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Pressure Cooker Pork Chops

Best Pork Chops Ever

Updated: August 17, 2014

A little break from the norm – come to think of it, I really don’t follow a “norm,” I post what the heck I feel like. I guess today is no different.

When Bonnie and I had our house built, one of the “must haves” was a gas stove. I enjoy cooking. We spent the extra cash and had the builders run the extra gas line and had a great time picking out a super-duper gas range/oven.

The pork chop recipe I am going to post about isn’t difficult, it doesn’t require a gas range and your cooking skill can be nil. It has to be the easiest and most flavorful method to cook a pork chop there ever was. Never again will you have to suffer though a dry tasteless piece of pig!

If you don’t already have one, a pressure cooker, stop reading – get in your car and go buy one. On the way to the store keep slapping yourself as punishment for not having one.

OK, I assume your back or you already had one of the premier cooking devises ever invented. The pressure cooker is essentially the first microwave – it cooks fast but instead of using high power waves of energy it uses the heat under pressure of up to 15 PSI – easily cuts cooking time in half.

So, you have a package of pork chops that have been sitting in the freezer and you’re in-charge of preparing tonight’s meal. Get the pork chops out – defrost the suckers in the microwave. Fill the bottom of your pressure cooker with water – about 3/4 of an inch deep. A good guide is make sure the water is just above the round thingy with holes in it (I assume you pressure cooker has that removable round thingy – keeps the food from the bottom of the cooker).

When I cook pork chops I usually cook a few extra, about 8 total, because they taste even better for lunch the next day reheated.

At the bottom of the cooker, on top of the round thingy, place 4 pork chops – I put a little pepper on then cover with half a can of sauerkraut. The size of the can you use is determined by how much you like sauerkraut – I use the 30oz can, like I said, your call. Now place the remainder of the chops on top of the first batch and pepper again. Then dump the rest of the kraut and juice over the top. Close the pressure cooker and make sure the pressure cap is where it is supposed to be (read the dang directions on the box if you can’t figure it out looking at it).

I put the heat to 7 on my big burner – make sure of course the cooker is on the same burner :)

Now let it cook – I wait till I hear a Tssss Tssss Tssss sound start to come from the cooker (it is the sound the cooker makes when it gets to pressure) then I start my timer to cook for 20 minutes. The time will of course be longer for big thick chops and shorter for little pewnee ones.

I suggest serving with a can of peas, maybe a salad and some prepared horseradish on the side, again, your call.


9 Responses to “Best Pork Chops Ever”

  1. PatrickH says:

    This is going to sound crazy, but you should try putting apple pie filling (the kind with the big slices in it) in with the sour kraut.

    It sounds gross, but it adds some sweetness to it that goes well with the sour of the kraut.

  2. Susan says:

    I found this little write up and made these pork chops and want to say thanks and my husband and I are a little in love with you right now.

  3. NCCM(ret) says:


    Thank you for the feedback! We eat this 2-3 times a month – we love the flavor; of course, I add a little horseradish every couple of bites, too. Its been a couple of weeks…you got me hungering for it again!

  4. Erika Nelson says:

    I am cooking them as I type

  5. NCCM(ret) says:


    I hope you enjoy them!

  6. Marion. says:

    Can I make the chops in a microwave pressure cooker?

  7. NCCM(Ret) says:


    I didn’t know there was such a thing as a microwave pressure cooker until you mentioned it. I suppose it would work as the method is the same, but I have no idea how long you would cook it for. Try it and let me know, I may have to get one of those contraptions!

  8. Armando. says:

    I use the Microwave Pressure Cooker for 22 min. For 3 pork chops, bone in. I used lemon juice, orange juice, garlic, cumin, oregano, bay leaf, salt pepper and a little bit of beer to cover the chops. Enjoy!!

  9. NCCM(Ret) says:


    That sounds great — I shall give that a try! Thanks!

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