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Updated: August 17, 2014

I meant to post this on the New Years Day… oops.

The articles in my blog generate a large number of emails inquiring about the Navy. Each person has specific questions and I take great pride in responding to each and every one. Granted some answers are not always what you may want to hear but rest assured I will work at providing a researched answer – so, keep those questions coming!

About 65,000 people visited this blog in 2008 (thank you BTW!) here are the Top 10 most viewed articles;
CPO Initiation – Transition, a Decade Later – My very basic overview of some of the differences.
Mapping Out Americas Racism – My perception of peoples view of race in different parts of the country.
MEDIC! – Walt Disney World Security.
Navy Bean Soup Recipe – One of my inputs to the culinary world.
Military Retired Pay Cola Increase for 2009 – Title says it all – traffic came hot and heavy for this post that really doesn’t say much – I’ll do better next year!
What to Bring to Navy Boot Camp – Title says it all.
Basic Requirements for Navy Enlistment – Basic enlistment requirements for the Navy, the page puts it into basic terms and also provides links to more resources and advice.
MEPS Drug and Alcohol Testing (DAT) Program – Amazing how many people interested in the content of this page…
Navy Student Loan Repayment – I get a number of emails concerning this topic, I may need to do a follow up post which answers some of the questions I have received, keeping everyone anonymous of course.
One With the Earth – One of my enlightening experiences with my Sailors of the Navajo Nation.

2008 was really the first year I wrote articles in earnest. My wife and I will be doing more traveling in 2009 and hope to bring you stories which may inspire you to take a trip yourself and of course I will continue to regale you with stories from my Navy years which may inspire you to join :) Hey, you never know!

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