along with every other military family out there. Freedom comes with pricetag and it is not free. Sometimes it is lives that are lost because that is what they chose to fight for, YOU. To hear you complain about how they dont deserve it because of rough times is very sad. You deserve to go stand on the front line right now and save someone elses lives that chose to protect you and are fighting for you. Dont you think you could at least back them up too. I can name a million reasons why and this place is already in debt enough and I understand that but I can pick out a million things that so much money could be cut back on. If it weren’t for us fighting then it would not even be a discussion on where the money would be going. If I had a choice to buy everyone in the military something special I would because that is the least I could do for them for protecting our rights. I am thankful for them to allow myself to walk outside and knowing that someone is fighting for you to speak at all and guess what. To all you rich people on the board and have no worries on spending money…us military people are far from rich and sometimes cant even make ends meet but we are the one standing up for you to make all of that and all we ask is for a percentage that we think is fair for our families sacrifice. I ask of all of you to turn the tables and look at it at a different perspective. My husband could die tomorrow because of this war (which he wont because God is watching him). He chose to fight for ALL of us and our families and we feel that it is the LEAST you could do for us. If it weren’t for people like my husband and families with big hearts no one would even be there right now. Not everyone gets in the military to pay for school or little reasons like that. Most of them have made careers of it to save peoples lives because that is what they believe in ad want to defend you. That should be the only hero all of you have. Our men and woman are taking bullets for you so dont tell us military families what you dont think we deserve. Our Heros are PRICELESS. Remember that when you are laying in a warm bed to sleep in, filling your stomachs with good warm meals, and spending your holidays with your family. The people that are fighting for you let that happen and they are going without those things for YOU.

  49. Heather says:

    Oh and one more thing. You will NEVER understand the pain that I go through as a military wife waking up Christmas morning and seeing our children open gifts from their father and he can’t be here. You will never endure the nights sleeping alone wondering if your husband is okay, You will never wake up with nightmares of plane crashes or bombs going off in your dreams and you will NEVER EVER have the fear of getting a knock on your door to tell you that your husband and father of your children will never come home because he was fighting for you. How many of you have watched a military funeral. I have been to plenty and when those guns go off it is the pain and reality of every person in the military. We do this on a regular basis for all of you to open your mouths about what we deserve and what we dont deserve. Dont say anything at all unless you have experienced these things because believe me I guarentee you have no idea. We believe someone has to fight for all of you and you can’t give my husband the respect enough to say how much they truly deserve. There is not enough money in the world to cover the actual pain that a military family has gone through. Maybe there should be a few more plane crashes into big buildings for you to understand the importance on having a military. Someone has to make sacrifices and it is obviously not you. Coming from a military spouse I really really hope you think before you speak about these families that you countinue to hurt by saying the things you say. Remember this as you visit your family for Christmas or when you hold a special someone close to you. All of these shows that portray the military life can never fully get it right. It can never show the true feelings of what REALLY happens or the actual pain in their eyes. Maybe we need a reality tv show on the life of a military family so you can try to be there through all of this and maybe hae a softer heart towards some of our families that make sacrifices for you. Maybe then you can truly see what it is like. Remember bombs going off and bullets being shot at you regularly before you comment on why we dont deserve it because your words sting to our military families.

  50. Joe says:

    Um, to the idiot who said that Clinton never gave a single pay raise, please double check your facts.

  51. just making a point says:

    My husband has served active duty for almost 6 years now. We have two children, one almost 4 and the other almost 1. He missed our oldest being born due to deployment, served 2 more deployments, and barely made it home in time for our youngest to be born. We have missed many memories together. While he did volunteer to serve his country, it would be nice if there was actual appreciation shown for his service. 1.4% is not as nice a raise as we saw in previous years, but it is still a raise. What I want to know is if we are receiving such a small raise, is congress and the president also receiving a small raise, or even giving up their raise in order to help with the country’s debt problem? And why did Obama feel the need to buy $60,000 suv’s as government vehicles, when there were prefectly good cars already in use? I didn’t vote for Obama, and if he were to run again, I still wouldn’t vote for him. My husband continues to serve his country, I work part-time making minimum wage, as much as possible while still taking care of my family, and we are still having trouble “getting by” because of inflation. If the government REALLY wants to make a dent in the debt situation, it will force people off welfare and make them get a job. I understand that some people can’t work, but the majority of the people don’t WANT to work becuase they get free money from the governemt for doing NOTHING. Unemployment rates would go down if the unemployed knew for a fact that they would only get an unemployment check for a short period of time while they looked for a new job. So that forcing people to find a job, even at a paycut from they prior job. Stop trying to “fix” the country’s money problems by making raises lower and lower for people who actually deserve to get raises.

  52. mark says:

    I would just like to say I am stationed in Corpus Christi TX, they just dropped our BAH down because they said it was to high. It was 1200 it is now 1180 in this area. I have two kids and a wife. The only suitable place I could find for rent while waiting for base houseing to open is a house where I pay 1400 a month in rent. That is not including utilities. You tell me what 1.4% will give me?

  53. NCCM(ret) says:


    Your BAH should not go down. Servicemembers will only see increases in BAH, never a decrease (unless you get busted) – the new BAH rate is for members who transfer in, your old rate is grandfathered.

  54. E5AV says:

    The way I look at the situation is like this, if you really NEED more than a 1.4% increase in your pay then you are already in financial trouble, if your BAH decreased by $65 and that puts you in a financial constraint then you were already in trouble and were not planning appropriately for this declining economy. If your living outside of your means in this stage of the economy shame on you, pay off those debts and have more of your income to work with rather than having no income to work with. Building debt is mostly the reason why we are in this stage of the economy. As military members we get paid BAH, BAS, and Basic pay; as a civilian you DON’T get BAH and BAS but you still have to pay your rent, health insurance premium, and buy food. Be happy with what you have and what you get because it can easily be taken away.

  55. E5AV says:

    Let me add that I am married with 1 child and for a long time I was the only bread winner in my household. My military paycheck was enough as a 4 year senior airman to provide for my family, pay almost a $400 a month car payment, credit cards, rent, buy food, and buy gas at over $4.00 a gallon. Its hard but it can be done people don’t depend on something that isn’t there and disappoint yourselfs when it isn’t what you expected.

  56. Patrick says:

    I wish people would stop complaining. I’ve been in 12 years and I make pretty good money. I am also enlisted so pulling 3200 in base pay and 1400 in BAH and another 250 for BAH. Why do people complain so much. Stop living outside your means and budget like the rest of America. I have friends who are not in the military struggling on less then $1000 a month.

    I say fix military pay to inflation …. its fair. I wouldn’t mind getting a 3% pay raise but who wouldn’t but honestly it is unfair to keep giving us more and more money while so many people are living without, so many people are being asked to do more to help the deficit situation.

    Too many people are paying little or no or negative taxes. By negative I am talking about the slew of of neighbors who were deployed half the year and because of tax laws end up paying $1k in taxes for the year and getting $8k back. End all these tax breaks because paying $2 – 3k in taxes the whole year is not a big deal. Too many people have a sense of entitlement in this country and in the military and it needs to stop.

    Tell politicians to stop tacking pet projects onto bills and just vote of the bill itself not because you are going to get a new park or statue in your district.

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