Traffic Violations

Traffic Violations

This is not an all inclusive list of traffic offenses, but will give you an idea of how to code your violations to help you figure out, if necessary, the level of waiver you may require, and who the waiver authority may be when you use the moral waiver guide.

Note: Parking violations, warning tickets, and faulty equipment tickets are no longer considered minor traffic offenses for any applicant regardless of program rating; except for the Navy Nuclear Field. They do not have to be waived for enlistment purposes, no matter how long ago they occurred.

Traffic Violations

Bicycle ordinance violation.
Blocking or retarding traffic.
Contempt of court for minor traffic offenses.
Crossing yellow line; driving left of center-line.
Disobeying traffic lights, signs, or signals.
Driving on shoulder.
Driving uninsured vehicle.
Driving with blocked vision/tinted window.
Driving with expired plates or without plates.
Driving with suspended or revoked license.
Driving without license.
Driving without registration or with improper registration.
Driving wrong way on one-way street.
Failure to appear for traffic violations.
Failure to comply with officer’s directives.
Failure to have vehicle under control.
Failure to signal.
Failure to stop or yield to pedestrian.
Failure to submit report following accident.
Failure to yield right-of-way.
Faulty equipment, such as defective exhaust, horn, lights, muffler, signal device, or wipers.
Following too closely.
Improper backing; backing into intersection or highway; backing over crosswalk.
Improper blowing of horn.
Improper passing, such as passing on right, in no-passing zone, or passing parked school bus.
Improper turn.
Invalid or unofficial inspection sticker; failure to display inspection sticker.
Leaving key in ignition.
Leaving scene of accident (when not considered hit and run).
License plate improperly displayed or not displayed.
Operating overloaded vehicle.
Racing, dragging, or contest for speed.
Reckless, careless or imprudent driving (considered a traffic offense when the fine is less than
$300 and there is no confinement). Court costs are not part of a fine.
Reserved for future use.
Seatbelt/child restraint violation.
Skateboard/roller skate violations.
Spilling load on highway.
Spinning wheels; improper start, zigzagging; or weaving in traffic.
Violation of noise control ordinance.

Offenses of similar nature and traffic offenses treated as minor by local law enforcement agencies should be treated as traffic violations.

Non-Traffic Offenses
Misconduct Offenses
Major Misconduct Offenses

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102 Responses to “Traffic Violations”

  1. AL says:

    Okay thank you so much for the response.

    Also I forgot to mention that 9 out of the 11 tickets were dismissed with a plea of not guilty. I paid two both of which were the fail to pay toll.

    Does that help?

  2. NCCM(Ret) says:


    If they were dropped or dismissed unconditionally, then they still must be listed in the application, but they don’t count for waiver purposes.

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