Eliminate the Caps

More Admirals, Less Master Chiefs?

In the 2009 defense bill, which is expected to be signed into law by 30 September, the Secretary of Defense will be authorized to designate up to 324 general and flag officer joint duty positions that will not count against service star-rank authorizations, and to take steps to improve the quality of officers in such positions. Also, the Army will be authorized five more general officers and the Marine Corps one more (from Star and Stripes).

The Navy will be reducing the end-strength in 2009 requiring the overall billets available for Senior and Master Chiefs to decrease due to the caps dictated by Title 10. The Flag Officer number will increase in the face of these reductions.

When are we going to raise or eliminate the 1% cap on E-9 and the 2.5% cap for E-8?! If high year tenure restrictions were in place across all services why is this a problem?

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