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Physical Preparation For Boot Camp

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Published: June 21, 2008
Updated: February 14, 2019

I know I recently posted about ensuring your within the ht/wt or body fat standards but every day across the nation a number of people are tipping the scales beyond their max weight and missing the mark when it comes to the body fat measurement. Some are not successfully passing the appropriate fitness assessment (IFA, PST) requirements. Please understand if you fail to pass the appropriate physical assessment or fail to make weight or body fat at MEPS you may be re-classified or not be shipped to Recruit Training Command (RTC) by way of a DEP discharge.

So, let me be clear, before you head off to boot camp you must be physically prepared for the rigors recruit training will offer. Too much training time is lost because prospective Sailors arrive at RTC without the minimum level of strength and endurance. The answer is a conscientious pursuit of the recommended Initial Fitness Assessment (IFA) prior to leaving for RTC. Placing a greater emphasis on your fitness will result in improving your physical status.

  • You should be advised of the Navy’s physical readiness program and the height/weight or body fat standards.
  • If weight maintenance tends to be a problem adopt a healthy lifestyle including an exercise plan and a healthy eating program. If you do not meet the Navy height/weight or body fat standards you cannot be shipped to recruit training.

Note: Your Recruiter is discouraged from promoting specific diet plans. Your Recruiter and the Navy want to reduce the possibility of the Navy becoming liable for any ill effects various diet plans may cause. You should seek the advice of health care professionals before starting any diet plan. Here is one testimonial from a Future Sailor on how he got himself in shape for RTC.

Hopefully you read and heed, it is a sad day when you, your family and friends thought you were off to start your career only to return home the same night potentially having to reinvent yourself. Now, get off your computer and get to work!!

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