New Site Design

I have updated my sites theme, well, everything except the gallery – I will have it completed before the weekend is over. My site building skills are limited; I learn as I go, so, hopefully you find the new look more appealing than the previous 5 versions.

Screen shots of a couple previous versions: (Read the rest of the article…)

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Top Posts of 2009

Happy New Year! May your 2010 be the most healthy and prosperous year you have ever experienced :)

Last year (2008), I made a list of the top ten most visited posts on my blog. It was interesting to go back and see what stuff garnered the most interest over the year; WordPress stats makes the process pretty easy, so I am doing it again.

Here is the Top Ten list for 2009: (Read the rest of the article…)

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Navy CS Top Posts of 2008

I meant to post this on the New Years Day… oops.

The articles in my blog generate a large number of emails inquiring about the Navy. Each person has specific questions and I take great pride in responding to each and every one. Granted some answers are not always what you may want to hear but rest assured I will work at providing a researched answer – so, keep those questions coming!

About 65,000 people visited this blog in 2008 (thank you BTW!) here are the Top 10 most viewed articles; (Read the rest of the article…)

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Do Not Attempt to Adjust Your Screen

If you have been to this site before you would have noticed the dark background and the white lettering – I think I have been reading it so long I have started to go blind. My wife has been telling me for over a year that it is too hard to read and I should change it. Well, I’m starting to work on it. Problem is – I’m color blind, no not the color blind where you can make out the wire is red or blue – I am talking about what matches, what colors go together. I am “tone deaf” when it comes to colors. (Read the rest of the article…)

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