What Level of Gay is OK?

DADT Survey

DOD is asking that you return your Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) survey results as soon as possible.

I guess there is one aspect of the debate that concerns me more than the others. It seems to be all or nothing. What level of gay is OK?

Regulations have kept, for the most part, the flamboyant, uber-gay person from successfully processing for military service. Currently, the argument is that the DADT gays have been serving honorably, secretly, since the beginning of time so why not let them serve openly?

I am not against that, but, again, what level of gay is OK?

DADT gay?
Liberace gay?
Cross-dresser gay?

Currently, medically, any history of psychosexual conditions, including but not limited to, transsexualism, exhibitionism, transvestism, voyeurism, and other paraphilias, is disqualifying. Would a repeal of the DADT affect any of those conditions?

Will there have to be changes to the uniform regulations (as they relate to civilian clothing) to make them more gender neutral?

We have standards for the content and position of tattoos, piercings and brandings – will we have to better define what is allowable sexual behavior? Adjust the wording, or outright remove, article 125 of the UCMJ?

With the feedback I have received so far, I can tell I haven’t articulated my position and question very well. So I will post an exchange I had on Facebook that may do a better job than my first attempt;

Kevin: Um, What level of Black is ok? Or level of women is ok? Or level of Irish is ok?

Me: I am questioning behavior, not the fact that someone may be gay. In the military, you can have tattoos, but the content and location is regulated. I do not see a time where a man could cross the brow of a ship in a dress, that type of behavior would have to be considered – would our uniform regulations have to be modified? Kevin, did you read my post?

Kevin: I did. I guess I just don’t get what you’re concerned about? Also, I assume this is all just rhetorical anyways.

Me: Take this instruction as an example If DADT is repealed, then gays can be open about who they may be, but some regulations may keep some of them from “being” who they may be. What changes would affect good order and discipline?

Kevin: So, we’re talking about stereotypes then?

Me: Stereotyping, I don’t think I am. If I was doing that, I wouldn’t think there are various degrees of associated behavior that range from society normal to taking actions on feelings of being trapped in the body of the opposite sex. If DADT was to be repealed, what current regulations in place would need to be examined, and to what degree would changes have to be made?

I am sure I am still out somewhere in right field here, but I hope this sheds a little more light on my question.

This is not something that can be done with the stroke of a pen. Time and careful consideration must be taken to ensure enforceable and fair policies are written.

So many regulations, so many instructions…

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4 Responses to “DADT Survey”

  1. Sarah O says:

    I see a basic problem with the question – what *level* of gay is ok?

    Sexual Orientation is not a spectrum. In some ways it has been treated as a social construct of ‘typical’ heterosexuality versus ‘flaming’ homosexuality but this an erroneous assumption and further has no bearing on the basic facts of the case: homosexuality is a basic physical attraction to those of the same physical sex as oneself.

    Now – acting on your attractions is a choice. This is true of heterosexual people as well, and yes, the military will have to discuss sexual practices that are part of the physical realities of men having sex with men and women having sex with women. I think people are kidding themselves, however, if they think that heterosexual couples don’t engage in said sexual practices amongst themselves already.

    Other than the basic assumption that homosexuality will lead to sexual practices that may not be permitted under current conduct codes (and obviously the HUGE changes to the benefits/dependents structure), I don’t see how things like dress and conduct codes will have to be altered. There aren’t saggy slacks to accommodate urban culture (which not everyone falls into anyway), so why worry about accomodating other cultures? One of the uniting aspects of the military is that people from all different backgrounds and cultures come together and put on the same uniform.

    I don’t think anyone serving in the military has any right to expect that they can continue to do anything they would like to do, although I’m sure there are people who have sought all kinds of exemptions.

    I think that there are enough real logistical changes that will have to be made that you should not be worrying about if men are going to be wearing dresses – which is actually a fetish that spans into the heterosexual community as well.

    The question is: How the heck are we going to sort out benefits for dependents?

  2. Gregg says:

    It’s going to cause a lot of problems such as what if a str8 doesn’t want to room with people who are open gays or shower in the same shower room as gays? Is the military going to be able to accomadate str8′s who are uncomfortable using the same restroom and shower rooms and sleeping in the same barracks with gays. With many str8s showering with a gay guy would be as uncomfortable for him as showering in the same room as women. Has the judge considered the feelings at all of the str8 community? What about their rights?

  3. Gregg says:

    It appears that the judge is only concerened about the rights of gays only and not the rest of the troops who may be very uncomfortable with showering and sleeping in the same room as gays. What about their right to privacy? Allowing gays to openly serve in the military is no different than letting women sleep in the men’s barrack’s or women in the men’s shower room. You can not have people who are open gays sleeping and showering together with other men without them getting turned on.

  4. Justin says:

    I am prob one of the few gay people who actually agree with the dont ask dont tell policy. But as for “str8′s” rights, really come one now we cant even get married and spend the rest of our lives married with the people we love. I completely agree with the dodt policy however because there are “str8″ people who are to immature to handle our lifestyle. I’m not going to be turned on in a shower full of people who are not getting turned on by me, common sense. Gay men can not be treated as women, we are not. God gave us are muscle for a reason we just use it differently than “str8″ people.

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